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Comment The article title is a bit misleading (Score 1) 172

What has been broken here is not the code-signing apparatus per se but another part of the Apple security regimen; it appears this doesn't affect the need to have a valid initial certification to begin with. If the signing mechanism were defeated, that would conceivably allow anyone and his dog to upload and sell apps on the store without registering as a developer. But it isn't. So, in fact, the only people who could leverage this issue for nefarious purposes are people who are already working in the marketplace trying to earn a legitimate dime.

The issue as presented is still as serious (or as not-serious) as outlined, as it allows me as a developer do some pretty wanky things at the expense of the user's trust in my app -- but how many legit developers will risk burning their karma with users (let alone Apple) in order to exercise this? And Apple will have it fixed before any new bad actors get themselves hoisted into place with dev credentials.Am I too optimistic about iOS developers being other than evil miscreants-in-waiting?

Comment iPad Ergonomics in a hospital bed (Score 1) 155

I use the Apple 'SmartCover' with my iPad, sitting in front of me on the hospital-style cantilevered table that adjusts perfectly for height as I recline in the bed. The iPad touch sensitivity is very light and quick; in fact, I have more problems tapping the screen too hard and knocking over the pad when I am using an app in portrait mode needing lots of touch input, and have sometimes turned to my 12South 'Compass' stand for a solid easel-style display (very stabile, I recommend it).

Comment As a terminal Cancer patient, I don't think... (Score 5, Insightful) 155

...I don't think you should undersell Internet connectivity. Although fortunately I am not confined to bed 24/7, I spend more than half the day there, and Netflix streaming (which would be a wonderful gift you could frurnish her) is a savior; given the paucity of her programming now it would undoubtedly improve her day, and she would have some control over her entertainment choices. That and a twitter client (and set up the family on Twitter -- those that aren't already) and the family can stay engaged with her; an iPad or Android device with WiFi and a camera a can give her even more interactivity over Facetime or Skype.

You have an opportunity here to improve her daily life to an incredible degree, and obviously want to. Were it myself I'd even obtain here a Mi-Fi device and account if there was little or no Wi-Fi were she is living. Were it my own Grandmother I would not by skimping here.

Comment Re:How does Apple use rumors? (Score 1) 195

All the developer-call you cite might mean, is that existing iPhone apps have to run on it with resolution independence. It doesn't mean that other apps developed specifically for the device could not implement Flash, or that Flash for iPhone OS isn't in the works, or that (regardless of Flash for iPhone) there is not a "Flash for i[Slate | Pad | Whatever] in the pipeline, or that a new class of hybrid apps for both iPhone and this new device might not be possible in the near future. My only hope for the device, myself, is that whatever the screen size or aspect ratio, it supports 720p resolution, if not higher.

Comment Re:Not conspiracy, but AT&T has not been forth (Score 2, Informative) 213

Here in Des Moines, I lost EDGE data service all morning but could still call out and receive calls. I tried every customer number for AT&T but got the "all offices are closed, call next business day" and there was no message (automated or otherwise) about outages. I was left to wonder if it was an account problem, etc. (WiFi worked fine). Even after service was restored in the early afternoon (locally) there was no message or information regarding the outage, nor any info to be found on their website. Less than impressive customer care.

Pope Denounces Some Biotech as Affront to 'Human Dignity' 1158

eldavojohn writes "Today in a speech the pope denounced human cloning, embryonic stem cell research and artificial insemination, citing them as a violation of 'human dignity.' That said, the pope did 'appreciate and encourage' research on stem cells from non-embryonic cells in the human body. The pope encouraged the Vatican to be a leading voice in the philosophy and discussion of bioethics. 'Church teaching certainly cannot and must not weigh in on every novelty of science, but it has the task to reiterate the great values which are on the line and to propose to faithful and all men of good will ethical-moral principles and direction for new, important questions,' Benedict said."
The Media

Submission + - NBC drops the other shoe (nytimes.com) 2

stekylsha writes: NBC has managed to figure out this internut thing after all. In a brilliant move, reminicent of Napoleon and his attack on Russia, NBC has decided to sell their award winning shows themselves which "NBC executives say they expect to become a viable competitor to iTunes." From the article:

"The NBC service, called NBC Direct, will begin a testing period in October with plans to be operational in November. The service will allow customers to download full episodes of NBC shows for seven days on Windows-based PCs. The file will expire after the seven days."

