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Comment waiting... (Score 1) 62

I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. Unfortunately I have no interest in "snap" nor *buntu. And having it in a container isn't really "running android apps natively on linux" although it might be close, depending on the container system used.

Other Android-under-Linux setups never seem to be free, open, stable, reliable, and compatible (especially when dealing with a touchscreen and trying to deal with screen rotation). At least not that I have tried.... and none were "native".

Comment Re:The only Reasonable Solution. (Score 1) 234

>"they are just lucky that the court ordered the responsibility be split three ways, and not half for using the wrong sperm,"

Imagine if they got the wrong sperm AND egg; which is entirely possible since it was in-vitro. Using this theory, the clinic could be held 100% financially responsible for the child until age 18!

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 2, Interesting) 234

>"The kid does have the wrong genes. They wanted their kid, they got somebody else's kid. It fucking matters!"

I will certainly say that in many ways it should not matter. It is their kid, just not their offspring. Semantics aside, one can provide the exact same love and joy for a child, regardless of genetics. Look at sperm/egg donors, adoption, even pet lovers- doesn't even have to be the same species :)

The only reason it might really matter is later when dealing with healthcare and hereditary diseases, blood and organ donation, etc.

But it was a mistake. And the company SHOULD be punished. And punished they were! Had the company done it intentionally (like they just don't care, or it saves them money) then the punishment should be even worse.... because then we are talking fraud.

Comment Hard switches (Score 5, Interesting) 98

If we [society] really cared about privacy, we would require that ALL devices that contain a microphone or camera contain HARD switches that can cut them on/off at will. Not soft switches under software/firmware control. The reality is that ANY device with hard switches that contains a computer and a mic or camera can be broken into and used as a spy device. Be it a TV, phone, monitor, laptop, car, Echo, refrigerator, toy, whatever. And often there is no easy way to really/truly turn "off" the device (and then, of course, you can't use any other function).

Although it is relatively easy to disable cameras by sticking tape over them.... the same is not true for microphones. Of course, the manufacturers would scream about it, since it would add $0.25 to their $800+ devices and increase the mass by 0.0001%.

And regarding microphones, it isn't just about what you might be saying- sophisticated software can be used to detect all kinds of things like when you are present, where you might be, who you are with, what you are doing, even what you might be typing.

Comment Re:Electric, or Jet? (Score 1) 160

"A jet engine is a reaction engine discharging a fast-moving jet that genenerates thrust by jet propulsion. This broad definition includes airbreathing jet engines (turbojets, turbofans, ramjets, and pulse jets) and non-airbreathing jet engines (such as rocket engines). In general, jet engines are combustion engines. In common parlance, the term jet engine loosely refers to an internal combustion airbreathing jet engine."

Not a word ANYWHERE on that or any related article in Wikipedia that ties the word "jet" to electric fans/motors. And the article is not about some theoretical engine, but a plane that uses electric FANS.

Comment Correlation is not causality (Score 5, Informative) 210

>"Cycling To Work Can Cut Cancer and Heart Disease"

Nope, that is not the article. Look at the title of the paper:

"Association between active commuting and incident cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality: prospective cohort study"

*ASSOCIATION*, which is another way of saying correlation. It is not a study of causality. This proves nothing. Perhaps people who bike to work also eat better. Perhaps they have more income. Perhaps the other parts of their life have lower stress. They can't possibly eliminate ALL other possibilities by "adjusting for" because those are just assumptions.

Of course, it is common sense that exercising regularly will cut your chance of heart disease and possibly cancer. But the title of the posting implies there is causality where that is not proven in the article.

By the way, I bicycle to work almost every day.... but it is only like 2/3 of a mile round trip :)

Comment Yep (Score 1) 145

>"Do you ever loop your boss when having a conversation with a colleague when his or her presence in the thread wasn't really necessary?"

Yes. It is rare, but does happen. And when it does, I usually will ignore the Email and delete it. It is usually when another Director/VP thinks it will motivate me to do something, and I quietly illustrate to them it has the exact opposite effect. If they later ask me about the Email, I will say something like "well, looked like you were trying to talk to the CEO and not me."

Comment Re:A little scary too... (Score 1) 144

>"A centralized source of information also means a fair bit of power/control over which information comes out"

Which is why I tell people all the time to STOP USING GOOGLE AS YOUR ONLY SEARCH ENGINE! There is a truism to many of us tech-type people cheering on the underdog, and a lot of it has to do with diversification and distribution of power. Nothing scares us more than the mentality of people who simply hand over their whole life to a company, like Google- search, Email, IM, phone, online docs, photos, chat, contacts, GPS data, wallet, calendar, online file storage, document creation, etc. That is a HUGE amount of control one company has over that life. Knowledge *is* power, especially in this information age. Power corrupts.... absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The masses care more about convenience than security, privacy, or freedom. And not by just a little, by a LOT! One day many will wake up and the decision to have any of those three will be gone completely.

Comment Re:They could have done better with the data (Score 1) 343

Sorry, I don't believe it. t is the dialing of the phone, the texting, the reading facebook, etc... THOSE are what have caused the accidents and it is mostly from taking eyes off the road and/or hands off the contols. Dumb phones didn't increase accidents much at all, especially not hands-free. Can you remember those days? I do.

For many people, if not most, TALKING on the phone is not much different than talking to a passenger.

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