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Comment Re:It's pretty simple (Score 1) 248

I do look at the labels (especially since they are bright yellow and required to be plastered on the front of every appliance). Yes, they do influence my purchase decisions.
(BTW, your "in door" ice dispenser takes up a lot more space in the freezer and uses more energy than the traditional ice maker. I think it's an American thing to have ice in every beverage. I prefer water at tap temperature and I don't drink flavored beverages.)

Comment Re:So you want a tax on wind and solar. (Score 1) 397

I thought the point of renewables is that they have very little cost to society. There is no CO2, NOx, heavy metal pollution, mine tailings, etc. There is a small amount of pollution related to the manufacture of solar panels, windmills, etc. but beyond that, there is no ongoing pollution as there is with fossil fuels.
You seem to think that they should pay a tax for retraining workers... perhaps, but that is also a very small amount compared to the amount of energy generated and is covered by existing government programs.
So, what is the rationale for taxing renewables?

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 177

Yes, you're right. J1772 is slow but not useless. It's great for overnight charging.
However, this discussion is about SuperChargers which charge at a much higher rate so that you can stop on the road for a relatively short period of time to recharge and get back on the road to continue your trip. J1772 is useless for high rate charging (it's only about 5 or 10% or the rate of a Supercharger).

Comment Re:Global warmists. (Score 1) 68

The earth is going to eliminate this invasive species (homo sapiens sapiens) which is attempting to destroy it. Good self-regulation.
A few tens of million years of a carboniferous period should return things to equilibrium... then it can start over with amphibians and the rest... maybe it will work out better next time.

Comment Re:Well there's your problem (Score 1) 106

Every car I have owned has had to have the mechanical parking brake adjusted at one point. I even had the cable break on one which left me with no parking brake.
Mechanical light switches? I have an older house and I am constantly replacing old mechanical light switches. They break all the time.
Toyota was working on an electric car with Tesla a few years ago but broke off cooperation. One of the issues (don't know if this was a "deal breaker") was that the old school Toyota engineers just couldn't fathom how an electric parking brake would work. In addition to the electric parking brake, Tesla has electric standard brakes (Bosch iBooster system)... the brakes are great.

Comment 8008 (Score 3, Interesting) 857

I see no one has mentioned the 8008 yet so I guess I'm the oldest geezer.
Popular Electronics had plans for an Intel 8008 based computer so I hand wired it on a homebuilt chassis. 256 bytes of memory. Programmed in bare machine code (no stinking assembler crutch). Added an octal keyboard and display which made it much easier to program. Also added a cassette tape interface which could store and read programs... Programmed and ran a few games on it.
I think I still have it buried under the house somewhere.

Comment Re:I want a pickup (Score 1) 273

I think Tesla is planning a pickup truck since they are very popular. I don't know why since most of them that I see on the road are empty in the back "pickup" part.
I guess people are enamored with the idea that some day they might want to put a board in the back and drive home and do some home improvement work... someday...

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