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Comment Re: How much is PUTIN getting? (Score 1) 287

I'm sure your impactful work benefits mankind no end.

His work helps get (and keeps) people employed. Putting food on the table for an unknown number of people and their families.

So, at least in the short term, their work is more important than some jackass screaming "Global Warming! Global Warming!" while jumping up and down with their hair on fire and hoping someone will give them a grant so THEY can put food on the table.

Comment 700GB (Score 1) 72

CableOne has slowly been ticking up my cap and my plan. Get to many "overages" and they auto upgrade you or kick you off. I went from a 50 dollar plan with 50mbps to 105 dollar plan with 200 mbps down and 10mbps up.

It still doesn't matter if I let the family use Youtube, Amazon Video and freely download on Steam, PSN and XBOX Live I easily go past this. I've already got one strike over my head. I feel like I can't freely spend my money on digital goods I want, like I can't use services I pay for. I fee severely restricted and can't help but wonder why they don't simply throttle if their is congestion.

I hope the tech companies start realizing ISPs are preventing people like me from purchasing and using their services fully. Why should these assholes act like gatekeepers and restrict my ability to engage in commerce freely?

Comment "Mozilla is more than just a browser" (Score 2) 180

Yeah. It's a shitty "brand design" company now with a legacy browser they're hell-bent on turning into Chrome with a slightly different face.

They've become a company almost totally devoid of technical excellence and mutated into some hippie-activist commune that takes almost a year just to come up with an emoticon-ized version of their logo.

A complete waste of a company...

Comment How about an easier target (Score 1) 53

How about making sure directions are rational?

Sure, it may ~technically~ be a shorter distance to cross the street, but when it can tell the average speed on both sides of the street is 2 mph, each side has 3 lanes plus 1 or 2 turn lanes, and I'm coming from a side street with no light, it should realize that I'm going to be sitting there for an hour until 6-8 good Samaritans show up at exactly the same time to let me across. ... or it could have added 8 seconds, had me take a right onto the crossroad at a light further up, a quick jaunt down the road, and a left across only 3 lanes from the turn!

There's a bunch of common-sense updates people could be making in these things.

Comment Re:So what. (Score 4, Interesting) 307

I'll pay for a service if the cost and content is there and for me Netflix just isn't worth a monthly fee in the face of the likes of Youtube, Crunchy roll, Crackle etc.

Nor will I pay for "ownership" of digital goods.

I will buy physical goods that I truly do own. I'm not much of a movie guy but DVD and Bluray are great if there is something I wish to watch.

Same goes for videogame (consoles) and music (cd sometimes vinyl), if I'm going to spend real money I expect a real product.

Comment "He can't exactly ignore it." (Score 3, Informative) 273

Sure he can!

It's a busy time right now! Right? RIGHT?

And even so, it's simple enough to say "No.", couched in suitably political terms.

You know what I'm talking about.

At this time *EVIL RUSSIA! EVIL RUSSIA!* we don't have enough information *EVIL RUSSIA! EVIL RUSSIA!* on the situation to make us comfortable pardoning him for stealing secrets and giving them to EVIL RUSSIA!

Basically, what would have happened to him, had he come home is he would have become Bradley/Chelsea Manning Mark 2.

He'd have been dumped in a prison. Rotted for a while. Then announced that he'd decided to cut his dick off and live as a woman. Turning him into a complete laughingstock meme and totally detracting from what actually happened.

I think Snowden likes his cock and balls right where they are...

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