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Comment Re: Why can't this be detected (Score 1) 110

That is what "3D Secure" does. It allows the bank to implement whatever additional verification they want during the credit card transaction. In early implementations I saw additional passwords, but most banks in my country currently use SMS-based OTPs.

The banks have been enforcing the use of 3D-Secure or threatening to suspend merchants.

As usual, the U.S. is behind most of the world ...

Comment Re:"Critics say!" (Score 1) 302

Bank meltdowns don't contaminate land for thousands of years

But the public gets to bend over and take it whether it is a bank or a nuclear plant that melted down.

nuclear reactors aren't speculative bubbles

Neither are banks. . . (speaking of shitty analogies. . .) Both represent high concentrations of power/capital that can be recklessly managed for large gains to those in power at the risk of large losses to the overall public. Whether it is banks assuming housing prices will alway go up or a nuclear plant expansion project that assumes electricity prices will not fall over 60 years, both show the damage that power concentration causes to the public.

Now, if you could devote more of your post to logical reasoning than vitriol, this might actually start to reasonable a rational debate. . .

Comment *Whoosh* (Score 4, Insightful) 471

FRIEDMAN: Are you worried, though, that those companies will keep their factories here, but the jobs will be replaced by robots?
TRUMP: They will, and we'll make the robots, too. [laughter]


I feel like for the next 4 years America will be used as kind of a learning tool for Trump (a, "Trump University", if you will) to learn very basic economic and government principles. . . poorly. And all it will cost is the well being of an entire nation. . .

Comment Re:Feel so conflicted. . . (Score 1) 559

If, during Trump's presidency, the labor force participation rate rises to 68% or more, will you admit in your book that you are the douche? ;-)

Here are the possible explanations for a labor force participation rate increase under Trump:
- broken window economics (increase in low level/value jobs at a price of significant overall wealth destruction and great risk of fiscal and monetary crisis)
- dumb luck (this is not North Korea. . . but do you really believe the 'Dear Leader' has more influence on economic growth or labor participation than, say, technological advancement!?)

Understanding the above does not make one a douche. . . just capable of rational thought in the face of primitive tribalism. . .

Comment Feel so conflicted. . . (Score 3, Insightful) 559

On the one hand, it looks like Trump lied to a bunch of scared and vulnerable people to get elected (under the disguise of "not being another politician" and "not just being all talk"). . . On the other hand, a lot of his promises ranged from authoritarian to completely incoherent (Bring back jobs by attacking free trade when automation is the real job killer at this point? Bring back coal by attacking green technologies when natural gas is the true coal killer?).

Either way, the guy is a real douche in my book. . .

Comment Re: Back to the old model (Score 1) 70

"I'm vaguely aware of the other show they mentioned, Top Gear, but other than hearing the name, I'm not familiar with the show....from the context I'm guessing it is a British show?"

Top Gear was produced by the BBC, and the live portions of the show were filmed in the UK, but many segments and a lot of the 'special' episodes were filmed in other countried including the U.S.

In many other countries, Top Gear (prior to the last season where Chris Evans was the main presenter) was the 2nd most popular show, second only to Game of Thrones.

In some countries, the most popular tech news sites have had multiple news stories covering Top Gear (Clarkson being fired, May and Hammond quitting the show due to that, the abysmal failure of the show with Evans as the lead presenter) and The Grand Tour (the announcement by Clarkson that he was working on a new show, the announcement by Amazon, some stories about some of the filming in other countries, a detailed story with lots of photos about the filming in the country in question etc.) over the past year.

I don't think it is really necessary to do a long introduction of both The Grand Tour or Top Gear, if you don't know what Top Gear is, it's as useful to you as reading and article on IPv6 replacing IPv4 when you don't know what IPv4 is, and complaining about the summary not explaining what IPv4 is ...

Comment Re: LF charter should ban maker of competing OSs (Score 1) 202

"by Microsoft including Ubuntu inside Windows desktop environments, it allows hundreds of millions of users try Ubuntu without having to wipe their disk, re-partition it, install a hypervisor (parallels, VM Ware, VirtualBox, etc.)"

