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Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 2) 206

Except a huge chunk of consumers simply throw the printer in the garbage and buy a new one creating a truly INSANE amount of e-waste, which is why this business model needs to be destroyed.

I used to live in a large apartment complex and every month when the time for putting out electronics came around? There would be a fricking mountain of cheap printers piled up every single month. The reason why is obvious, the printer costs $30 new and the ink costs $50 so why buy new ink carts when you can just get another printer? If your city has an ewaste center you should go there and see the gigantic mounds of printers, just mountains of practically new printers everywhere.

If you care about the environment? Its not solder you need to be bitching to your legislators about, its business models that encourage massive amounts of waste like this fucked up shit.

Comment Re:Digital Rights? (Score 1) 240

You DO realize that Steam games are easier to crack than any other DRM, yes? That there are websites that have cracks for damned near every game Steam has ever hosted, including cracks for Steam itself so it will just be locked into offline mode forever? That the majority of cracks out there for triple a titles are based on the Steam version because the Steam version is the easiest to do know this, right? And that Steam has a built in backup tool so you wouldn't even need Steam to reinstall your games at any time?

Worrying about Steam going away is like worrying about CD checks, its technology that has been broken for ages, everyone knows this, but it stops casual copies and helps cut down on cheaters (you can even tell which games have used Steam to crack down on cheaters as you'll see screams of "FORCED UPDATES ZOMFG!" because cheaters had broken the MP on the old version) but keep you from playing your games? Only if you cannot use Google.

Comment Re:Digital Rights? (Score 4, Interesting) 240

And normal Joe's call it "bullshit that pisses ya off and sends you straight to TPB" ala the classic oatmeal strip.

AAMOF the ONLY DRM I've seen that doesn't piss people off and actually gets shit right? Steam. It has offline mode so you can still play your games if your connection goes tits up, and the platform actually does things FOR the consumer instead of simply being a tool for big corps to use against the user. It keeps all your games updated, gives creators of games an easy way to support modders and an easy way for players to use mods with Steam workshop, gives you chat,hassle free matchmaking, its convenient as hell which is what the media companies never seem to grasp, people want CONVENIENCE.

But instead the big corps will shit all over it in their endless greed and fuck it up, they always do. Hell we have a perfect example with MSFT and PlaysForSure. They had a great ecosystem with tons of shops you could buy and rent from, devices at every price point from sub $10 to over $400 that worked with it, both major and minor players supporting it....then MSFT got fucking greedy and killed it for their shitty iPod clone and in less than 2 years completely wiped out every inch they had gained in the market and had nothing to show for it besides a warehouse full of shit brown Zunes.

So don't worry fellow geeks, they will shit all over this thing as they always do. they will have the content split among a dozen different places, half of which won't play nice with the other half and ALL charging too much, it won't work worth a piss with any mobile that is older than 5 minutes ago, and it'll go the way of SecuROM and RMA files because if its one thing we've seen is true of big media? Its owned by a bunch of old farts that have ZERO clue what the consumers want.

Comment Re:Fuck software (Score 1) 320

Try Raptr with their PlaysTV app, they have an Nvidia optimized version and an AMD optimized version and they work quite well for recording 1080P 60 FPS, you can even record live coms or go back after the fact and record a commentary if you wish.

As for TFA? This is why I've advised my customers to avoid Windows 10 like an STD. I've researched my behind off and there really is no way to remove the spying, its baked far too deeply into the core of the OS and every time you turn around MSFT does more douchebaggery with that OS so its just not worth the hassle. You'll spend more time fighting the OS than you will actually getting shit done, its just not worth the BS.

Windows 7 gets updates until 2020 and Win 8.1 until 2023 and hopefully by that time Nutella will go the way of the sweaty monkey and we'll actually get someone in there who knows more than buzzword bingo. With the Ballmernator it was "We gotta be Apple! We'll ape iOS poorly!" and with Nutella its "We gotta be Google! We'll ape ChromeOS/Android poorly!" while both forgot the fundamental purpose of an OS which is STFU, get out of the way, and let the user run their programs with the least effort or interference by the OS not to give them inroads into markets they suck at (Ballmernator and his Apple fetish) or to give them an endless revenue stream selling the user's data to every business and TLA with a checkbook (Nutella and his google fetish) which is why they couldn't even break 40% giving their flagship away.

Comment Re: About time! (Score 1) 266

In an ideal world, regulation would not be necessary. Sometimes the threat of regulation is enough.

Take maturity ratings for games. The government saw a problem and proposed passing laws for ratings, so the industry took responsibility and set up its own rating system, removing the need for the government to mandate it.

Hopefully the threat of a new regulation will cause the airline industry to come up with its own standards.

Comment Re:Surely not the only solution. (Score 1) 419

How long until they use a LOIC to nuke all Win 7 installs from orbit? WSUS and Autopatcher use the same servers for patches that MSFT's WSUS service uses, you REALLY think they are gonna fuck their corporate customers by shitting on their Win 7 Pro installs? Plus while IDK about Autopatcher the WSUS guys have a "security only" option where they have stripped out anything that isn't a security update, this includes any telemetry patches and any "features" MSFT might want to add like Windows Genuine Advantage and I'm sure whatever bit they try to flip would fall under this heading, probably a "usability update" or "customer experience update" if they follow past examples..

Comment Re:Crippled Ryzen 7 (Score 2) 173

Actually this could work to AMD's favor if they allow one to take their chances and unlock disabled cores like they did with the Phenom IIs and Athlon IIs. I know a LOT of guys that bought those chips simply so they could gamble on getting a better chip for the money, after all at the worst they would get the chip they paid for and if they got lucky they would get 1 or 2 cores for free, there was even a Phenom II quad that you could not get for the longest time after it was leaked it was a hexacore with 2 cores disabled as everyone was buying them to take a shot at a free hexa upgrade!

So if they do a soft disable like with Phenom II? Man I can see them selling a ton of those chips as everyone rolls the dice, after all who doesn't like the thought of taking a shot and getting a free upgrade?

Comment Re:Love to update the OS on my phone (Score 2) 143

Just buy a $100 phone and toss it every couple of years. Its sad that we have to do that these days but on the upside you can get a 5.5in quad core phone with a couple gb of RAM running Android 6 for around $110 so even if you toss it every couple of years you are still gonna come out ahead over iPhones and those other $700 phones as they will be no longer supported before you have spent even half that and your tech will always be relatively fresh.

Comment Re:XP moment: not quite (Score 1) 88

How EXACTLY is this a troll? If you are running a point of sale or other embedded Windows XP setup (or don't mind tweaking a single line in the registry) you can get updates for XP until Apr 2019, that is nearly 20 years worth of security patches.

I'm sorry but no Linux system comes even slightly close to the amount of support you get from Windows, Windows Vista is only now having its free support end, Windows 7 will continue to get updates until 2020 and Windows 8.1 gets patches until 2023...can anybody show me even a single Linux distro that gets free security patches without forcing the user on the upgrade treadmill for this long?

Comment Re:piece of shit machines (Score 1) 243

It was shipped with Win 7 Home X64 and Splashtop Linux along with 4Gb of RAM, so no MSFT didn't force them out because as I said it was a whole $60 more to get a netbook with a decent APU, plenty of RAM and the ability to add more. It even came with hardware VM support so I can have a PuppyLinux VM I can use if I need to do some banking on the go. Oh and despite not being updated in 4 years as Splashtop went out of business? Splashtop Linux still boots in under 4 seconds and is great for when I just want to check the weather or watch a little YouTube.

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