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Comment It is *MY* phone... not yours... (Score 1) 21

As long as we, the consumers have FULL CONTROL over what alerts we get. We should have the ability to turn off/on whatever we want. If you (the government) want to have them on by default for new devices, fine; but we should be able to decide how and what to get. Don't act like you (the government) have some *right* to communicate with our devices in any way you choose.

For example, I don't give a **** about amber alerts, there are days I am not out in the public and it serves no purpose but to annoy me. And I have apps that already give me CORRECT weather alerts. The ones through the carrier's forced app were always WRONG- scaring the crap out of me or waking me from sleep with super-loud sirens and stuff for things HUNDREDS of miles away that posed zero threat.

Comment Re:Clinton is above the law (Score 1) 332

The good old "you too" fallacy - why no one ever holds politicians accountable for their misdeeds and illegal activitites today.

If your politician does something and you say "That's perfectly moral and legal, I have no problem with that." and then someone else's preferred politician does the exact same thing you and you scream "EXECUTE THEM FOR TREASON THEN HANG THEM!" then it shows that either you're more than happy to play fast and loose with morality when it favors you which means your moral condemnation now is hypocritical and selective, or it shows that nothing bad actually took place in either instance and it's just a trumped up charge.

It's more like this. "My client's checking account was over drafted and they are being accused of bank theft. Millions of people overdraft their accounts every day and they aren't accused of bank theft. Why just yesterday the prosecutor themselves incurred an overdraft, paid a fine and carried on with their lives. Why is my client being charged with bank robbery for the same so-called crime? Why are you really prosecuting my client?"

Comment Re:Just rename windows 8 ... (Score 1) 153

They all run on the exact same kernel and have the same WinRT runtime. The only difference is ARM vs x86 compiler. They're as similar as Ubuntu for ARM and ubuntu for x86.

Xbox is a bit of a unique case in that it run's AAA titles in a stripped down VM and apps in another VM. But the Apps VM is effectively Windows 10 Desktop but with a different explorer.exe

Windows 10 Mobile isn't running something like WinRT Mobile, like Windows Mobile 6 ran .NET Mobile it's a full WinRT.NET implementation with the full API surface as the Desktop version. The only real difference between Mobile and Desktop is it lacks Win32 and has a different explorer.exe as well. In fact in a few beta builds the mouse cursor would inadvertantly pop up. And if you turn up the DPI sufficiently apps will think they're running on desktop and switch over to the Desktop UI.

Comment Re:Why do people care... (Score 2) 92


I love how clueless these "if you have nothing to hide people" or "you are in a public place people" are. One day it will come back and bite them and they won't know what hit them.

Just because one is a "public" place doesn't mean everyone should have everything they do and say documented for all time, to be shared with anyone at any time. Sitting at a table with someone at a restaurant, one should reasonably expect their conversations are not being recorded or have close-up video being stored, secretly. Same thing for in your car, or whatever.

Comment Re:Nope. It's quite a measurable health risk. (Score 1) 176

>"During my obligatory service in the army I've spent a half the time working in the office with chain smokers."

We were talking about OUTDOORS walking past smokers for a few seconds. That is a NOT a measurable health risk. We were not talking about working inside a confined space for hours with smokers. That is a different story.

Your subject title sounds like it is arguing with me... yet your last two sentences agree with me. Just pointing that out.

My posting was in reaction to whiny people who want to try to get us believe there is any health risk to people smoking outdoors. There isn't. And people who want to claim otherwise have a political agenda or a psychosomatic disorder.

Is passing by cigarette smokers outside annoying? For most people (including me), yes. But try this as a mind-bender.... I am a semi-vegetarian and I can't stand the smell of cooking/burning meat. To me, the odor is very offensive. But is I went around claiming it was "harming" me or a "health risk" that would be similarly ludicrous. And most people cooking meat would think *I* was crazy for finding it offensive!

Comment Re:Pollution? (Score 2, Insightful) 176

>" Or, better yet, second-hand smoking? There are several locations (my office building entrance, and in couple of corners around my location) where you cannot pass by without getting a nice dose of second-hand smoke."

That is just called annoyance, not health risk. The brief few seconds outdoor smell exposure you are talking about is probably something unmeasurably small, like 0.00000000001% the exposure of actual smoking. Once you walk into the building, you probably are breathing a zillion times more contaminates from paints, perfumes, plastics, carpets, wood preservatives, cleaning products, etc., continuously for many hours, day after day.

Comment Surprise? (Score 3, Interesting) 207

>"Now this may surprise some: "

Why is this a surprise? It is what the manufacturers are pushing. Consumers have no idea that 99% of them won't notice ANY difference on their TV's from normal viewing distances between 4K and 2K. They won't know there is little 4K content, anyway. They will just by the one that is "better".

Same thing with the bluray players. You could say "new- supports popsicle mode for enhanced viewer" and other marketing speak and they will buy it.

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