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Comment Re:HTML5 will be a screw job. (Score 1) 436

HTML5 is shaping up to be one of the biggest screw jobs we've seen yet when it comes to web standards.

At least previous standards were written with the browser users and web developers in mind. However, that just isn't the case with HTML5. It has been put together by a small number of large media corporations with vested interests in having the utmost control over a user's browsing experience. Sure, Apple and Google develop browsers, but they're media companies first and foremost when it comes to the Internet.

HTML5 will fuck developers over, and it will fuck users over. The browser vendors will never reach a consensus on which codecs to use. We, as developers, will have to waste our time supporting these browser differences, rather than improving our sites. As users, we'll get stuck having to deal with broken sites. But what's stupidest of all, of course, is that there are so many patent-free, open source options available for the vendors to standardize on.

Fuck HTML5. It's a shitty standard that's being forced on us, rather than documented commonality arising from our shared needs.

What a baseless little child sitting here as an anonymous coward ranting about not getting his choice of Porridge.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 311

Which race do you think I'm criticising that manages to include Persians, Venezuelans, and everywhere else that Western interests brought extraction technology and expertise?

The auto-invocation of "racism" as an argument is pathetic. It appears to be a good indicator that the invoker has no argument more coherent than "I don't like that".

A _useful_ reply would have been a quick summary of WHICH entities developed specific resources in the countries I mentioned. You could have told me to STFU by showing that the places I so carelessly disparaged DID manage to develop their natural resources without outside investment and expertise.

But you didn't.

Comment Re:I suggest hot aisle containment (Score 2, Interesting) 181

I suggest containing the cold air.

If you contain the hot air you must cool a much larger area, which is very inefficient and makes anybody who must work in the server room less comfortable when compared to allowing waste heat to warm the main areas. More comfortable, less energy wasted cooling the cold aisle, and less energy wasted venting the hot aisle.

A vinyl partition is plenty of separation, and if you want to upgrade, use two vinyl partitions separated by an air gap. That's the same basic setup that the ski resort in Dubai uses, except they use two roofs instead of two vinyl partitions, of course. Air is a fantastic insulator when it is not allowed to mix.

Temperature lost through seepage from solid objects is going to be minimal, at best, unless they are made of large sections of aluminum or copper. Frankly, I've never seen a server room with large panels of aluminum or copper, so I don't see that being an issue.

See why there is a debate?

Comment So wait... (Score 1) 756 So it's bad to make illegal immigration a real crime, but we need to stop those crazy bastards from offering toys with kids meals ? The whole "Think of the kids" excuse is REALLY getting tired. Fun fact: It's almost always the parents buying the things for the kids. If adults disagree with the practice, don't buy the kids meals for your kids. Oh, but it'll be so much nicer not to have little Jimmy complain about not getting his meal/toy ? Start being a parent.

The government has NO REASON to be involved in these kinds of things.

Comment Re:Misconception of prison (Score 1) 859

See, I believe in everyone's potential. Pardon's are great for those that demonstrate it, but how about looking to demonstrate it to the ones that committed the crimes?

Limited budget arguments don't hold water for me. If we seriously thought about education, we could do more for less, and even have it pay for itself. I do believe in investing in children, and I believe in compassion. Everyone makes mistakes, and people will disagree where to draw the line on who to have compassion for. But regardless, lets give everyone a chance at a second chance. Not just throw them in schools for criminals with three hots and a cot.

  If they are truly mentally ill (unable to be capable of understanding the damage done) they should be exculpated. I still say that we should focus on healing them and continue to learn and explore. If they are not mentally ill (capable of understanding the damage done) then educate and help them understand. Until they do, they are a danger to society...

Comment Re:Rednecks? (Score 1) 614

Likewise, you fail to combine preexisting loans that have to be paid out for past wars/military missions. I hope you'll agree diverting from the main point quickly becomes a statistical crapshoot. How much is unemployment worth to you, or outsourcing for that matter, both of which are arguably directly related to education? I agree with you that statistics can be easily massaged to fit anyone's needs. Like like Benjamin Disraeli/Mark Twain said, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics :-)

Yet, the truth is while state schools do get sponsored through state budget, that support is quickly dwindling which in turn has resulted in prohibitively expensive higher education, which then in turn has limited a number of people who can get a decent education. It's a vicious circle in which everyone is getting frustrated. You are right in that state universities for instance get a good chunk of money. Yet, whereas they may have been funded 60-80% in the 90s, now a good chunk of them are below 30%, and it keeps getting worse. Look for instance at Virginia Tech (VA). It has had over $60 million in cuts from state funding just in last 3 years alone all the while cost of living/infrastructure maintenance kept going up...

