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Comment Re: Next Phase (Score 1) 469

What? The penalty for burgling is death? And without due process? What king of fucked up view of "a polite society" do you have, anyway?

If you're stupid enough to burgle someone without checking to make sure that they're heavily armed?


The gene pool has enough idiocy floating to the top already. We don't need any more. And getting shot to death is a fairly effective chlorination technique.

It's the same order of stupidity as some drunk dumbass trying to be Evel Knievel and spattering himself all over every available local surface.

Comment Sorry Markie! You're a media company. (Score 1) 45

You have exactly ONE product with any real brand recognition, and its a social media platform. Everything else either hangs off that product or is a media project you've bought (like Occulus).

You can think of your company however you want. You're rich enough to mostly ignore reality all you want.
It doesn't actually CHANGE reality however.

Comment No...just, no. (Score 4, Interesting) 153

No one actually has to "hack" anything -- just get the thought out there. No matter who wins, stories like this will be cited by the losing side as "proof" the election was "rigged" or "hacked", and that the winner didn't win legitimately. I can think of few things more damaging to the democratic institution.

See also:

A Powerful Russian Weapon: The Spread of False Stories

Comment Yes and no (Score 3, Insightful) 38

Do I agree that other departments need training in security?

HELL THE FUCK YES! The nastiest hole in most security systems are the stupid meatbags being stupid on their computers.

Do I think that there should be SOME input back from these other departments too? Sure. But in a healthy organization, this is already the case.

Do I think that these departments should be given policy and decision making powers over security policy?

HELL THE FUCK NO! That's like putting a blind and deaf sheep that's considered stupid (even by sheep standards) in charge of a flock in an unfenced field in wolf country.

In short, while feedback is welcome, and good ideas are always welcome, managerial control isn't. Because it's not their job.

Comment Basically "austerity measures" under another label (Score 1) 155

That's what this is.

"Just don't use as much."

Now, sure, that works...up to a point.

In California, the problem is that deregulation has TOTALLY fucked up the power industry. Where it's more lucrative to "sell" power out of state, claim insufficient capacity, then import power (which isn't so heavily price-fixed) and mark it up horrendously and at just barely-there availability.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit (Score 4, Insightful) 184

What ever happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me?"

In the Age of Feels what you speak of is now unthinkable. Just like sending your kids out to play until dark and limits on screen time, being able to handle mere words with tact is loooong gone my friend.

Comment Goddamn these advertisers just don't learn! (Score 1) 152

They know, well, that people don't want auto-play video with sound.

History has shown that users will block such things with a vengeance or walk away from a service that won't stop this sort of nasty behavior.

Yet FACEBOOK is going to try it again. Like it wasn't fucking obnoxious and undesirably the first umpty-fuckin-bajillion times it was tried.

But hey. Go ahead! Make your platform ever more irrelevant! All in the name of chasing ad dollars!

You fucking twits...

Comment Re:Reminds me of a crazy, hot girlfriend (Score 1) 319

The thing is, YOU were talking about economic damage, loss of land, social ramifications, etc of flat out losing a town/community from a nuclear accident.

My point is that nuclear power isn't the only way to leave people bereft of a town, and that similar problems, along with historical examples, exist with regards to fossil fuel as well.

Now I DO agree with you that Fukushima residents should probably be reimbursed for the full, pre-accident value of their homes and belongings, as well as compensation for the damage done to their lives.

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