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Submission + - Norway takes the high road in fight against terror (

bakayoko writes: Glenn Greenwald's latest column addresses the difference between American and Norwegian responses to domestic terror attacks after the horrifying recent violence in Oslo. While attacks on American soil have almost inevitably resulted in moves to clamp down on individual rights, leaders in Norway have been resolutely opposed to such restrictions, and remain committed to fighting terror without surrendering their people's liberty. Something which, once upon a time, was a distinctly American stance to security.
United States

Submission + - Seigniorage Hack to Prevent Debt Limit Crisis ( 4

UltraOne writes: With the US Senate voting to table the Boehner debt limit bill, the US is only a few days away from running out of cash to pay for all its obligations. Slate reported on a fascinating legal hack, described by blogger 'bewulf' back in January 2011. Seigniorage is the extra value added when government mints a coin with a face value greater than the value of the precious metal contained in the coin. The statute governing the minting of coins contains a section (31 USC 3112(k) ) that authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to mint and issue platinum coins in any denomination or quantity. To keep the government from running out of money, Timothy Geithner could order 5 One Trillion Dollar platinum coins struck and deposited at the Federal Reserve. The money could then be used to fund Federal Government operations (blog post contains legal details).

Submission + - Nortel Patent Sale gets DoJ Review (

gavron writes: "The US Department of Justice will review the Nortel patent sale to the entity formed by Apple, Microsoft, and others.

This is the same sale that the Canadian authorities declined to review because the $4+BN deal was valued by them at less than $750M.

The patents were originally bid $900M by stalking-horse google. It is believed they are to be use against Android and open-source."

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