Comment Re:Have you considered decaf? (Score 1) 189

Who the fuck cares if they have a PHD? Once again you are acting like a paranoid weirdo, after posting a bunch of shit in reply to a *joke* I made and trying to pretend like it's being on topic and not just flamebait/trolling? Start your own thread next time please, this is the second time you've pulled this offtopic bullshit in reply to one of my comments.

People don't need a PHD to know if someone is not right in the head. Plus, I did study psychology for a couple of years anyway, and have read a lot into mental illness. Even if you don't have any kind of disorder, you are way too offensive to people for no reason, and you need to learn to write in a more controlled and readable manner. There is no justification for the amount of bold font you use, it just negates the whole purpose of making stuff bold in the first place.. lol. Anyway I think I should take the advice of the guy in the thread you linked, and ignore you. It's nice if you are able to help people sometimes, but you also just wind people up too much from what I see.

BTW I just googled that thing and there are LOTS of results for that how to secure XP. You need to stop spamming. Why can't you just put all this stuff on a blog and then link to that or something? It really would help to stop people hating you. I am trying not to be a dick, but what the fuck is with your aggression:

"I do, and I keep my normal nick everywhere... unlike a "trolling weasel" who DOES HAVE TO HIDE apparently, behind various nicks online... whereas I clearly do not. You said earlier you have nothing to hide? Why they multiple nicks online then?? It is more like you have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR YOURSELF & that is the "why" of why you post under multiple nicks online."

I only chose this nick because my regular ones were taken. Duh. I was just pointing out your hypocrisy when you were all high and mighty about not being easily trackable and such. But yet again you just ignore when you are wrong and go on with some rant about something else. You are an interesting case, but from what I've seen and heard you are messed up, apparently posting "disturbing images" of yourself on forums and such. That combined with the way you always rant online and attack everyone who asks you to stop spamming.. you don't need to have a PHD to work out that there is something wrong with you.

Comment Re:Shadenfreude (Score 4, Interesting) 272

It shouldn't. They are playing leap frog. One side of the Atlantic implements an oppressive law, tax, or spy on your own citizens regime, and then the other side of the Atlantic says, see they did it and it was good so we shall do it too and we can do it even better. Repeat over and over and .... BAMMMM ..... you are living in Fascist world.

Both sides of the Atlantic are also passing these same obscene laws because the same multinationals are lobbying, bribing and pressuring politicians the world over to legislate their profitability.

At this point I mostly debate if I lived in a world dominated by Fascist governments or governments which are for all intents and purposes organized crime syndicates, I think a little of both. They are taking vast sums from ordinary people and transferring it to their rich friends and themselves. It boggles the mind that working people in the U.S. are taxed at least 25% income tax and 12.5% payroll taxes(counting the employer half) for 37.5% at a minimum. Billionaire hedge fund operators are taxed at 15%. These same hedge funds manager tax their own clients more than that, over 20% (2% management fees and 20% of profits).

I was watching Frontline on PBS last night on Brookseley Born. A great story. During the Clinton administration she tried to use the authority she had at the obscure Commodities Futures Trading Commission to regulate derivatives. If she had succeeded she might well have prevented at least the AIG part of the recent financial crisis. Instead she was crushed by Alan Greenspan, Phil Graham, Bob Rubin and Larry Summers. Long Term Capital Management collapsed during this period trading derivatives, nearly sparking a major panic, proving Born right and they continued to crush her.

Alan Greenspan supposedly told Born that she was NOT suppose to pursue fraud in derivatives or commodities though it was explicitly in her agencies charter to do just that.

Bob Rubin went on to help lead Citigroup in to complete ruin and billions of tax payer bailouts.

Phil Graham's wife was on the board at Enron, he went to UBS where his Swiss bank ran tax shelters for thousands of wealthy Americans, and was a leading player in the collapse during which he called us all a bunch of whiners.

Larry Summers is now Obama's senior economic adviser.

All four of these people should be run out of every government position, boardroom or any other position of authority because they are a delightful mix of stupid and criminal. Its especially obscene for Larry Summers to be calling the shots on financial matters in the Obama administration. Paul Volcker might actually fix the bankster problem but he has been completely shut out by Summers and Geitner.

Comment Re:Well I guess its bad... (Score 1) 572

You appear to live in the land of "what is, is right" or "popularity indicates correctness", which of course you're free to.

I'm simply stating my opinion.

Not that I do but if you have a, for example, four year old daughter. Take a look at her one day and consider all of which she is capable being swept aside in favour of her simulating a sexual act on stage for geeks, for money. To my mind this seems like a lost opportunity, despite the obvious charitable cause :D

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