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Comment The minidisc remotes (Score 1) 191

What I miss most from my old MZ-R35, is the headphone remote. By modern standards it was large, with more controls than an iPod Shuffle, but everything was usable one handed by touch alone. The rewind/seek controls were a twist cap. I had a half hearted go at adapting one, but it would take more SMD fu than I can muster.

So long Mini-Disc

Comment Why don't digital cameras/DSLRs work as webcams? (Score 2) 121

This is (slightly) offtopic, but I'll take the hit. It seems strange to me that digital still cameras and DSLR cameras don't offer webcam functions, at least I haven't found any that do. Thy typical have a much better sensor, lens and optical zoom than any dedicated webcam; can record high resolution video and connect as a USB device. So why is a USB webcam mode not incorporated?

Comment Re:Yes, as I've said many times.... (Score 1) 456

There are multiple measures of an X driver. Nvidia's proprietary driver provides good 3D support on recent hardware, but they lack support for older hardware and RANDR. Doing multi monitor support their own way means it doesn't integrate well. Nouveau supports older hardware better but lacks 3D and power management in comparison. If Nvidia were to support the open source efforts with documentation rather than just the closed source driver, then perhaps Nouveau would progress quicker. Nvidia's support is better than zero, but it's not as great as it could be.

Comment Re:Spreading havoc? (Score 1) 390

I understand that the PLCs are connected to the Wincc machine by some sort of network, presumably for monitoring and reprogramming. I'd like to ask how you think the Stuxnet worm has reached the Wincc machines - over the Internet, or by infected media/laptops being plugged in?

I'm guessing you can't speak for Iranian ICT practises, but how isolated from the Internet are such systems? I presume nowadays sites are interlinked for remote monitoring. Are these over airgapped, dedicated lines or do they ever share infrastructure with office Intranets using for instance a VPN or encrypted tunnel?

Comment Not convinced of their maths or fact checking.. (Score 1) 150

To reiterate my comment at TFA, that they're no doubt going to approve.

I would like to know how you arrived at your headline - £32000/day for the Birmingham City Council website?

Your quote "To date we've invested £48.4m ..." from gives a figure spent by Service Birmingham (£48.4 million), and that page states SB were "established in April 2006 to provide the Council’s information and communications
technology (ICT) services". That's 1596 days ago assuming 2006-4-30 to 2010-9-12. Dividing one by the other gives £30325/day, I presume you performed a similar division to reach £32000/day. However I cannot see how you conclude that the £48.4 million was spent entirely on the BCC website, and hence justify your headline.

To declare my interests I worked at Service Birmingham - the Capita/Birmingham City Council joint venture - until Jan 2010. Except for about 5 days as a testing volunteer I did not work on the CMS for I have no financial interest in SB or Capita, but I do pay council tax to BCC. I await your answer.

Sincerely, Alex Willmer

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