One must wonder why this business model hasn't been tried before.


Submission + - Music industry still unable to adapt

mmmfugacity writes: "Given that, after around a decade of digital music sharing, the music industry still seems to have largely failed to embrace, or even adapt to, this distribution model, it shouldn't be surprising that the AP reports the industry is mad at Prince for experimenting with another alternative distribution model. Available at CNN, AP reports that "Prince has angered the music industry and stirred up trouble among British retailers by giving away his new album with a tabloid newspaper this weekend. 'Planet Earth' will be packaged with the Mail on Sunday at a price of $2.80. The giveaway has been roundly criticized as a major blow for an industry already facing rapidly declining CD sales." Why not consider moving 2.3 million copies of the CD (the Mail's reported average circulation) to be "sales?" Surely not because Prince is making money off the deal and not the industry? Yet again, with regards to the music industry (not the artists) the phrase from Office Space, "no talent *** clown[s]," comes to mind."

Submission + - Is Your Inkjet Printer Spying on You? 1

ulysses38 writes: Seeing Yellow is a site that the good folks at the MIT Media Lab put up to inform consumers that printer manufacturers are embedding personal information in output from inkjet printers. Nope, I am not kidding.

From the site "When you print on a color laser printer, it's likely that you are also printing a pattern of invisible yellow dots. These marks exist to allow the printer companies and governments to track and identify you — presumably as a way to combat money counterfeiting. When one person asked his printer manufacturer about turning off the tracking dots, Secret Service agents showed up at his door several days later."

Submission + - 1st Asian Nation to Adopt Open Software Standards

em8chel writes: "Japan has adopted a policy under which government ministries and agencies will solicit bids from software vendors whose products support internationally recognized open standards and thus becomes the first country in Asia to embrace the open software Standards, The OpenDocument Format Alliance (ODF Alliance) says in a press release (PDF).

"By giving preference to open software formats such as ODF, it is saying that information should be competitively priced, innovative, and easily available to the widest range of people, now and in the future. We hail Japan for its diligence and vision," congratulates Marino Marcich, ODF alliance Managing Director.

"Securing open standards based interoperability is critical to accelerate innovation. The interoperability framework will propel healthy competition and open up more opportunities for small and medium siye companies in Japan", says Masayuki Hayase of Justsystems Corporation.

The new guidelines are available (in Japanese) from Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry."

Submission + - Italian parliament bets house on SuSE Linux

AnotherDaveB writes: ITALY'S parliament is about to undertake Europe's largest governmental migration yet to open sauce. The IT department of the Italian parliament presented plans on Wednesday to begin migrating some 3500 desktop PCs, including those of its 630 MPs, away from Windows to SuSE Linux starting this September. The Camera dei deputati will also run SuSE on all of its two hundred servers.

Submission + - CEO used pseudonym to post on stock bboard (wsj.com)

jpallas writes: The Wall Street Journal reports that court filings by the FTC about Whole Foods' plan to acquire Wild Oats reveal an unusual detail: The CEO of Whole Foods regularly posted to a Yahoo! stock bulletin board under a pseudonym. His alter ego was feisty, to say the least, and regularly disparaged the company that he later decided to acquire. A former SEC chairman called the behavior "bizarre and ill-advised, even if it isn't illegal." This certainly raises questions about online rights to free speech and anonymity, especially when the line between free speech and regulated speech depends on who is speaking as much as what they are saying.

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