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Comment Re:Alarmism (Score 2) 95

All this is pointless hyperventilating by people who understand little about India.

This. People who have never travelled don't understand how these things work in places like India. Everything is corrupt. Everyone takes and makes payouts. No-one rocks the boat.

What has happened is that the movie moguls paid the politicians to make these laws. The politicians took the money and made the law. The law will never be enforced because it relies on the police.

The police also take bribes. So do the judges. Most crimes can be gotten out of with a nominal sum of money. This is why the charges will never be enforced, the worst case scenario is that they're used as a new way to collect bribe money for a little while. Actually enforcing the law is rocking the boat. This means it gets attention, people start asking questions, politicians who took the bribes will be looked at and whilst it's OK to take bribes it's never OK to admit it. The only people untouchable are those who made the bribes for the law... but that is solely due to the fact they have enough money to pay their way out of any trouble they might get in.

Comment Re:Actual Theft (Score 1) 95

It's probably less risky to steal an actual DVD at this point. Hell, target the guys at the market selling the bootlegs. They won't call the cops.

Actually they will.

You see the guy selling bootleg DVD's is paying Officer Sandeep in order to keep doing business, if Officer Sandeep cant protect the people he collects protection money from then all off a sudden the bootleg DVD vendor stops paying.

Comment Re:At least they'll announce it in public... (Score 1) 111

....these systems are probably already deployed in American train stations and airports, and they won't bother telling us about it. It'll take years just to get details about it through FOIA.

What you've got to remember is that those cameras are owned by private organisations (same as every nightclub, shopping centre, car dealer, so on and so forth) and not subject to FOIA for the most part. Also remember the mantra Private == Good, Government == Baaaad.

Comment Re: Increased automation will harm minorities (Score 1) 366

Van Halen famously wrote riders into all their contracts (theirs that word again, "contract") that said the brown M&M's were to be removed from the candy bowl before their shows.

Van Halen had a good reason for doing this. Concerts are set up in a matter of hours by contractors that are impossible to vet due to the sheer number of locations and short times between shows. So writing in instructions that seem like whimsy from a rock star demonstrates two things,
1. The venue has read the whole contract.
2. That the contractors can follow instructions.
This is important because you're trusting these venues and their staff to set up complex electrical and pyrotechnic systems. Also no band wants their fans to go home disappointed due to someone fucking up cabling to an amp.

And that is the kind of things unions are really useful for, monitoring and enforcing OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety). I'll be the first to admit that some unions go to excess, but most don't and do perform valuable services, not just to their members but also the company they're working for. Its no accident that unions tend to be popular amongst the more dangerous of jobs, construction, mariners and stevedores, so on and so forth because people can and do get hurt on the job. Unions do minimise this kind of thing, you might think of it as obstruction but in reality we don't just let people die in the street any more because they broke their wrist at work any more. This means that people who have work related injuries become a cost to society at large, that's why unions minimising work related injuries is a good thing.

Comment Re:The Expendables (Score 2) 366

I didn't exactly hear a lot of tears being shed by Uber drivers over the cab drivers being put out of work.


They supported a scummy company who didn't care about who they stepped on... now are surprised that they're being stepped on next and expect others to fee sympathy for them.

Nope, Uber drivers I'm fresh out of fucks to give. You made this bed, now you lie in it.

I remember reading about how Uber Fanboys would claim that Uber looked out for its drivers, paid fines for them, managed insurance, so on and so forth. This has all turned out to be complete bollocks. Uber capitalised on an irrational hate of a well regulated industry and now we're seeing why that industry had to be so well regulated.

BTW, rental isn't really the right word for how Uber treats its drivers, chattel is closer. Things to be used, then thrown away when no longer convenient or fashionable.

Comment Re:"Sharing" (Score 1) 133

You start going down that road, and quickly you can point out that most laws are interference to the free market. Does this mean there should be no laws against any corporation ever? Just because you don't see the particular point of a given law, it doesn't make them less important to enforce.

Next thing you'll expect him to admit is that other corporations interfere with the free market. Most of the reason we have regulations is because companies have regularly abused people and situations to lock out competitors.

However you'll never get a Libertarian to admit anything could possibly interfere with the all mighty free market even when evidence is staring them in the face.

Comment Re:Your console is the new PC (Score 1) 264

The reason I dare say most people buy a console for games is they know any game they buy for that console will just-simply-work (unless it's from EA). If you don't mind the upgrade / incompatibility issues, you're probably already bought a PC and play your games there. Why do we need to turn console gaming into yet another version of PC gaming exactly? (other than the obvious - because we want more money)

They've been trying to turn consoles in PC's since the PS2.

Right now, consoles get all the problems with PC games (bad code, release day patches, patches that break everything, hardware issues) without the benefits PC games (mods, expandable storage, mods good graphics, mods, KB and mouse, ability to run without the cloud, no monthly cloud service fees, multitude of vendors to choose from, $10 less for the game, mods oh and did I mention mods).

Microsoft is just taking the next logical step and actually making it a PC, but crappier.

