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Comment Re:Making NASA Great Again (Score 1) 299

There you go begging the question again... I do not want "things" - except the defense from external enemies and internal criminals.

So, you *do* want things. Presumably you want them cost effectively too, right? So if a commie socialist program reduces more crime per dollar spent than spending it on police, you'd be in favour of that? I suspect not.

Oh and how are the police and etc supposed ot get around?

Everything else is unnecessary and should therefor be done by non-government entities.

Which begs the question (real use of begs the question) WHY should it therefore be done by non government entities?

This bullshit meme really ought to stop. Somalia's current squalor is due to its past Socialism

No, it really shoudln't. Sure it was socialist in the past, but now it has no government so free market pixes should have fixed everything now.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 4, Informative) 144

They've gotten so much better and are no longer truly evil,

Yeah they are. They have less utter dominance of the PC market, so have less opportunity to be evil in a very public and mustache twirling way, but don't be fooled.

Take for example SDXC and exFAT. exFAT is a not especially good and not innovative filesystem that exists for the sole purpose for Microsoft to have osme patents on it so they can engage in rent seeking. A great example is mnaging to somehow maniuplate the SD card forum into adopting it so the only compliant cards must use it.

It's a transparent attempt at both rent seeking and blocking open source software.

Comment Re:What if (Score 1) 516

Any Android phone. Who restarts their phone more than once or twice a year when forced by an update??

Well my current (Nexus 6) and previous (Nexus 4) phone would start to run like shit every so often (fixed by a reboot) or just flat out forget how to connect to the cell network (in different ways)---also fixed by a reboot.

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 1) 523

You specifically stated "Substantial"


IOW you're making shit up yet again because it appears you have no shame. You are the absolute model of a modern right winger. Don't like the facts? Then make up a bunch of your own.

Read your own words, or did the Russians come in and hack that claim into your post?

Possibly they came and hacked it out of my post, given that it's not there.

Comment Re:That's their job (Score 1) 448

I don't know if you have a comprehensible tax code over there, but over here most people just pay someone else (or some website) to do their taxes, and if that person (etc.) could get them another $100 in refund they'd gladly pay them $50 to do it

It's much easier here. We have a scheme called PAYE (pay as you earn). The employer deducts taxes from your paycheck and sends them straight to the inland revenue, along with the relevant paperwork. If that's it, then you don't even need to fill in a tax return.

But it depends on the hoops you're prepared to jump through. Taking tax deductions given by the government is fine: they are there to serve a purpose. Going to the effort of setting up an offshore corporation and doing all your contracting work via one of those for example is much less fine.

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 2) 523

No. The cuts in the discretionary budget account for 3% of the Meals on Wheels budget.

You said "no" then detailed precisely the nonzero appoint he's cutting. That means "yes he is in fact cutting funding". You then went on to give reasons why you think the cuts are fine. And yet you claim the cuts don't exist.

Do you have no shame?

1. Should the Federal Government provide _ANY_ funding to _PRIVATE_ organizations?


Comment Re:Jumping ship before the bottom falls out. (Score 1) 200

No, that's the claim. It only works for fungible commodities and with "rational" consumers, defined as ones who always operate in their best financial interest (which is ironically a rather irrational thing to do). All sorts of strange human behaviors actually influence prices.

Comment Re:bloviated shit gibbon (Score 2, Informative) 523

It's not fake news merely because you can't handle the truth. Here are two questions for you:
1. Did Trump propose cutting the community development block grant?
2. Does that grant give substantial funds to meals on wheels?

The answers are respectively yes and yes which means Trump is indeed cutting funding for meals on wheels.

Comment Re:That's their job (Score 2) 448

: shrug:

No system is perfect, but on the global scale we're doing pretty well. We have a decent health service as measured by outcomes for less per capita expenditure than many comparable countries. We have low crime, good worker and consumer protections, a police force which is low in corruption as these things go, a functional transport network, utilities with a very high availability and so on.

Other countries do some things better, others some things worse, but as places go, it's really pretty good.

Now, I could point to flaws all over the place, naturally, and no I don't think they should be left alone and unfixed. But resenting taxes due to a lack of perfection, when there's no evidence that can be achieved is facile.

Comment Re:legal theft (Score 1) 448

No, I did not 'change my stance

Yeah you did. You didn't used to concede that in the absence of a government, a de facto one would arise.

By people who would willingly provide some money through a charity

*A* charity? A charity is a type of limited liability organisation. such structures owe their existence to the government.

What should exist is something to prevent collectivism from oppressing and enslaving.

And how do you propose to enforce the will of this de facto government? And how chk you prevent a richer person with a private army simply destroying it?

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