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Submission + - Pirates Praise Draconian Anti Piracy Bill (

bs0d3 writes: If you tell everyone that they have to survive on rations, like one candy bar a day.. they will complain. If you take away all of their food, and then give them a candy bar, they will be happy. That's exactly what's happened with SOPA. After people protested coica and pipa, SOPA was drafted. SOPA was so infinitely worse, that people would welcome the day when coica returned. That's exactly what happened. Today they've got pirates, freedom of speech advocates, and technology blogs; not only praising a new internet censorship bill, but also taking part in helping to create it. The language of the bill is similar to coica and protectip; bills that previously these groups had protested. But now that things seem to be going even worse, people have forgotten the original objective and are supporting this new process.

Submission + - Why We Need More Programming Languages (

snydeq writes: "Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister writes in favor of new programming languages given the difficulty of upgrading existing, popular languages. 'Whenever a new programming language is announced, a certain segment of the developer population always rolls its eyes and groans that we have quite enough to choose from already,' McAllister writes. 'But once a language reaches a certain tipping point of popularity, overhauling it to include support for new features, paradigms, and patterns is easier said than done.' PHP 6, Perl 6, Python 3, ECMAScript 4 — 'the lesson from all of these examples is clear: Programming languages move slowly, and the more popular a language is, the slower it moves. It is far, far easier to create a new language from whole cloth than it is to convince the existing user base of a popular language to accept radical changes.'"

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