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Comment Re:How is this different? (Score 3, Interesting) 95

Specifically, how is this different from other projector based stereolithography printers such as the muve3d DLP (

You are right. I was unaware that projection with polymers were already a known method. We searched for 3D printers that do a complete layer at once some time ago when we developed our process and found none. We just began testing LCD panels and UV backlight. It is a sinle layer at a time, UV polymer isn't actually the fastest method I have discovered. It is possible to do it with much greater precision and higher speed using different methods. I put up a video a month ago about this (LCD) technique on my web site I don't think this is very innovative and 41M$ is hardly staggering, but surprising for something with so little innovation. Structure is the least useful printable thing. We are working on printing a new type of CPU and the technology will be documented on the site. It is all to be open hardware. I think that a printer that can print circuits is the application that makes 3D printing a useful thing instead of a play-doh factory or glue gun. I realize it can be a tool for lost wax to metal, but many other tools are better suited to manufacturing structural items. I saw a piezoelectric lathe designed in Japan that can cut almost any material in a 5 axis system with astounding precision. Piezo systems can operate at Angstrom scale ( with huge forces ) and I can attest to that as it is the same method I use in my atomic force scope.

Comment Re:Not so very strange (Score 1) 123

There's a lot of useful chemistry and energy in ammonia (a significant component of urine), because nitrates, or bound nitrogen, have potential energy. Gunpowder manufacture in the middle ages relied on factory-style processing of animal urine.

Urine Connections
So the sewer bots will be powered by urine and manufacture explosives from the nitrates and will be equipped with sensors to smell each other. So the robot overlords will be under? So next we have the proof of concept hack of a sewer bot to create a distributed denial of existence (DDOE) attack.
Life is becoming a free science fiction movie. I smell a sequel with methane powered poop bots.

Comment Old is new again (Score 3) 282

Molten Batteries
I was surprised to learn that the concept behind molten batteries originated in Germany with the V1. MIT and Dr Sadoway have a battery system that is supposed to be available 2014. If it was invented in Germany and has since been used for ICBMs and ordinance. Seems odd that it has taken almost 70 years to come full circle.

Comment Re:And later (Score 4, Interesting) 219

I realized this could be done decades ago. I am surprised that it has taken this long to be implemented. I work in robotics and recently in molecular genetics. It is a complete source of DNA for every person. It is a wealth of "raw" information and since analysis is getting cheaper every day it could become a new data base that can be collected and sold. It is creepy and that is why it creeps.
GATTACA. BTW, we checked your DNA and you have too many SNP's and will not be allowed to procreate as it would be a burden on the state. Also it would be the obvious creep of scope. Cold Cases with DNA and no match. It will happen.

Comment And later (Score 4, Funny) 219

Dear Sir, We were monitoring the sewer and it seems your daughter is pregnant. We checked the DNA and it is that kid you don't like. We only know you don't like him because the NSA shares information with us. On the side are ads for abortion clinics, diaper services, gun shops, and obstetricians provided by WalMart. BTW you need to check your cholesterol.

Comment Re:photoelectric effect (Score 4, Interesting) 42

We've known about this since the turn of the last century. It's the photoelectric effect. Every material has a wavelength where if it is struck by a charged particle at or above that, it will absorb it and then emit an electron. This isn't news.

What's news is that we've now reached a sufficient level of understanding regarding the engineering of electro-optical systems that we are starting to build devices where the primary logic is based on optics, not electronics. This is an advancement of technology, not of understanding.

I am a bit confused by what you said. An incident photon at wavelength (Lamda) or smaller will eject an electron ( photo electric) and thermal excitation of a material like the cathode of a tube will also eject electrons. I am not getting where the charged particle comes in. From TFA:

In other situations, light can modify a material’s behavior — but only when it’s absorbed, transferring its energy to the material. In this experiment, Gedik says, the light’s energy is below the absorption threshold. This is exciting, he says, because it opens up the possibility of switching a material’s behavior back and forth without inducing other effects, such as heating — which would happen if the light were absorbed.

What they are talking about is changing the bandgap with the incident angle of polarized infrared laser light.

