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Comment Re:Pharmaceutical Industry Next (Score 1) 487

For 25 years I've watched as the same thing has happened to the pharmaceutical industry. It's just a few years behind the automobile industry. We've largely blamed the MBA's but maybe it's just the natural order of things. 1) Start an industry 2) Grow an industry 3) Get rich (profit) 4) Get greedy 5) Collapse

Or to put it in more bucolic terms: 1) Feed the cow 2) Breed the cow 3) Milk the cow 4) Eat the cow


Submission + - A Pragmatist's View on Global Climate Change ( 1

danerthomas writes: "Environmental issues are all too often perceived as being driven by passionate vegan tree-huggers with an incomplete understanding of historic, scientific, economic and political realities. The reactionary cynical backlash is equally misguided, but at the opposite end of the spectrum. What is conspicuous by its absence is an objective, informed and rational middle ground that can be counted upon to provide meaningful information to promote long-term sustainability of both resources and economic prosperity, without triggering the multiple (and frequently irrational) psychological tripwires that exist in the camps of extremists on all sides of this issue."

Comment Re:Do these things network? (Score 1) 257

Only one microphone on the phone, but a BT link to the device could upload the data. That having been said, there are some very significant pros and cons involved with deployment of a networked version of this. On the pro side it could provide more accurate, pinpoint information regarding where the fire was coming from and alert nearby allied soldiers to the presence and location of a threat. It might also be able to help prevent friendly fire incidents. On the con side a smart enemy would eventually find a way to breach the information security and access the system, potentially using it to locate and attack our forces or even worse, hacking the system to inspire a firefight between friendlies.

Apple Releases IOS 4.3 Beta To Developers 101

m2pc writes "Apple has just released iOS 4.3 beta to developers. New features include: Developer access to AirPlay API, Four and Five-finger gestures, and the return of the hardware orientation lock for iPad, a feature that upset many when Apple suddenly removed this feature with no software option to re-enable it. Also interesting to note is the lack of mention of the Mobile Hotspot feature rumored to be included in 4.3 for all iOS devices by the Verizon announcement yesterday."

Girl Quits On Dry Erase Board a Hoax 147

suraj.sun writes "It's the same old story: young woman quits, uses dry erase board and series of pictures to let entire office know the boss is a sexist pig, exposes his love of playing FarmVille during work hours." Story seem too good to be true? It probably is, at least according to writer Peter Kafka. Even so, Jay Leno and Good Morning America have already reached out to "Jenny."

Comment Re:News Flash! (Score 1) 895

Some may find comfort in being told what to think by authority figures (political or religious) but my political ideology stems from my understanding of the physical universe and human behavior. I think that we should strive for a more sustainable future. I think that the best hope for the future of humanity lies in helping those with the lowest standard of living on the planet to improve their own situations. The primary drivers of the extreme climate changes of the past lie completely outside of our sphere of influence, so I think it would be more effective to devote scientific resources towards adapting to climate change rather than controlling or reversing it. If you had bothered to read my first post here you would realize that I feel that we have both an individual and collective responsibility to move towards a more sustainable economic and ecologic future. Even so, focusing on adaptation rather than control would direct our resources towards solutions that have a higher likelihood of success. I'm not aware of a political party that is directly in line with those sentiments, but I believe that the current democratic administration is closer to the mark than McCain/Palin would have been. Shame on you for jumping to erroneous conclusions!

Comment Re:News Flash! (Score 1) 895

I'm aware of most of that (and thanks for the link.) By bringing up the evidence from the past I mean to remind people that the earth's climate at different times has been both significantly warmer and colder than it is today, for a variety of reasons, all without any input from humans. With that in mind, it is reasonable to postulate that in the future the earth's climate is also likely at different times to be both significantly warmer and colder than it is today, for a variety of reasons, regardless of the effects of human input. Based on that information, I think that it makes more sense to invest our efforts into improving our ability as a species to adapt to climate change than to control it. That does not absolve us from any responsibility to use our resources more efficiently and effectively, but it can to a certain extent protect the gullible from those who would sell a product or philosophy based upon promised effects that have little (if anything) to do with the (multiple) identified causes of past climate change.

Comment Re:News Flash! (Score 1) 895

One of the reasons we chose to have only two kids is that I believe that population growth leads to a less sustainable future from a number of different standpoints. Believing the way that I do, it would have been hypocritical to contribute to population growth. I'm not telling you or anyone else how to believe or how to live, just trying to live within my own beliefs.

Comment Re:News Flash! (Score 4, Insightful) 895

When you live in an area such as Stockholm where you see direct evidence of the most recent ice age and post-glacial rebound it makes you wonder just how much of this warming trend is anthropogenic. What percentage of the information here must we ignore in order to make our current interglacial period all our fault? How conceited do we have to be in order to come to the conclusion that we can: A) Determine the optimal level of glaciation and, B) Determine the means by which to stabilize the climate of the earth so as to maintain this level? Don't get me wrong, I commute by bike as often as possible, didn't have more than 2 kids, drive a car that gets over 30 mpg (and drive it less than 6000 miles a year), recycle as much as possible, purchase locally grown and ecologically produced food and in general, try to tread lightly. I think I do all of these things for the right reasons, but I'm not under the illusion that my doing so is going to prevent global warming or "save the earth".

Comment Cross-licensing only works with the willing (Score 4, Insightful) 222

Nokia and HTC sell licenses for their patents to many competitors. Apple wants to buy licenses from Nokia and HTC on the same terms, but... Nokia and HTC would rather cross-license to get access to multi-touch than sell licenses to Apple, and Apple wants to keep multi-touch exclusively to themselves for now. so... Apple uses Nokia and HTC patents without first getting a deal but is willing to pay for them at the going rate and is hoping that the court will order that settlement. Nokia (and others) use Multi-touch without first getting a deal and are willing to cross-license and/or pay for it, and are hoping that the court/FTC will order Apple to make multi-touch available to others. The question is: Are courts more likely to order Nokia and HTC to offer Apple the same deal that they offer everybody else, or are courts more likely to order Apple to sell something that they have not been willing to sell to anybody?

Beaver Dam Visible From Space 286

ygslash writes "The Hoover Dam no longer holds the title of the world's widest dam. Satellite photos of northern Alberta, Canada, show that several families of beavers have apparently joined forces to build a dam 850 meters wide, more than twice as wide as the Hoover Dam."

Comment Re:I do not get it... (Score 1) 415

If she went on the train as far north as possible she went to Narvik, but the vast majority of that trip goes through Northern Sweden. Norway is much more mountainous with better scenery and slower, more twisty roads. Norway is very expensive, but it can be amazingly scenic. Our trips were in August (1991) and late June (2007) and the waterfalls and snowfields were more impressive in June. As far as your parents are concerned if they wanted to take a week of so they might look into flying to Oslo, renting a car to go up to Lillehammer, Geiranger, Trollstigen and on to Trondheim. Two cities with lots of history for mum and several days of amazing scenery and countryside for dad. If they want to stay longer or see more they could fly or take the Hurtigrutan boat up the coast to the Lofoten archipelago. That area is simply amazing from a geological and natural standpoint. Pics from our trip up there:

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