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Comment Re:Lumia 1520 not included? (Score 2) 46

It isn't getting the updates because that phone is 4 years old. I got mine at launch and loved it until the non replaceable battery died last Fall. Then I got a Note 7 which I loved until it was branded unsafe. I have no desire to go back to Apple, while my 3GS was great, my 4S had problems, mostly with the camera app not opening the faux shutter. Seems like there is no winning in Smartphone land.

Comment Re:Oh good. (Score 1) 154

The one thing that could be cool, is if a "Surface Phone" was powerful enough to run some of the smaller but not quite mobile games available on Steam. If MS hooked up with Valve and made that happen for the Surface Phone, that would make me interested. I have a Lumia 1520 and right now I don't see a real reason to get any new phone, WP, iOS or Android.

Comment Re:In line with current US thinking (Score 1) 190

If you want to take the vote away from people who get public assistance then you need to take it from anyone working for a business who gets the benefit of the government check as well, via tax breaks or contracts. The person getting food stamps is no more likely to push a vote in their financial favor than the worker who is trying to get a senator elected to secure contracts for their local factory. Either way one voter is trying to vote money into their pockets from other voters.

Comment Re:*Badly (Score 1) 223

Because it can be a problem. There are apps that you don't have access too. As a WinPhone user I just lost my banking app. It had been fantastic for the last year and a half, and then in March they just stopped it. I can use the website to do most things, but I can no longer use the camera to deposit checks. I may have to actually visit a bank..... There are many more apps, but so far that one is the one I care about most. Other than that I have loved my Lumia 1520 and want to see what they roll out with Win10.

Comment Re:Dumping (Score 2) 85

Yes they did. It is 100% clear. If I upgrade in the first 12 months, my cost is free and my software remains free. If you decide the day after 12 months to upgrade, it may no longer be free, they haven't announced pricing, but my copy which was already upgraded remains free. I'm not saying there is no wiggle room there about getting new updates, but it seems clear that your license doesn't go away.

Terry Myerson (EVP OS):
"This is more than a one-time upgrade: once a Windows device is upgraded to Windows 10, we will continue to keep it current for the supported lifetime of the device - at no additional charge. With Windows 10, the experience will evolve and get even better over time. We'll deliver new features when they're ready, not waiting for the next major release."

Comment Re:Fuck it - everyone for themselves. (Score 1) 374

I'm also a SMUD customer with a solar array. I pay SMUD about 9 cents per kWH in the winter, and they pay me the same for those produced on my end. In addition I have to pay a Line fee ($10-14) , and a solar surcharge ($2+) every month regardless of how much power I use. My first year after the solar was installed was this month. So my first annual bill I owe them $500 in power usage for the year. It was more than we expected, but we did add a new baby, someone is now home 7 days a week instead of 4 days, and a plug in hybrid car was added. Right now my only disappointment is that we didn't get a larger solar system to keep our annual bill closer to 0.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 232

Fixed the leak? I have to double check that I have the most updated version, but I am pretty sure I do and FF takes more RAM each hour it is open regardless of if I am actually browsing, or just leave it running while I game. I wish they would fix it. I have been tempted to swap to Chrome or even..... IE.....ewww.

Comment Re:Disable moving phones at the tower (Score 1) 364

Make no mistake, for the convicted... go for it. I have no problems at all when it is a punishment for a convicted person. Someone else mentioned it being installed in a convicted persons car, and that car blocking all phone in it. I can probably agree with that, as I can not ride in their car, or I can make fun of them for my phone not working in their car when I am passenger. I am just vehemently against blanket punishment for the innocent.

Its funny you mention movie theater, as there I would be fine with it. Private party, I don't own the theater, compared to my car and my phone, and I could choose to frequent a theater that didn't do it if it bothered me vs government forcing it on me. I probably would go to that theater though if it was the closest, I don't care if my phone doesn't work while I am watching a movie. I do care when I am a passenger in a vehicle.

Comment Re:Disable moving phones at the tower (Score 1) 364

If I am a passenger, then the government disabling my device is not ok. I haven't killed anyone while sitting on a bus, or a train or in a car while a passenger, therefore I shouldn't be punished for it. If you wanna stop DUIs why not go ahead and ban alcohol.... surely that would work right? Being upset at government power grabs is not the same thing as you getting drunk and then driving. If you think it is, perhaps you shouldn't have a license. If you really want your nanny state, just go ahead and make texting/calling while driving an offense equal to a DUI. Start pulling licenses and sending people to jail.

Comment Re:It should be (Score 1) 364

I was thinking about this and I think it is a good idea. Courts can confiscate your license, order a new one issued that says "No Alcohol" or something, and just have laws require ID for all purchases, all of them, so they are checked. However, I think were this in place, second offense needs to be total loss of driving license. I mean, you already got a second chance at driving. It would be interesting to see in action.

Comment Re:This has to be a troll post (Score 3, Interesting) 173

I have had the opposite experience. Had DirecTV for 2 years, took them months to figure out why the HD channels had issues. Finally after I missed the last minute of a series finale for a personal favorite show I called and finally got someone who asked me to check satellite #2 signal, I didn't know there was a Satellite #2. The guy said "Yeah it is the HD feed". Sure enough, the dish hadn't been installed correctly. They came out and fixed it, but it was too late. As soon as my contract was up I left and tried Uverse, been good. Did a stint with Comcast as they entered the area with XFinity, and had a 50% off deal. After that, I am back at Uverse with no plans to leave.

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