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Comment Re:Never Kickstarter (Score 1) 42

It is all about making what you think are acceptable risks. Kickstart something and you are part of the companies journey. Like everything, don't be silly with it and know what are you acceptable level of risk.

I've risked it on 26 projects. 6 have not yet delivered (but I am very confident they will). I've written off one. Two of the products were not all that great. It was the companies first attempt and it showed. I don't regret helping them have a go. The rest have been a mix of acceptable and awesome.

This is from a mix of board games, films and technology companies. I'm upset that I've had to write one off, but I knew that was a risk and accepted it.

Comment I hope not (Score 1) 243

The Galaxy Note PDAs are what I want out of a phone. I've bought into the Android ecosystem, to change that (i.e. get rid of Play Store and the content from that) would leave me no where to go. No other manufacturer currently makes PDAs.

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 2) 72

> Nope, it means you were lucky!

Crap. Yes evaluate the projects first. Do a little internal math and check if the company has asked for enough to complete the project. Do they appear to have the skill set required to get the project out the door? Have they lied in the project description?

I've backed a few projects on Kickstarter (and alikes). I've got some fantastic big name games and cool indy games and the warm glow of knowing I helped them on their way.
Its a risk but a risk but one you can do derisk quite a way.

> Anyone who contributes money to a Kickstarter project deserves what they get.

I agree. I've got naught but awesomeness.

Comment Re:Reality Distortion Field (Score 1) 277

Or they have figured out what is best for the customer, and it is what everyone else is providing.

Personally I hope the 6C is closer to the size of the iPhone 4/5, as what is good is options. I love my big PDA (don't give a shit about phones and phablets), but I can see good reasons for others to want a smaller device.

Comment Re:Editors, please fix title (Score 1) 134

> $600.99

Assuming a $25 contract I guess?

$600.99 or $600.99 - the cost of 2 years worth of credit - two years worth of phone usage?

Now this number will be maybe $450. Some "throwing numbers about" puts two years of credit at $85. So that is $515.99 for the phone + mobile contract. Take away the phone ($450.99) and you have a mobile contract at $32.50 a year or under $3 a month.

I'm not sure I see that as all that bad.

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