Comment Re:Why is anyone surprised? (Score 1) 122

I'm not surprised ('social networks' in general make you the product, linkedin has always been a touch sleazy, especially for an ostensibly 'professional' site that could theoretically be making its money on the semi up-and-up by offering useful recruiting services);

Linkedin has many dubious methods that aren't visible to a typical person. I know some of the methods they employ to extend their grasp. The problem is that there is no way to explain this to people without a CS degree. It just irritates the victim to be a tool so they ignore it.
To go from ironic to sardonic as well as a self deprecating , we are providing social comments on a site owned by a company that handles employment (DICE). So it is posters on a 'social network' that complain of the use of themselves as product on a 'social network'.
But, that aside, I agree that this is right out of the ball park for sleaze and greed.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 95

Super caps are neat for their application but suggesting they are useful for this is a stretch. It seems from RTFA that they think 5 Wh/Kg is comparable to 128 Wh/Kg for Li-ion . Also the incorporation into silicon presents serious issues that never get resolved in less than 10 years. No sane company is going to incorporate this in a line of CPUs and then find out that after a year they like to release their energy in one single burst. I suggest we test them in 747s first to make sure they are safe and do not pose any risk to my CPU.
Thanks for the link , looks interesting. Hands-on scientists like Science/Engineering/Tech forums

Comment Re:Steve Gibson is a... (Score 4, Informative) 234

I invite everyone to let Google autocomplete that sentence. It's been well-known for a good while that absolutely no-one should pay any attention to him.

Just for giggles I did test auto complete on that and it gave:
1. steve gibson is a fake
2. steve gibson is a moron
3. steve gibson is a idiot
Could that be considered the -opinion- of the Google algorithm?
My opinion about TFS involves squirrels too. But mainly their primary food source ( pronounced 'nuts').

Comment Re:Why Only Now? (Score 4, Interesting) 91

If you watch your server access logs, you will regularly see bots checking for common install URLs of popular website software. I'm blown away that vBulletin's hasn't been targeted for years.

You are absolutely right. I was shocked at how quickly the knocking began. Within a day of registering a new address it already had obvious attempts to find a hole. The logs also show many other things that would worry people IF they knew it was happening. Very few people have the experience and skills to deal with it. It seems obvious that the intruder has the advantage. In a system with more than 2 to the 64th directions to guard against, the attacker has the advantage of surprise.
Analogy: Open field, everybody has a gun, some have food, others want it.
It could be that the only way to win is not to play at all. The problem is that the game has already started and this is no longer a choice. There is a dominant strategy. It is a conflict of interests. It is thus "Bellum Omnium contra omnes". No way to tell how it will end, but everybod has a "shot". ;)

Comment Re:that ship has sailed (Score 1) 264

The question may be whether the internet should die and be replaced by something better.

Simply implementing ipv6 isn't going to cut it for you?

I never minded having company meetings that included everybody. The internet is like a company meeting where people off the street are allowed to attend wearing a stocking on their head and screaming obscenities and nonsense and grabbing papers from the table, while everybody else is trying to accomplish something. Anything other than limited complexity is just toothpaste in a hole. Ten to the ninth factorial is a REALLY big number. It can never be operated by a competitive population. Maybe human V6 will all be able to be in the same room.
There was talk about getting the worst type of literature off the ebook sites, but in reality the internet is a toliet and they just have a problem with solid waste as it clogs the tubes.

Comment Re:that ship has sailed (Score 1) 264

The question may be whether the internet should die and be replaced by something better. The cost of doing business through the internet may be too high compared to some other alternative. It has failed to exhibit a plan for -sustainable- profitability and it is too connected. It is like a brain tumor. It has no core structure that could serve to regulate growth or partition against assault. Designing security or subjective isolation after the fact is becoming an ever increasing burden that will only get worse. It might be a good network for a nuclear war, but it has served as an example of what not to do and now a new system needs to be designed that has no middle man to pay. ( In ad clicks, private information, overages, outages, loss of security, escalating prices, ...)
The signal to noise ratio is rising and will drown any utility eventually. CARRIER LOST

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