That being said, it's never going to happen. Right now, before release is when a console manufacturer makes all kinds of grandiose statements about how great their consoles will be, they said the PS3 would last 10 years before replacement, the PS4 was out in 5. Every console has claimed to be a PC gaming killer, every console has failed (PC gaming is stronger than ever).

Personally I'm waiting for whatever Nintendo is bringing out. If I want a PC gaming experience, I have a gaming PC... For my consoles, I like them to be consoles.

Comment Re:Famous words... (Score 2) 264

IMO best combination is PC plus whatever Nintendo console is out at the time. Obviously Nintendo games are never going to come out on another platform, so you need that console for your Marios and your Zeldas etc. But most (maybe 75-80%) of games that come out for one or both of the other two consoles tend to come out on PC as well. So I think if you are restricting yourself to two devices total, PC+Nintendo casts the widest net in terms of 'having the most games available to me'.

Thats because Nintendo makes consoles that are trying to be consoles. Sony and Microsoft are trying to make consoles that are trying to be PC's. That's why Nintendo is doing well despite the Wii U being lacklustre.

Besides this, I still have a Wii, it's the machine that we play when I have non-gamer friends over. The games are pretty fun no matter what your skill level and no-one seems to care that my Wii is 8 years old now.

Comment Re:I'm unclear why this is considered 0 day (Score 1) 100

Why would anybody still be running 8.0 - 8.4 ??

The Cisco ASA, especially at the lower end is designed for small to medium businesses. A metric shitload of them will be using them as set and forget devices, only updating them when they have to. If they've never had an serious issue with them, they'd still be running older firmware March 2012 is not that log ago. It would have been installed later than that considering that stock in boxes wont have been updated in March 2012.

Sure most businesses would have updated, but dont kid yourself that no-one is running 4 year old firmware and is completely unaware of the problem with that.

Comment Re:$400 an year for traffic data? better have top (Score 1) 203

What I want is a system that beeps loudly before a traffic light goes green so that idiots will drop their phone before I have to beep them.

Then again, this is for an Audi, so it will be used to ensure that they can drive right up my chuff from the moment the light goes green.

Comment Re:What it will really mean (Score 1) 394

- Headphone port will no longer break if you yank the cord sideways.

Was this really an issue with Iphones?

I've owned all manner of Android phones, MP3 devices and Walkmans and never had this happen. I got my first CD Walkman in 1997 back in Australia... You meant to tell me an Iphone not but 15 years later than my CD Walkman is far more fragile?

In ever 3.5mm port I've ever owned, the headphone has been the first thing to break.

Comment Re:Autopilot is a glorified cruise control (Score 1) 277

I never heard about people being that stupid when cruise control was introduced into the mainstream. Autopilot, as it stands, is a smarter form of cruise control (it basically helps you maintain the speed without your foot on the pedal but it's a bit fancier than a fixed speed)

People did back in the day. You're probably too young to remember but people with their expensive Mercedes rear ending an old Ford in the 80's tried this excuse. Judges back then were harder to buy, so it resulted in Yuppies having their licenses take off them.

People are smart enough now to know that admitting that they were relying on lane assist is admitting they weren't paying attention and don't know how to drive. Much better to remain silent and hope that blame falls onto the other guy (usually doesn't). People are too lazy to drive, but will go to the ends of the earth to avoid liability.

Comment Re:They's right, probably (Score 1) 90

In most places 5G (in currently envisioned form) will not happen at all due to economics of it. Outside of Japan and such we simply do not have population density to justify putting a cell unit at every lamp post (because signal is short range and does not go through walls very well).

So maybe New York and such, but that's probably it...

You're still thinking that xG is a measurement of technology. It hasn't been that way for years.

What they mean when they say 5G is that the as of the date of the marketing release, their network will be called 5G.

Comment Re: Very Basic Income (Score 1) 618

Because road wear is a function of the fourth power of the weight, the fees should be:

A 540-pound motorcycle pays $0.0013/mile
A 3,470-pound SUV pays $0.347/mile
An 80,000 pound semi trailer pays $4,252/mile

There are two problems with your system, which is why It's never been implemented.

1. The minute you tax by the mile people will all start faking their mileage. Its easy to roll back the odometer and hard to enforce on a large scale.

2. Everything we buy is delivered by a lorry. If we taxed lorries even more then we will have to pay much higher prices at the till for everything.

The closest thing to the system you describe are fuel taxes. A person who travels more will buy more fuel, also heavier cars will use more fuel. This system also has the benefit of being easily implemented and enforced.

Comment Re:I believe it (Score 1) 618

People against this idea who say "I'm a small government conservative and I don't believe in giving people free stuff" miss the point entirely; this saves money and reduces the size of government in turn. Anyone who has moral problem with saving money by helping people is likely an Ayn Rand fan or an asshole, but probably both;)

People who say "I'm a small government conservative and I don't believe in giving people free stuff" really mean to say "I'm a greedy motherfucker who wants all the benefits of modern society whilst getting away with not paying for as much of it as possible".

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