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Comment Re:Oblig. (Score 1) 198

energy comes from combining hydrogen stored in tanks on the train

Thus confirming my theory: Germans Love Hydrogen.

hope they will not name it hindenburg.

If they continue the naming convention, this will be called the Gauck and is likely to be just as bad for Germany.

Comment Re:Its been denied by McLaren (Score 1) 136

So McLaren's response is 100% against what the article says.

You're assuming that the article in the summary is accurate instead of made up to get eyeballs.

Besides this, as McLaren Automotive ins't a PLC (Publicly Listed Company) Apple cant do a takeover without the express approval of the current owners, McLaren Technology Group and more importantly, Ron Dennis.

Comment Re:That makes no sense (Score 1) 136

Why would Apple acquire an maker of overpriced consumer luxury goods? How could that possibly fit in with their current portfolio?

The thing is, McLaren isn't a luxury car manufacturer. That would be someone like Rolls, Maybach or even Jaguar at a stretch.

McLaren are a racing team that makes a few road going race cars.

Rolls Royce would be a cheaper buy from BMW, They bought it off VW for 40 million pounds who paid Vickers 340 million pounds.

Also probably more likely to happen as McLaren have already denied this and it doesn't pass the smell test (McLaren have turned down a few of offers over the years, they're happy being a small, specialist car manufacturer)

Comment Re:FRRRRRRRP (Score 1) 84

FRRRRRRRP! That's the noise my ring makes. Silence that, you asshats!

Mr Hognoxious,

I am hereby ordered to inform you that by the court of East Texas that your ring is in violation of patent number 2438938342 which is owned by our client, as such we are to, immediately and without condition, forcefully install this cork. Attempts to remove the cork will be met by severe fines or imprisonment.


A Hats,
Senior partner,
A, S and S Hats, attorneys at law.

Comment Re:What's our take away on this supposed to be? (Score 1) 86

What's our take away on this supposed to be?

(A) These evil scoundrels are cheating on the government tests

(B) The people who are designing the government tests epically suck at their jobs, should be fired, and have competent people hired in their places

I'm going to have to vote "B" here, folks.

C: Marketing people see any mandated metric as something to be gamed in order to get an edge over the competition. Marketers tell this to managers, managers order B to game the test.

Like fuel efficiency ratings on cars, I don't trust energy efficiency tests on consumer electronics to be accurate. I'm sure they're real, but were done under laboratory conditions which probably involved a lot of settings turned down.

Comment Re: Nobody knows yet (Score 1) 165

The UK can of course leave the EU and choose to allow free movement of people in exchange for access to the single market.

Assuming we don't have a general election where the major parties stand on a Breturn platform, that is the most likely scenario.

I find it ironic as this will stick in the craw of all the hardcore Brexiters, which will be entertaining.

Right now, both the UK and EU are lining up attack dogs to go at each others throats with the UK appointing known Brexiters to the exit strategy and the EU posting people who are known to be anti-British to be their opposite numbers. Good time to get out the popcorn. My greatest regret is that Nigel Farage isn't in the middle of it, in a battle of wits, Farage is as effective as a banana in a gunfight.

Comment Re:It can't come soon enough... (Score 1) 239

...to save me and my family from all the "excellent drivers" who are busy on their phones while speeding down the freeway. Some of them, no doubt, posting diatribes about Big Government taking away their right to maintain complete and perfect control over their vehicle's performance.

Why do you think that people wont have the option to manually control autonomous cars? Even more so, why do you think they'll be forced by regulation?

The insurance industry will oppose it, motoring enthusiasts will oppose it. Average people will oppose it because the autonomous car will not speed or cut people off.

Plus the govt wont want to miss all that lovely tax and fine revenue. Manually controlled cars will be with us for decades... or centuries to come..

Comment Apple's words, not ours. (Score 1) 201

Anything sounds absurd if worded the right way.

Are you that tragic a fanboy, direct from the patent applicaiton, so Apple's words, not mine:

1. A retail paper bag, comprising: a bag container formed of white paper with at least 60% post-consumer content.

US Patent application 20160264304

Here's a picture

Tell me that's not Apple patenting a paper bag and how the evil "Hateurs" are twisting it out of proportion.

Also your knowledge of history sucks.

Henry Ford builds a mechanical horse.

Henry Ford did not patent the automobile. That would be George B Selden and he held it hostage until Ford challenged him in court. Selden was a lot like Apple, making patents and threatening others with them to extort licensing fees. Probably not the first patent troll, but one of the pioneers in the field. Same as Ford didn't invent the car, but was instrumental in making the car what it is today (Ford's major contributions were in the manufacturing process, the Model T was actually a terrible car but it was affordable and easily built which was a first for cars).

Basically, your entire post is so horribly, horribly wrong.

Comment Re:what a load of shit (Score 2) 233

Plus, even more importantly the statement "Autonomous Vehicles Won't Give Us Any More Free Time" is patently wrong. Once the roads are filled with autonomous cars, even the miniscule percentage of people whose anxiety doesn't get blunted by the boredom of familiarity will still get more time back in their day as the sheer number of automated cars cause traffic flow to be more efficient.

