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Submission + - France Could Be Months From Going Dark on the Web (torrentfreak.com) 2

mykos writes: According to a report from PCINpact one of the major ISPs confirmed that the first batch of IP-addresses was submitted just a few days ago. This is the final step before alleged file-sharers receive warning letters. The scope of the operation is mind boggling. The copyright holders will start relatively ‘slowly’ with 10,000 IP-addresses a day, but within weeks this number is expected to go up to 150,000 IP-addresses per day according to official reports. The Internet providers will be tasked with identifying the alleged infringers’ names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. If they fail to do so within 8 days they risk a fine of 1,500 euros per day for every unidentified IP-address. To put this into perspective, a United States judge ruled recently that the ISP Time Warner only has to give up 28 IP-addresses a month ( 1 per day) to copyright holders because of the immense workload the identifications would cause.
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France Could Be Months From Going Dark on the Web

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  • I can't remember whether it was the EU who claimed the internet as a "Fundamental Human Right", but if it is, disconnection could be grounds for a lawsuit...

    When are the French Elections coming?

    • That was in Finland. France had regional elections recently, which Sarkozy's party totally bombed, but unfortunately there won't be presidential elections until 2012.

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