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Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 238

In the thumb i see maybe 3 Hillary signs, going 30mi to work, but there is a Trump sign that someone had hand painted on a 4 X 8 sheet of plywood, and 2 more that someone had painted on their fences, I literal see as many signs that people took the time and effort to make themselves as I see democratic party supplied signs. There are boat-loads of Trump Signs from the campaign as well.

I don't know what to think, I don't trust any of the MSM polls.

Comment Re:Donald Trump is evil (Score 1) 238

When I heard Trump make that statement, the impression I got is he was referring predominately toward the criminals that escort the illegals across the border and the gang members who would blend in with them as the infiltrated the US.

Of course it's hard to tell Trump is almost inarticulate, his thought pattern is more squirrelly than most ADHD 13 year olds.

Comment Re:Donald Trump is evil (Score 1) 238

In addition he went on record stating that we should not accept any refugees from Syria because there are terrorists among them. He also stated that we should ban any Muslims from entering the country.

Technically Muslim are already banned, because to immigrate into the US you have to affirm that you don't seek the overthrow of the US Government through violence and will obey US laws and Islam as defined by the Quran requires the faithful to fight a Jihad to establish a Caliphate (a religious dictatorship), and holds Sharia law superior to any other legal system.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 238

I understand why people distrust Trump on "Women's Rights", what I don't understand is why HRC gets a free pass, at best she's a serial enabler to her Husband's sexual predations, at worst Bill fucked them physically and Hillary fucked them psychologically.

At least Trump doesn't blame the victims like Hillary does.

Comment Re:Positive development (Score 1) 151

Means more room for humans. We're succeeding as a species. I suspect it wont end well for us though.

I don't see any reason to believe it will end badly, at least not for reasons related to this issue.

Homo Sapiens has proven to be an extraordinarily adaptable and successful species, a global superpredator, which has inevitably displaced many other species. The Holocene Extinction, which has been in progress for thousands of years, is the result. The rate of extinctions accelerated dramatically in the last few centuries, particularly as the human population has exploded.

However, in the last few decades humans have become aware of the issue and have begun to care about it. This isn't to say that we'll ever value other species as highly as our own, but we've begun to think that it's important to avoid destroying them. That coupled with the fact that human population is likely to peak within 30 years and then begin declining and the fact that new technology is enabling us to tread more lightly means that extinctions directly produced by human activity (e.g. habitat expansion) will slow and perhaps cease.

Indirectly-caused extinctions will likely continue for millenia, though. Global warming is going to do in a lot of species (though it may create a good number as well), as climate shifts exceed the ability of species to migrate. It may also provoke some more directly-caused extinctions as it causes humans to migrate. Not much, though, since we already live pretty much everywhere. The accommodation of human-transplanted "invasive" species is also going to take a lot of time, and transplantation is probably going to continue as much as we try to avoid it, so there's going to be a sort of homogenization effect across the globe which will wipe out a lot of species as more aggressive and capable species get moved into their area. If humans choose to begin engineering planetary climate and stabilize it, so that it stays permanently within a particular range, that large driver of new speciation will be eliminated which will also contribute to the establishment of an equilibrium that will likely contain many fewer species than the planet has had for most of life's history upon it. It's also possible that we'll begin engineering biodiversity as well. That's hard to say.

Or maybe we'll have a massive nuclear war, simultaneously removing ourselves from the picture, ending the Holocene extinction with a spike, and kicking off an explosive new round of speciation. I think that and similar humanity-caused, humanity-ending disasters are unlikely, but I am an inveterate optimist.

Comment Business as usual (Score 1) 239

At the heart of the fight is a debate over the societal value of the Airbnb platform and its role in the economy of cities throughout the world. The question is whether Airbnb has been a net benefit, by enabling middle class city-dwellers to make extra money by renting out their homes

These things don't enter in as legitimate questions in a free society. Free people reserve their right to enter a new business and compete. Opportunities are not things to be doled out to powerful and connected people in backroom deals.

It is literally laughable that these wealthy people carving up the power to rent to you, used "affordable housing" as a meme to get this anticompetitive law passed.

Observe as attack lap dogs regurgitate distraction memes about safety or regulation. No shortage of memes supporting big, money-donating businesses as the end product.

Comment Re:Abandonware and right to repair need to fixed a (Score 1) 111

Abandonware and right to repair need to fixed as well.

Right to repair needs to be fixed so that we can preserve our precious resources, I'm with you there. Abandonware can be fixed by just saying no to closed source software, and the cultural impact of losing some games is pretty minimal.

Comment Re:This is why you can't use a good keyboard any m (Score 1) 262

You seriously use a keyboard like that in an open office? Speaking of prima donna ... I heard there's someone upset by the type of keyboard they're using now.

On a squishy keyboard I type about 80-90 WPM at about 99% accuracy, a little less. On a hard clicky keyboard I type 90-100 WPM at a little more than 99%. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the difference is larger for some other people — I have big, fat, strong hands because I occasionally do shit more strenuous than typing or wanking, and because I'm a super mutant.

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