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Comment Re:That's nice, but... (Score 1) 46

I work for an ISP and we were running FreeBSD on our critical (and extremely active) recursive DNS servers and also route master machines (edge-level BGP/OSPF management routers, which are at the level right below the Cisco peer routers - those machines run Quagga). The first issues we started having had to do with random system lockups on the primary recursive DNS server (it appeared like the OS would stop the interrupt controller - pressing the power button on the machine would briefly reactivate the interrupts for about a second probably due to it trying to initiate a sleep mode). This happened on FreeBSD 7.1 and above. I went around in the FreeBSD mailing lists and saw a large discussion about it on there, with some die-hard FreeBSD fans fuming at the kernel devs since this kind of issue went completely unnoticed (was fixed in 8.0). Then I assumed that 8.0 would be fine, but we were building new route master machines with 8.0, and Quagga was having massive issues with the kernel (I tried building the latest Quagga code which didn't solve the issue) - so we had the choice of either dropping back to 7.0 for those machines or just jumping ship to Linux (Debian specifically, which is what most of our machines run anyway). We went with Linux (still have a few FreeBSD machines though), and all our problems disappeared. The machines in question were IBM x335 and x336 1U rackmount machines.

FreeBSD used to be the standard for high-performance networking systems, but they really need to get their act together and actually field-test things before deploying production code. The code isn't simply being used on some random person's toy box, it's being used in datacenters on critical infrastructure. Situations like this will make people immediately jump ship.


Comment Re:Not Trolling ... (Score 1) 703

As long as the other crazies do nothing but walk around with picket signs of Heith Ledger's face as the Joker with a Hitler mustache painted on it, yes.

Those "other crazies" you're referring to are part of the psychotic LaRouche PAC, which is actually a leftist organization:

"(LPAC)— Advocates for a single-payer health care system are on an organizing drive across the country to try to get single-payer into the debate on health care reform. The LaRouche movement supports single-payer, but nothing will happen on it until the Obama Administration's Nazi health care policy is defeated and the HMOs are defeated." (


Comment Re:Just call them by the real name, indulgences... (Score 1) 279

Wrong. It gives people a financial incentive to reduce their carbon emissions if possible.

And it provides an incentive for massive corporations (and of course the federal government) to amass even more money and poser, by profiting off of everyone else. Take everyone's favorite guy Ken Lay of Enron for example, who was a huge proponent of carbon offsets - here's a tidbit of related stuff:

"There’s big money to be made in the carbon business. Enron and Lehman Brothers are two examples. Ken Lay became a celebrated corporate executive praised for his ‘21st century’ business visions. But Enron’s internal memos, leaked to reporters during its bankruptcy scandal, revealed other motivations. Christine MacDonald in her book, Green, Inc., notes that Lay had two meetings with President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore on a treaty capping carbon emissions. An internal Enron memo predicted this would ‘do more to promote Enron’s business than almost any other regulatory initiative outside of restructuring the energy and natural gas industries in Europe and the United States.’ MacDonald adds, “Enron also had plans for using its support among environmentalists, who cooed over Lay.”"


Comment Re:Rightwing FUD machine (Score 1) 791

Nice flamebait - it's great seeing your ignorant leftist hatred showing itself for what it really is, and truly shows what kind of a person you are. As an independent conservative myself, you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about, and you're just babbling from a demented stereotypical leftist viewpoint on what conservatives are. Just mocking and slandering others without even slightly trying to understand them is only going to cause problems for yourself in the long run.

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