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Comment Re: IRB approval? (Score 1) 110

There's an old sci-fi short story of an astronaut on Pluto - suit failure, almost instantly down to almost absolute zero. Under those conditions, the electrical impulses in his brain continue to think since there's no resistance. He stands there for eternity just watching the sun rise and set, and the stars, unable to move a muscle.

Is this a life? He can't even die, but he can go crazy.

Comment Re:Memories? (Score 1) 110

Memories? More like nightmares. Trying placing a male brain in a female body and see what happens.

Once they discover multiple orgasms they'll never leave the bedroom. Like a rat that constantly presses a button to get the pleasure part of its brain stimulated (or some gamers), they will ignore everything else - even eating - and starve to death.

Comment Re:BeauHD, can we get some programming subs? (Score 1) 79

Anonymous coward wrote:

I'd submit this news myself, but the submission system here is very broken. It says I need to create an account and log in to submit a story, which I refuse to do. I'm not going to create yet another online account just to submit content here to you for free!

There's a reason you have to create an account - there's already enough bots using dummy accounts to submit spam. Besides, if you don't care enough about it to log in, why should we care what you say?

Comment Re:You were hired to work for THEM (Score 1) 379

Now keep reading. First, I've already quoted the specific exemption for professional employees. Second, you've also ignored the definition for covered occupations given in section two, which says "shall not include professional service, agricultural and farm work..."

Professionals, such as computer admins and programmers, are not covered. If you doubt that, I refer you to this, which says

...a professional worker must mostly do work requiring advanced knowledge, predominantly intellectual in character, which includes consistent exercise of discretion and judgment. The advanced knowledge must be in a field of science or learning, or be of work requiring invention, imagination, originality or talent in a recognized field of artistic or creative endeavor. The advanced knowledge must also be the kind usually acquired after a long course of specialized intellectual instruction.

- that describes computer admins and programmers.

Comment Re:You were hired to work for THEM (Score 1) 379

Here's my cite, listing salaried employees exempt from MA overtime requirements. Exempt employees include a "professional person... earning more than eighty dollars per week," which seems to cover the position in the summary. And, no mention whatever of the 48 hour figure you give in the MA Official Website of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development Overtime FAQ.

Where's your support for your claim?

Comment Re:You were hired to work for THEM (Score 1) 379

Sure, if they're paid hourly, then you can talk about company and personal time.

But if they're paid a salary, they're paid for performance, not time. Does the employer ever expect them to work outside of office hours? Why should that be any different than someone doing personal work during office hours, if it doesn't impact their job performance?

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