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Comment Adobe Flash as a Content Classifier (Score 5, Interesting) 507

Flash must live on! If Flash dies out then that means highly annoying and CPU-hogging advertisements will be converted into HTML5 and get around my simple flashblock. I don't like Flash as much as the next guy but when you can currently carte blanche disable flash and easily remove the most heinous of web content, I fully support its continued use.

Comment Re:What Does That Even Mean? (Score 1) 226

SmartScreen is awesome because it blocks things like jquery being loaded from CDN sites such as google because it sees multiple pages reference that so therefore it must be out to get you, right? /sarcasm

Nothing like having a web app that slowly stops working across the enterprise as browsers start blocking the javascript includes. That's what you get for hosting your app in the cloud!

Comment Re:DirectX on Linux? (Score 1) 163

It is an upgrade because in the Win32 world the API for GPU video decompression acceleration is called DXVA. Note the DX at the beginning. It doesn't stand for OpenGL.

(Other than adding an additional HD decoder board)

Comment O'Reilly E-Books (Score 1) 1

Looking at the online catalog on my iPhone's Stanza e-reader, I see O'Reilly E-Books download-able directly to the app. As it says on the O'Reilly Getting Started page:

When you buy O'Reilly Ebooks through Stanza you can start reading them right away. You also get full access to the complete "Ebook bundle" at any time, which includes EPUB, PDF, and Mobipocket formats, to work across a variety of devices. You also get free liftime updates.

You just need to look around a little more. What you're looking for is being provided from the publisher who know the techie best.

Comment Re:Times are a changing.. (Score 3, Insightful) 221

This is actually fairly common style with Korean MMO's and multiplayer games. It seems to work good there and players like it, so it's not a surprise companies want to try it on western markets too.

I agree. It is a game model I don't like, so I stay away from those kind of games.

When I started playing BFH, this was the main selling point for me. It was a very bold claim, but they said it everywhere. It is on the official trailer. It is on the official FAQ (now updated). They said it in several interviews. Now, I feel cheated.

Comment Re:BF a dead franchise (Score 1) 221

yeah i was going to say, bf heroes is more of an attempt to build on the success of tf2, using the name and ip of bf to raise it's profile amongst users. bf heroes is "free to play, $$$ to be competitive" while tf2 is $20 ($2.50-9.99 on steam sale, usually 2-3 times a year) once, with new content every 2-3 months... pick your poison. tf2 isnt nearly as popular as counter-strike source, but it's close enough, and seems to have "long term support" from valve. i can see a lot of bf heroes players jumping ship for bf2, mw2 or simply tf2.

Comment Re:That's pretty evil. (Score 0, Troll) 802

However, even the most jaded, cynical atheist cannot deny that organized religions have also done some amazing things for the societies in which they existed.

Yeh, I'm sure Scientology has done some good. So what? Are you suggesting we try and keep some kind of score card, we can put "imprison children and malke them slaves" on one side and "feed homeless" on the other? Not sure what we do when they "convert" a follower with those "selfless acts" though.

Of course Atheists never do any charitable works on their own, so as long as the nutjobs "help" roughly as many as they screw over, it's all good.

is every bit as ignorant and superficial as claiming that someone cannot drive because their plumbing is different than mine ...

That's right, I forgot that most "organised" religions fought so hard for equal rights and civil rights, oh wait...

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