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Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 2) 208

I'd seriously like to see the courts side with consumers and insist Lexmar must refill the cartridge for free as long as I own the printer. Let's see how fast the printer companies back off from their outrageous claims.

All of the printer companies have a history of abusing the legal system. Lexmar just happens to the worse offender.

Comment Re:Article & its source fail to ask key questi (Score 1) 377

the NRA has stifled any meaningful attempt at reasonable gun control reform.

The anti-gun crowd keeps changing the definition of "reasonable gun control". At one time the NRA backed extensive gun control laws and those laws passed. Then the anti-gun people moved the goal post. They keep moving the goal post. So the NRA finally said "enough is enough".

Comment Re:I was happy with my Samsung Gear S2 (Score 1) 4

Thanks for your suggestion. I'll add it to my list of possible devices.

When I've bought watches in the past, I had a tendency to wear mine 24/7. I'm expecting that this would not be possible with any Smart Watch. If I'm lucky, I'll find something that is perhaps "Water Resistant", so I'm not wasting a device if I jump in the shower and forget to take it off until the water hits.

As for the GPS and SIM card slot... I'm not sure I'd want that on my wrist, to be honest. If I needed that, I'd expect to pair it to my phone. :)

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Journal Journal: Smart Watch suggestions? 4

My watch has bought the proverbial farm. Usually this means that the strap has broken in a way that makes it difficult (if not impossible) to repair. In this case, the strap was part of the body and it tore straight through.

Do not feel bad for my watch, as it has served me well for several years. Considering how things are made these days, I see this as a Good Thing. It is not unusual for me to replace my watch every three to five years.

Comment Re:No surprises here (Score 4, Informative) 61

"Cash only, credit card machine is broken"

Ha those are the best in Boston you just tell them ok sorry thanks for the ride and leave. You are not obligated to pay them then. Then you watch them say that then the "machine is now working" and then they get their 0% tip for trying that crap.

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