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Comment Re: Why can't this be detected (Score 1) 110

That is what "3D Secure" does. It allows the bank to implement whatever additional verification they want during the credit card transaction. In early implementations I saw additional passwords, but most banks in my country currently use SMS-based OTPs.

The banks have been enforcing the use of 3D-Secure or threatening to suspend merchants.

As usual, the U.S. is behind most of the world ...

Comment Re: Back to the old model (Score 1) 70

"I'm vaguely aware of the other show they mentioned, Top Gear, but other than hearing the name, I'm not familiar with the show....from the context I'm guessing it is a British show?"

Top Gear was produced by the BBC, and the live portions of the show were filmed in the UK, but many segments and a lot of the 'special' episodes were filmed in other countried including the U.S.

In many other countries, Top Gear (prior to the last season where Chris Evans was the main presenter) was the 2nd most popular show, second only to Game of Thrones.

In some countries, the most popular tech news sites have had multiple news stories covering Top Gear (Clarkson being fired, May and Hammond quitting the show due to that, the abysmal failure of the show with Evans as the lead presenter) and The Grand Tour (the announcement by Clarkson that he was working on a new show, the announcement by Amazon, some stories about some of the filming in other countries, a detailed story with lots of photos about the filming in the country in question etc.) over the past year.

I don't think it is really necessary to do a long introduction of both The Grand Tour or Top Gear, if you don't know what Top Gear is, it's as useful to you as reading and article on IPv6 replacing IPv4 when you don't know what IPv4 is, and complaining about the summary not explaining what IPv4 is ...

Comment Re: LF charter should ban maker of competing OSs (Score 1) 202

"by Microsoft including Ubuntu inside Windows desktop environments, it allows hundreds of millions of users try Ubuntu without having to wipe their disk, re-partition it, install a hypervisor (parallels, VM Ware, VirtualBox, etc.)"

Doesn't Windows 10 include HyperV? It should have been easier to ship HyperV enabled by default on capable hardware, and it would have been trivial to include a VM template.

  - an obvious good thing for the Ubuntu ecosystem. It also, in the eyes of millions of users validates Linux as a usable operating system."

As an alternative to cmd.exe.

(As far as I know you can't run mir or or wayland on top of the Linux personality of the Windows 10 kernel, and there are a lot of other limitations.

Microsoft seems to only have done this work to:
- run docker containers on Windows server
- prevent developers running Mac OS X or Linux if they need to develop server-side apps on Linux - ideally for MS as VMs on Azure or docker containers on Windows server
Please show proof of anything they have included which isn't strictly required by these two use cases if you think this is good for Linux, e.g. how a developer can develop and test Linux GUI apps on Windows 10 using this feature alone).

Comment Re: Please remove (Score 1) 302

It's almost as if:
- Users of large distribution lists don't know how to avoid having people reply (even if they use reply-all) to an email sent to many (e.g. > 100) recipients to all recipients, for example by putting the large distribution list in BCC instead of To
- Many recipients of emails sent to large distribution lists are very slow learners and also seem to think that receiving one unnecessary email is worth complaining about
- Email admins have forgotten about moderated mailing lists, and haven't ensured their users are educated on the points above

Yes, the IT section (500 people) of our large ICT company has also had this happen twice in the past 5 years. You would think people in IT would know better ..

Comment Re: Because it's my choice (Score 1) 67

"When I give personal info to FB or Google or whoever I make the decision to do so, and I know what I've told them."

Really? Th8s is exactly the double standard. You *think* that because you don't use facebook that they don't know about you. But, every Facebook 'like' button on any website you use is tracking you. Using this information, and correlating visits to various sites by non-Facebook users and Facebook users, Facebook probably already has a profile on you and can determine to some degree your interests, friends, associates.

Why do you think various big players are interested in LetsEncrypt? They can track you with SSL everywhere while others can't. You are giving them more exclusive access to everything you do.

"When the telcos vacuum up my info they grab everything without even asking."

How do you know this? Regardless of what information they collect, the better question is, what protections do they provide? Since this is a European Telco, they would have some decent privacy protections in place (which Facebook and Google have violated).

Of course you Americsn don't seem to think a universal privacy law is required, the FCC is considering imposing restrictions on ISPs, but to anyone else you are fair game.

In many other countries, there are wider laws that cover all industries and regulate the storing and processing of private information. If you had something like this, you wouldn't have any irrational fears that ISPs track you more than Facebook, and everyone would have more privacy from the likes of Facebook and Google.

fuck the telcos.

Comment Re: physical access to machine? (Score 1) 209

Pay residents (or even better, just ask rabid supporters of one party amd tell them they can help their party win) of different voting districts to register and then do the 'needful' on voting day.

Considering recent fraud operations ny syndicates have managed to withdraw funds from 1400 ATMs in 2 hours (e.g. it really shouldn't be significantly more difficult to swing an election result.

Comment Re: So glad I don't have any computer with Windows (Score 1) 322

From what I can see, the Logitech G930 headphones seem seem to work out-the-box (but you may not have known where to look) although maybe missing some features:

For the keyboard, did you try g15daemon? See e.g.

Comment Re: The year of the Linux Laptop? (Score 3, Interesting) 255

I have used linux on an IBM Thinkpad, a Dell Inspiron, and 4 HP laptops of various lines, and this is the full list of hardware that didn't work:
- One TV tuner
- The fingerprint reader on at least 1 laptops (one other laptop with fingerprint reader worked). I haven't checked if there is a solution for the newer fingerprint readers.

All have suspended/resumed adequately compared to their behaviour under Windows. WiFi worked out-the-box except for one that required extraction of the firmware from the Windows driver (didn't require any command line though).

My current laptop has a Windows partition that gets almost no use, my usual linux distro, and an installation of RHEL7.2. The installation of my normal distro suspends fine, but the RHEL7.2 installation won't suspend. So, there may be differences such as this between distros depending on their focus.

Comment Re: I live in Nashville... (Score 1) 95

"AT&T and Comcast have both had 20 years, *two* decades, an *entire generation* to roll out their own fiber, but they didn't, because they're a monopoly"

The fact that FTTH only became financially viable in the past 10 years has nothing to do with them not rolling out FTTH before that ...

Comment Re: slashdot IoT sales banner (Score 1) 77

I didn't read the details of the attack, but if it was using UDP DNS requests the source IPs could have been spoofed (if they originate from networks that don't have uRPF enabled).

In that case, their transit providers would only be able to identify them by traffic patterns on their circuits, or by more in-depth analysis if the provider can afford to run IPFIX/Netflow analysis on all their traffic.

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