Doesn't Windows 10 include HyperV? It should have been easier to ship HyperV enabled by default on capable hardware, and it would have been trivial to include a VM template.

  - an obvious good thing for the Ubuntu ecosystem. It also, in the eyes of millions of users validates Linux as a usable operating system."

As an alternative to cmd.exe.

(As far as I know you can't run mir or X.org or wayland on top of the Linux personality of the Windows 10 kernel, and there are a lot of other limitations.

Microsoft seems to only have done this work to:
- run docker containers on Windows server
- prevent developers running Mac OS X or Linux if they need to develop server-side apps to.run on Linux - ideally for MS as VMs on Azure or docker containers on Windows server
Please show proof of anything they have included which isn't strictly required by these two use cases if you think this is good for Linux, e.g. how a developer can develop and test Linux GUI apps on Windows 10 using this feature alone).

Comment Re: Please remove (Score 1) 302

It's almost as if:
- Users of large distribution lists don't know how to avoid having people reply (even if they use reply-all) to an email sent to many (e.g. > 100) recipients to all recipients, for example by putting the large distribution list in BCC instead of To
- Many recipients of emails sent to large distribution lists are very slow learners and also seem to think that receiving one unnecessary email is worth complaining about
- Email admins have forgotten about moderated mailing lists, and haven't ensured their users are educated on the points above

Yes, the IT section (500 people) of our large ICT company has also had this happen twice in the past 5 years. You would think people in IT would know better ..

Comment Re:Before you act like this is so nefarious... (Score 1) 469

Been fun, but I just found out today that my friend's Japanese wife was told to "go back to your country" at the store the other day. I have lived in this city nearly 30 years and never heard of that EVER being said. No one ever said that to me in the over 10 years that I lived in Japan.

In short, shit just got real, and I have no time to dick around with some online discussion that is going nowhere. I have work to do in my home town.

Have a nice life and good luck. . .

Comment Re:Before you act like this is so nefarious... (Score 1) 469

No, but accusing him of "conspir[ing] with foreign governments to defraud the American public" is, given what we actually know.

Bigot: one who is intolerant or hostile towards different social groups. Trump != social group. The end.

she doesn't have any kind of coherent agenda or vision

Yeah, incoherent. . . compared to Trump's coherent policies

Unless you have actually gone through and changed your citizenship, you haven't lived "as an immigrant"

Not citizenship, but permanent residence. I had Japanese permanent residence.

Well, I suppose if Japanese is your native language, it is no wonder that you have such queer notions about identity and racism; Japan is one of the most xenophobic and racist countries I have ever spent time in.

English is my native language. Funny. . . saying an entire nation is racist is, in itself, a very racist thing to say. Maybe if you were not so quick to judge your experience in Japan would have been different.

Which demographic would that be? Democrats just lost the House, the Senate, the presidency, and with that, the supreme court, so don't hold your breath.

Straight white male. You think ideology matters in Trump's America? This is about the "master" tribe, which people like you are not allowed to become "citizens" of. . . I despise this mentality, but I think I have seen it more than someone with your characteristics might have been exposed to. I feel like only that can explain how you seem to see Trump in such a naive light.

You accuse people of racism, xenophobia, and fraud for the flimsiest of reasons and express your disapproval and condemnation

No, I accuse Trump for what he himself has SAID. . . I am intolerant of unilateral intolerance.

Well, I'm accusing you of being a progressive and a Democrat; you certainly sound like one. And while you obviously don't understand why that offends people, I think it's important to make it crystal clear to you that it does. Perhaps that will induce people like you to reflect a bit on what you're saying and advocating, because obviously reason isn't getting through to you.

I am neither, but I don't want to get too ambitious here. . . if I can get you to make a single post where you properly use the term "bigot", I will consider this entire thread a yuuuge success.

Reading through your posts, I really feel like you are having this conversation with someone else. . . maybe someone in your past. . . maybe your parents. . . Anyway, I am not that person, but I hope you were able to find some kind of resolve. Seems like you really needed it. . .

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