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Comment Re:I don't care if I know the outcome/Real Fans (Score 1) 137

I used to tape hockey games pretty religiously and then take the time to watch them sans commercials even if I knew the outcome. Just enjoyed watching an hour and twenty minutes (when you take out commercials and the in between period crap) of hockey for relaxation. If there was a team in Toronto where you could count on seeing a reasonably good game again, I'd probably start doing it again.

I suspect that if you are a pretty die-hard fan of a sport (regardless of which sport) you'd do the same thing.

The best response for the leagues/associations/etc. to this would be to try and broadcast their games without commercial breaks but use the scrawl more effectively while not being annoying to get ad revenue.

Comment Torn between reading and doing (Score 4, Interesting) 381

I read the first three books in University and did examples from the first two when I started debating with myself, friends and professors, is it better to have the ultimate reference or be able to create code on your own as the requirements come up?

Over the thirty plus years since, I'm happy to say that volume two and three have gotten pretty ratty as I've used them as references (along with "Programming in C", 2nd edition) so I feel like I've struck the right balance (for me) between reading them, using them as reference and creating my own code/algorithms.

Comment Second time around (Score 0) 102

(Profane) ACs: I can see that Iceland the country cares, but why?

Maybe you can see a different summary and read a different TFA than I can do but nowhere do I see *why* Iceland the country cares if a corporate entity uses their name. It says Iceland the country "is not happy" but nowhere does it say why it's not happy and what is the reason for not allowing companies to use the word "Iceland" in their names/trademarks.

Comment Why does Iceland the country care? (Score -1) 102

There are many companies that use a country name as part of their trademarked name.

If you're a Canadian on Slashdot, the obvious one for you would be "Canada Computers". Then there's "United States Steel" (which has the subsidiary office "United States Steel Canada").

Maybe somebody from Iceland, the country not the store can explain what the big deal is all about.

Comment Two issues that need to be addressed (Score 2) 230

One: What is the capacity per unit volume? This isn't mentioned in TFAs. I would think that creating batteries with an order of magnitude (or three) more capacity should be higher priority. Why should we have cell phones that work for days when they should work for months on a charge or cars that only go a couple of hundred miles when they should be able to go thousands of miles on a single charge?

Two: If it can be charged very quickly, it can be discharged very quickly. People were up in arms when three Teslas caught and Samsung phones caught fire. What will be the reaction when devices have batteries that can give up all their charge basically instantly which means literally thousands of Amperes of current.

I suspect that there are applications in which these batteries will be perfectly suited for - but the typicaly ones like phones, cars, etc. will not be in that list.

Comment Probably the WORST place in Canada to test market (Score 1) 43

Seriously. Best Buy has never been great technically, but they've really gone down hill over the past couple of years in terms of having a good product selection and competent sales staff. That's not to say they don't have sales in which the products they sell are cheap compared to the competition and if you know what you're buying and have price-shopped you can get a deal, but don't expect any kind of sales help or guidance - make sure you know what you're getting and when you compare to other retailers;make sure it's the same SKU with all the same access, features and accessories.

I guess they have the number of stores to validate this type of market entry but if I would be very, very surprised to see anything but a hard push on the Google (based?) products out on the displays in the Best Buy stores and ignorance about any competing products.

Comment Re:Reading the headline... (Score 2) 53

I haven't been around the software entrepreneurial scene for a few years but what resonated with me was that Whitehurst noted that open source (actually any company) must be able to provide a return on investment and not just value to customers/society at large.

When RIM was crashing, I saw a number of ex-employees pitch and get investments in open source based applications which did do things that provided significant value to customers but there wasn't a clear case that anybody would pay for the end product. Many of these products used the "freemium" model in which the base functionality was good enough for customers to use without having to take the plunge and actually pay for the product.

I know the money people considered themselves smarter than the average bear, but they really didn't go in understanding what Whitehurst said in TFA and ended up losing their investments, painfully, over a few years.

Comment Re:Shipping documents (Score 1) 260

Our approach as well with making sure that the documents are properly organized for easy access.

To push suppliers and customers to accept only electronic documents, we charge more paper invoices (put it as a line item on the invoice) and offer immediate payment to suppliers that will take payments electronically.

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