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Comment Dynamic Type Comparing [Re:Oh please] (Score 1) 117

In my opinion, dynamic languages should require, or at least encourage, one to specify what comparison type to use rather than rely on parameter (operand) analysis. The hard part is coming up with a nice syntax for such. I've had various discussion groups consider different suggestions, and found no consensus.

In the shorter term, one can roll their own functions and hope staff coders follow along. Example:

if (strCompare(a, '>', b)) {...}
if (numCompare(a, '<=', b)) {...}

Comment Wasting time on fiddly shit (rant) (Score 0) 148

One should be close to the customers and users to make useful office software. If most of your effort is fiddling with low-level programming and UI issues, then you are doing something wrong and wasting labor.

I used to crank out custom internal software quite quickly in the pre-web days: blam blam blam! Now it takes a 10 fucking hours to get shit like scrollbars to work right in JS libraries with lots of screwy code and dealing with browser differences. Something is fucked about the Web Stack; we are doing it wrong; billions are wasted. We are chasing fads instead of productivity. I want to make useful tools in short time, not make fucking skirts; you goddam fashion monkeys buy into this shit!

I didn't have to micromanage UI crap back then. It may be great job security, but a nuke to productivity. One of these days a standard or tool will get network UI's right and jillions of programmers will be unemployed or serving fries. The UI shit-bubble will pop. I will learn it early and replace many you goddam fashion monkeys because I'll be able to crank out and quickly fix and adjust apps again! There is a market for eye-candy, but it's not everywhere. Internal apps don't need eye-candy and the org shouldn't be fashion-taxed to get normal apps.

Comment Re:Good idea for now (Score 2) 56

Once the science objectives are completed, they should attempt this maneuver.

They should attempt an engine burn near the end to try to understand what went wrong to prevent it on another mission. I'm sure they'll orbit and observe until too many instruments or stabilizers fail, but near the edge of usefulness they should probably do engine burn tests.

Comment Good ol' days (Score 0) 121

I used to use Pascal a lot back in my college days, mostly on mini-computers. Other than a brief burst of sales in Turbo Pascal (PC) and to a lessor extent Delphi, Pascal usage quickly shrank. I'm not quite sure why, it was a fairly decent compiler-based language.

It needed more string-oriented operations, perhaps. I like the way the type name (declaration) comes after the variable, instead of before like the C-family of languages. I prefer it after. It also allowed nesting of functions.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 5, Insightful) 914

His point was that it takes very little to get people to openly proclaim beliefs they don't hold.

And that needed to be proven, because.... ? Or is this just one of those bullshit "social experiments" where Youtubers get to act like assholes because they're holding a camera to record what happens?

Youtube is a cesspit of wannbes trying to outdo each other in shock value, while avoiding getting banned by Youtube, all for the views. PewDiePie was just another one playing the game, but he got burned. He paid people desperate for money to do something stupid, and then pretends to be shocked that they actually did it. That way he gets to claim he's not really responsible, while being the one who conceived it, paid for it, videoed it, uploaded it and collected the ad revenue.

Comment Huh? (Score 1) 72

"once they had accepted employment there, handed them resignation letters"

Isn't resignation something the employee hands to the employer, not the other way around? Am I missing something here, or is this just shoddy journalism?

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