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Comment Re:And the poll is late. (Score 1) 252

How about you go research the deaths caused by daylight saving? Increased heart attacks 3 days after, increased car accidents etc.

How about educate the little snowflakes on how to cross a road and wear reflective bands on their costumes? Better still have THE PARENTS go out with the kids if you must celebrate that holiday.

Comment Re: simpler? exclusive ad channel? (Score 2) 161

I use a hosts file on my computer to block ads and I use Adblock on my iPad.

I use a PVR or DVR on my TV. I hate ads. They don't work. I wasted a few thousand dollars a couple years ago on radio ads to realize that people have tuned out all ads.

I pay for satelite radio to avoid ads there.

Find another revenue stream. Ads are history. Only the ad execs and the hopeful still want them to work.

Comment Re:The future of console games (Score 1) 249

Hated Sony since the rootkit days...

Used to buy some games from Direct2Drive. They were great, cheap and worked. I could download the install files and keys and install on all the machines in my house. Then they got bought out, keys didn't work anymore and you had to re-download everything again. I went to Pirate Bay, downloaded the iso's and used my Direct2Drive keys. They never mentioned when I bought the games that they could ever disappear.

I never trust them anymore. I have hard copies of those olser games. I only really play World of Tanks now. Since that one is pointless without the servers... well.. if it dies, I find something else to play.

Comment Re:Cheap and sounds great! (Score 1) 249

Exactly. I bought a used Technics system for $175. Sound is awesome. It's the old "class A" amp.

The difference between this 30 year old gear and newer stuff is that this is real rms. You can feel the room shake, yet you can still talk to each other.

I've been sold on Technics for years, too bad they went belly up years ago.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 98

Just fyi, I get 10 hours of "streaming" on my phone with my cell package.

Few issues:

1. I can only watch what channels I have subscribed to on my satelite. (fair enough)
2. I can only watch what they "let me" watch. Not everything live or anything available.(utter bs)
3. The service is absolute shit. It just doesn't work. The network can't handle it. Most useless "service" I've ever paid for. (most useless app on my phone)

Comment Re:64bit (Score 1) 640

The best example I have of my frustrations with Windows 7: set up a static ip or check network settings.

Windows XP, right click on network icon-> properties.

Window 7, Right click network icon ->Open Network and Sharing Center -> Click change adapter Settings ->Right Click Local Area Connection-> Properties.

Why Microsoft Why? You have only made things more difficult? What were you thinking? Or smoking? There are more examples of this stupidity, but this one angers me the most.

Can anyone give me a valid reason why they added 3 more steps for no apparent reason?

Comment Re:Up to $5k... (Score 4, Insightful) 161

The big thing that people miss is: They can only sue for the value of goods downloaded. AND they must prove that. No fishing.

This is not Canada bending over for Amerika, It's Harper saying "Screw you" you're not going to threaten Canadians.

If, for example, I go buy a movie, then download a version for my media centre, I have not committed a crime. I have paid for it. If I download it, and have not bought a copy, and they catch me, they can only sue me for $20 for the copy, not millions like the states.

There will not be any 6 million lawsuits here.

If the media companies weren't so stupid, they would price it properly and no-one would pirate. Who needs to pirate any songs anymore? I can just fire up Spotify and listen to whatever I want. If the movie industry ever pulls their heads out of their asses, we'll have the same for movies.


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