That is exactly what will not happen, in fact for many people their daily commute will get slower as autonomous cars will follow all the laws (no sneaky 10 KPH over in light traffic).

I know discussing the realities of it is unpopular on ./ but I digress. There will be no autonomous superhighway of cars bumper to bumper doing 150 KPH because autonomous cars do not break the laws of physics. To go at 150 KPH you need to maintain the same distance to stop irrespective of if they are human driven or autonomous because the braking distance does not change. A 2 second gap MINIMUM is an absolute MINIMUM. Autonomous cars will be programmed to make larger ones. Also human brains react pretty damn fast, reaction times range from less than 0.5 seconds to 3 seconds. Above 3 seconds is DUI/ on the phone territory.

The myth that all the cars will brake together is just that, a myth. Again the laws of physics count against you here. I still regularly get 500 ms pings on my 4G connection (and in the UK, the 4G is pretty good compared to the US). Also there is processing time. An automatic traffic control system will have a dozen checks and balances in it to ensure mistakes aren't made, there will be dozens of SYN/ACK packets as every single car in the area of effect needs to know exactly what to do. Not to mention encryption overheads as you don't want just anyone giving orders to cars.

Processing needs to be onboard as well for error checking and times when the server is unavailable, too busy or the link is down. And it will need to concur with the instructions being given to it by the server. That is why the 150 KPH bumper to bumper highway is a myth. This will take time. Much like an Airbus, if all the computers don't agree completely, control will be thrown back to the pilot. In an autonomous car going bumper to bumper, they wont have time to react even if they're paying attention (which is unlikely).

Also why the idea autonomous cars will save time is a myth, many will actually spend more time on the road because they'll follow laws and rules and it will not ease congestion because of the laws of physics.

Comment Re:Are you for real? (Score 1) 424

The four comments on this story all blame the woman for her own stupidity? Are you guys for real? Yes I assume you are guys.

Yes and Yes.

Read the story, the woman made a sex tape and sent it to her ex to make him jealous. Thats where it all started two acts of supreme stupidity:
1. Making a sex tape. If she hadn't of recorded herself doing it then there's be nothing to see.

2. Sending it to her ex as an attack. If you do record yourself on the job, its best not to share it... doubly so with anyone you don't explicitly trust (as in with your life). This bit is triply stupid because she sent it to someone she didn't like and didn't like her deliberately.

You cant even blame the ex-boyfriend for sharing it that much either. This wasn't a tape they made together in a relationship, it wasn't something that was released accidentally, its something she made expressly to get back at him.

And as for blaming the internet, the internet is an inanimate object, an inanimate, non-anthropomorphic entity that contains a lot of porn. The internet does not feel jealousy, or rage, or remorse, or pity... it just delivers whatever a user requests.

So yes, the blame lies entirely on the woman who tried to get back at her ex. Its her fault for doing it and her fault it backfired.

But this is Italy. so there will be a court ruling that will be universally ignored until a politician is caught with his pants down... which should be in about 20 minutes (Silvio, is that you I hear in the background).

Comment Re: They're boring in a good way (Score 1) 248

No, it was wrong intelligence. Or else, why did UK, run by a Left wing government run by Tony Blair, back that? They could easily have told the US that Iraq had nothing, and that would have worked, but everybody's intelligence agencies seemed to suggest that Saddam had chemical and/or biological weapons

Labor under Blair only slightly more left wing as the Conservatives under Cameron. Both were very centrist and tend to follow the Third Way.

However Blair followed Bush for the same reason Howard, Australia's PM at the time followed Bush. They both had their tongues so far up Bush's arse that they became the lump in his throat.

You've got to be kidding yourselves to think that Blair and the UK Brass didn't know the intelligence was a complete fabrication. Much like the US military heads they thought that Iraq would be a pushover and the people would meekly accept a western occupation, the military would get a nice budget boost and politicians would get a nice boost in the polls.

Both Blair and Howard lost the next election after 2003, Iraq was no small part of the reasons they lost.

Comment Re:False Idol. (Score 1) 284

The problem in Christianity is because GOD is both loving and powerful,

Sounds like someone has only read the sanitised version of the KJV bible.

In older and unsanitised variants God is vengeful and violent, sometimes to the point of petulance.

This is my problem with organised religion, the Abrahamic religions in particular where the religious ideas are changed or interpreted to fit the desires of the leaders of the day. KJV means King James Version, a king rewrote the bible to suit him... and he wasn't the first or last. In fact we have large sects of Christianity divided on exactly what they think God is all about (Anglican, Catholic, Protestant) and still regularly fight over it.

It wasn't so long ago that the "loving and peaceful" Christians acted just like the hateful Islamic preachers that the Racists like to pretend are common. Some Christians still act like that (KKK, Lords Resistance Army, that "god hates fags" lot). Only recently have the majority of Christian changed to the belief that God is all loving and wants peace, like the majority of Islamic preachers preach... the ones racists like to ignore.

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