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Comment And the fucked up part (Score 1) 227

If you actually go shopping, you'll usually find that the same sized packages cost the same amount.

Whether buying regular Oreos, Double Stuff, Double Triples, whatever. You just wind up with fewer individual cookies per-pack.

So. What does this teach us?

That, you get a set commodity at a set price REGARDLESS of how you use it.

Comment So - $100/yr for... (Score 3, Interesting) 164

...something I could do at home with a low-end shoebox computer (or better yet, an old cast-off box with a little SSD and a big platter drive stuffed into it) that would be incredibly cheaper over time, electricity included.

And wait - who said I had to have the damned thing on 24/7 at home? I boot it when I turn the TV on - takes less time to start up than the TV does these days thanks to SSD *shrug*.

Seriously - if I subscribed to this service, I'd be damned embarrassed to say that I did and claim that I'm a geek at the same time...

Comment Re:How many of those... (Score 1) 153



At the rate things are going, W10 will become the most successful and rapid malware spread since the old "I love you" email virus of 1999...

(no really, I'm fully willing to wager that, say, at least 50% of the installs were pushed onto an ignorant public who would not have otherwise bothered, 10-20% more were shoved onto machines whose owner consciously wanted no such thing, maybe 10-20% from people who actually wanted the thing, and the rest just showed up on new computers.)

Comment Re:And Yawn! (Score 1) 17

I have to give a big so what. I know we suppose to hate Microsoft and I have no love for Azure. But so what, it is Adobe who will need to deal with the consequences more than the users of the services.


Besides, maybe with a little luck, MSFT will nickel-and-dime Adobe hard-core along the way, and they become victims of the same rental scheme they've inflicted on their own customer base. Couldn't happen to a more deserving company, really.

Comment Re:acrobat reader dc, for those that want... (Score 1) 17

I was just thinking about this a bit...

I toy around with CG and artistic software, but aside from a (now-ancient) copy of Photoshop, I usually do not bother with Adobe's products anymore precisely because of The Cloud (cue angelic chorals and a deep majestic voice enunciating every syllable...)

Not that I hate the whole cloudy thing per se - it has its use cases... but digital artwork ain't one of them, especially for the hobbyist.

Renting render farm time? Okay, that's a good thing to have. OTOH, Fiddling with pics and CG stills that only your family or some small business will see? Not so much. I already have hella powerful machinery and oceans of storage space at home... the hell do I need to clog up my bandwidth (and in my case, bandwidth allocation thanks to Sat. Internet) just so that Adobe can rent their software instead of buying it?

Just a rant, I guess... but it's astounding how many shops just sucked down the party line and continued shoveling money towards the whole enterprise.

I mean, seriously - the cloud is nothing more than someone else's computer - yet it became one of the biggest buzzwords of the past 10 years... feck.

Comment Re:I cut the cable back in 2002. (Score 1) 219

And remember, you have 3 main "natural" or "grabber" price points.

$20, $50 and $100.

Technicaly $19.99, $49.99 and $99.99, but I'm lazy and not going to worry about fudging a penny (which they kinda count on).

Basically things like cell phone service, single lines for service talk about something right around the $50/month price point. And shared plans are all around $100.
Same thing with cable. They, for a long while were $50/month (plus fees, etc). Now they've climbed into the $100 range.

Comment I cut the cable back in 2002. (Score 1, Insightful) 219

Other than a few favorite shows, I haven't missed a damn thing.

I have Netflix and an Amazon account if I want to watch something.

Since I'm the "techie" in the family, if I HAVE to watch something NOW, I can log into my parents' account and stream, as they haven't divorced themselves from TV.

But, for the most part, I simply don't miss it.

And somewhere in the past, my child TV addict self screams in horror.

With the equipment costs, and the push towards a "$100 minimum" bill and all these fucking channels you don't give a shit about...

Seriously, who the fuck needs 8-10 distinct ESPN channels both in SD and HD?
Plus "insert network" Sports Channels, etc?

I'm not a goddamn sports nut. Bundle all that crap into an optional package
I want a package for Scifi/Fantasy, maybe home improvement and science/technology.
And "news" channels can go DIAF.

The thing is, the cable companies want that "$100 minimium" no matter what.

So even if we get "a la carte", they're likely to screw with us no matter what.

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