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Comment Not quite (Score 1) 85

There's no voice, only text and data. Reason voice is excluded has to do with archaic regulations as best as I can tell. Things are changing in that regard so it'll probalby change at some point. However right now you get talk to and from the US, Canada, and Mexico. Everywhere else voice is extra charge. Text and data are available in most countries and are included with no extra charge.

Comment Re:And they're improving, too (Score 1) 163

>>suspect astroturfing

OMG, You're Right! You nailed me! I'm a shill for Google, who is paying me and around 70 others to artfully denigrate DDG and other search engines every time they are mentioned favorably on various public forums because Eric Schmidt is terrified they're starting to eat into his market share! Gosh, now that I have been outed, I'll lose my job...! How will I ever provide for my family?!


Comment Re:I don't any more (Score 1, Informative) 211

Another issue with third party ROMs is that some software builders actively block or sabotage them. For example, the AT&T's Uverse streaming service will detect whether you have a rooted or third party ROM and stops working. The Netflix goes only up to 480p resolution on a non-stock ROM. "Fixing" this probably involves editing build.prop and hiding your root, but I haven't tried it recently.

Android Pay also has issues with rooted phones (and, by extension, custom ROMs), but I have it working on an Asus Zenfone 2 running CyanogenMod 13. A combination of Magisk and phh's Superuser successfully fools Android Pay into full functionality. You might want to give them a try with other root-averse apps.

Comment Re:What about saving Linux? (Score 1) 93

nor one like Gentoo where I have to wait a week for everything to compile

If you're waiting a week for Gentoo to build, either (1) you're doing it wrong or (2) you need more modern hardware. It doesn't even need to be bleeding-edge; the Core 2 Quad Q6600 I bought in 2008 and still use at work (!) could do a complete rebuild (including things like Chromium, LibreOffice, and KDE) in maybe 36-48 hours. You almost never need to rebuild everything at the same time, however, so the typical emerge whatever takes far less time than that.

Comment Re:Huh (Score 0) 476

Another super persuasive argument.

I am just going to wait for the squeals of pain when snowflakes like you realize that you have voted in someone who doesn't give a shit for anyone except his wealthy buddies.

It's going to be hilarious.

You know that doesn't actually happen, right? When Obama turned into President Dronestrike and then later became the guy overseeing NSA Spying on everyone, it took like 2 hours for his supporters to decide the shit they protested against didn't matter very much and Obama was just a bystander, powerless to do anything despite his transcendent greatness. Or they'd just change the subject and turn a blind eye.

Trump fans will do the same. (Not me though. I never liked Trump -- because he's a celebrity and celebrities seem to mostly be complete douchebags. But his cabinet picks and some of his policy statements are much better than I expected so far.)

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