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Comment Costing to the RIAA vrs Ignoring? (Score 3, Insightful) 81

When I RTFA, it seems like there are 100s of millions of DCMA requests going out each year - 35 million in the "latter half of September 2016"?

Even if "detection" (I don't know how good their detection process is if 99%+ of the claims are not found by Google) filing costs came out to a dollar per then I would think the cost to the industry would be $250+ million.

Looking at Warner Music revenues (the first company I could think of: https://www.statista.com/stati...), I would think that the cost of filing all these claims amounts to around 5% or so of total revenue.

Two things came to mind thinking about this:
1. The music company accountants should be going apeshit over the cost of this program and the damage to the company's bottom line.
2. There's a whole bunch of money to be made creating an application for generating DCMA demands that reduces the number of DCMA requests (and the total cost of the requests) by 10x or more.

Comment Before buying the glasses (Score 2) 118

If you're experiencing eye discomfort, might I recommend:

1. Setup your work area to have even lighting. Working in a dark room with only computer monitor(s) for light is going to give you eye strain.

2. Get up and walk around periodically. Let your eyes focus on something else and relax a bit.

3. If you need glasses, make sure they're the right prescription for sitting at a computer. Old farts like me should keep a reading glasses with the right prescription for 24" to 30" for looking at your monitors.

Submission + - Trump has 3,643 websites (cnn.com) 3

mykepredko writes: http://money.cnn.com/2017/02/2... reports that Donald Trump has a vast online portfolio of domain names — digital addresses that foreshadowed his political career, business projects and accusations of unethical behavior.

CNNMoney investigated 20 years of internet records using DomainTools, which tracks registrations and transfers. Some are obvious choices he acquired long ago, like TrumpOrganization.com and TrumpBuilding.org. But Trump has also grabbed names that could be used against him, including TrumpFraud.org and TrumpScam.com.

Comment Process already in place for fake Trump tweets (Score 3, Interesting) 507

I think the problem for any potential enemies is that there seems to already be a process for dealing with Mr. Trumps bizarre proclamations on Twitter - the actual administration official responsible for the portfolio provides what is the correct information.

This has happened at least a couple of times with the most recent one being Mr. Trump announcing a One State Solution for Israel - the UN ambassador just said that the US policy on the issue hasn't changed and the Two State Solution is the preferred approach.

Other than his base, I think the rest of the world treats Mr. Trump's tweets the same way they would when read something strange and inexplicable that has gone viral from an eccentric old man that's gone viral.

Comment Too dumb to use keystroke monitors? (Score 1) 158

Seriously. If they wanted to know if somebody is at their workstation, just download some software from the Interwebs and install it on the computers used by employees.

You'll get a report on when employees are at their desks and, as a bonus, you can see what they're doing, where they're surfing and who they're talking to.

Comment So what are the stats on /.? (Score 4, Insightful) 174

With 9 comments here already, I see the problem being blamed on:
- Freedom of speech
- Admins
- Muslims
- Liberals

No surprise that they're all ACs.

I'm sure it would be very upsetting for the ACs if /. started tracking IPs, but I suspect that a disproportionate number of "Trolls" come from the same IPs.

Comment Interesting Anti-Apple First Posts (Score 1, Interesting) 153

I guess the Apple haters really jumped on this right from the start which was surprising for me.

Personally, I would think that in terms of USB-C, with all the problems that have been reported in the press regarding cheap cables, there is enough of a negative to want to avoid it.

I (and, more importantly, my wife and kids) can get very cheap (two dollar range) lightning cables for our iPhones at "Dollarama" (this is a Canadian Store) and basically not worry about things burning up or not working. The same can't be said for USB-C.

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