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Comment Olympic Mountains banned by IOC (Score 1) 163

In other news the IOC has demanded the name of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State be changed, as well as the name of the capital, Olympia.

A few years back the Olympic ISP located in Silverdale, within sight of the Olympic Mountains, was forced to change its name by the IOC.

Comment Re:Less fuel landing on drone barge? (Score 1) 103

Well, they SAID so, for one thing, if you listened to the live feed. They also explained that getting a heavy satellite into high earth orbit costs a lot more fuel than getting a supply ship into low earth orbit, so they have more fuel left over from an ISS supply than a satellite launch. This allows them to spend the extra fuel to get it back to land. One a satellite launch they simply don't have enough fuel so they are forced to land on the barge.

Comment Re:Abusive government (Score 1) 496

Mod this guy up. Seriously. The average IQ is 100. Half the population is below that. Humans, by and large, are not sufficiently intelligent to do the jobs that are out there, and robots can do the jobs they are qualified for, and a whole lot more, i.e.: Robots can be lawyers and physicians as easily as fry cooks.

We need smarter people, but half the population only knows how to make more low-IQ humans. It's one thing to say everyone deserves life and all human life has value and all those nice words, but quite another to give those folks something useful to do that will bring them any sort of satisfaction.

Comment All this techtalk misses the point (Score 1) 198

The end-user is rarely schooled in ANYTHING IT-related. Keyboards are an obstacle. Mice are an obstacle. Add bureaucracy to this and you have very frustrated users who are not going to take kindly to passwords or any other additional obstacle.

Last time I saw a doctor he was forced to "code" the X-Ray I was about to get in one of about fifty different codes made necessary by the accounting system. He couldn't see the extended explanations on the page because the data elements had been squished together. Obviously an SQL database. I helped him along.

"First you need to expand that window to fill the entire screen."
"How do I do that?"
"You see that empty square at the top right? Click that."
(Screen expands. Data is still hidden.)
"OK. Now take your mouse and grab that very tiny vertical bar separating those two fields and drag it to the right."
(Fumbles around.)
"No. Move the mouse until that vertical bar doubles. Now press the left mouse button and drag to the right."
"My God. Now you can see the whole thing!"
"Uh huh."

All the time he was complaining about the bean counters. Finally, he just chose a code at random. I got my X-Ray, then an MRI. Torn meniscus. Still hurts.

Comment Re:A waste of effort (Score 2) 107

They launched a communications satellite into orbit. It's not a "waste" of anything. They aren't "exploring space." They are a company that was hired to perform a task for a company and they did it. By doing it the way they did they can reduce the cost of launches by 30%. It's no different than hiring a trucking company to haul produce to market.

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