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Comment Re: they need to work the other end (Score 3, Insightful) 113

Won't do any good until they also ban number spoofing and throttle the number of calls per hour from any one overseas source. Ditto for VoIP packets. Let them post a bond for more access, and if there are too many complaints, the complainers get the money. Too many complaints coming from a single carrier - block all calls from that carrier's network. Gives them motivation to not just sell the $-%%)#@ boiler rooms another block of numbers to call from.

Comment Re:Commercial? (Score 1) 42

"Don't be stupid. Nothing in the law defines a microwave in a break room as "commercial restaurant.""

Why would I mimic you, who argues by begging the question?

"Operating a commercially owned aircraft in the US airspace requires adherence to FAA regulations."

...and who doesn't even know what commerce is? "Commercially owned" != "commercial."

Comment Re:Define "Greater Good" (Score 1) 197

The former conservative government lost more than 75% of the cases they took to the supreme court. That hardly sounds like the government can gett whatever it wants. The odds say that the odds were on Blackberry's side if it went to the courts.

Unlike the US, judges in the provincial and federal courts are not elected, so once appointed, the judges really don't have to suck up to politicians.

Comment Re:Commercial? (Score 1) 42

"It is owned and operated by a commercial venture."

So, when a Facebook employee microwaves their lunch at work, Facebook becomes subject to the regulations which apply to commercial restaurants? The electrical wiring inside their buildings means they're an electric utility subject to utility regulation? The shit in their employee's colons means they need a license for commercial waste hauling?

Comment Re:Commercial? (Score 3, Insightful) 42

Read Wickard v Filburn for an explanation, if it's not already obvious. The real question is, is something which affects interstate commerce itself interstate commerce? If I poke you in the eye, I'm affecting you, but that doesn't make me you. The Constitutional power is over interstate commerce, not things which affect it. That's the fundamental flaw in our legal system which allows the feds to claim powers they don't actually have.

Comment Re:It's just gas on the fire now (Score 1) 32

Sure, I could have stopped there, but I chose to provide an example, and also point out that there are far greater things to worry about than Trump's grandfather's last name.

Plus the GOP convention is a freaking disaster as of Wednesday evening. Instead of coming together, the party has a very visible split. And today is the last day of the convention. It's pretty obvious that they won't end it holding hands and singing Kum-ba-ya.

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