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Comment Re:Hard to fathom they would actually build cars (Score 2) 133

Apple will biuld cars in the same way they build phones. They buy complete components from someone else, have them bolted together by cheap labour, encase them in an body kit and then charge an arm and a leg for the "Transport Experience".

In reality this means you get the engine from a Nissan Leaf, the suspension from a Citroen C1, the chassis form a Chevorlet Cruze, the dash and cluster from a Tata Nano and the battery from a Halfords bargain bin wrapped an expensive plastic shell to be sold to you by a hipster who knows nothing about cars and spends the entire time looking down on you for daring to pretend you're as exclusive as they are.

You'll also need a proprietary charger and to change the battery you'll have to remove the drive train.

Comment Re:A new feed for the NSA (Score 1) 27

As ashamed as I am to admit it, the author sounds Australian.

Probably a bogan (En_UK: Chav, En_US: Trailer trash) who proclaims to hate foreigners and "Effnicks" but jets off to Bali twice a year in his singlet (wife beater) for a Bintang fuelled display of douchebaggery. Apparently this makes him "well travelled".

Disclosure: I'm a skip living in pommyland, both nations have pluses and minuses to living and working there..

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 2) 524

Micro USB jacks wear out even more quickly. I wonder what the new connectors will be like. Everything is getting shittier.

This is a feature, not a bug.

Apple, et al. are starting to require new ways to make people "need" a new phone every year. Sales are flattening because the smartphone craze is over, everyone who wants one has one. Beyond this software and hardware releases are becoming more steady and aren't the huge leaps they were in previous years. So making the hardware crappier and adding in features that can force obsolescence is now the preferred way of generating sales.

Comment Re:I believe you've already found tge problem. (Score 1) 524

You are apparently unaware that, to date, the only phones which have shipped without headphone jacks are Android phones...

Actually, they're motorola and ZTE.

Android isn't sold by a company, it's a platform. If you want an Android phone with a headphone jack, you've got plenty to chose from including options from Motorola and ZTE.

Comment Re:Poor Arguements (Score 1) 524

While I'm not thrilled at seeing the headphone jack disapear the author's reasons for keeping it apply to maybe .001 of the population. How many people really have a reason to carry both an iphone and a droid on them? Using my headphones on some one else's phone? How often does THAT come up for a normal person?

Speaking of poor arguments, yours is a shining example.

A standardised 3.5 mm headphone port means that the 1 pair of headphones I own works in every single audio device I own from my laptop, to my phone and tablet to my guitar amplifier. I don't have to carry adaptors nor have a specially authorised (read: overpriced) DCMA compliant pair of headphones for each device.

That is the perspective of a normal person.

Comment Re:Paradox (Score 1) 188

I revile hatred and bigotry. Yet I love the internet.

How can these both be true? Oh internet, you are a sweet sweet mystery.

Its called being irreverent.

For the most part the internet is very irreverent, even if the people who post the name "McGoebbels" are serious (and seriously messed up in the head) the internet refuses to take them seriously. Their act of hate and bigotry becomes an act to laugh at, rather than to revile.

I regularly call my brother in law a cunt. Usually being called that is pretty offensive but we both know we're not being serious about the entire thing. Whether something is humorous or bigoted depends on the intention as well as the forum it is being used in. Lets face it, if talking about racism wasn't able to be funny, stand up comedy would be decimated.

Comment Re:Gut flora (Score 3, Informative) 255

The debate [wikipedia.org] about the health benefits of raw vs pasteurized milk has not yet yielded much in the way of firm conclusions.

Actually the debate has some very firm conclusions with several deaths (mostly child deaths) directly linked to drinking raw milk. There was one in January here in the UK and in December 2014, one deaths and 4 serious injuries were caused by children consuming raw milk in Australia.

The debate is out about homogenisation, but the debate over pasteurisation is very clear cut. The problem is, like many times where science is very clear there are a few vocal nutters who refuse to give up their beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence. Personally I dont mind letting adult nutters have their dangerous milk, my problem is when they try to force their bad life choices onto others, especially kids who couldn't know any better.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 146

Call a "switchboard operator"? "patched through" to your desk? What is this, 1946? The mid/highclass hookers aren't asking their customers for identification. Who writes this garbage?

Thats a fancy way of saying receptionist.

No high level exec of a fortune 500 company has a direct line in. There will be at least one human you'll have to get past to speak to the vice director of what ever, let alone a CxO.

That is just one of the cues that tell you this article is bullshit.

Comment Re:VCR didn't compete against DVD (Score 2) 131

VCRs haven't competed against DVDs for a long time. If you buy a movie, it has come on DVD (or blue-ray) for over a decade. The reason people buy VCRs now is to record shows off the TV to watch them later. That's not easy to do on a DVD player. So as DVRs have become more popular, they've replaced the final uses for VCR.

We've had DVR's for that for a long time now. The VCR is used almost elusively by the security industry because some laggards haven't updated to digital storage. There are a few VCR enthusiasts out there, same as there is for everything but they're very few in number and certainly not enough to sustain a single manufacturing plant.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 450

Even more so in countries like Australia where our library is less than half the size of the US one. By blocking my access to other netflix regions, they're well on their way to losing another customer. I know it's the rights holders that are the issue, but the only language they understand is money.

What do you mean by "on their way".

I dumped Netflix the moment they blocked access to US content. My biggest regret is that I cant tell them why directly.

Comment Re: So... rather than not doing what pisses them o (Score 2) 72

OK, the OP is wrong, American cars are not a bit shit... they're completely shit. The US is a place who thinks getting 270KW out of a 6.2L V8 is good. Europe (and Japan) can get that out of a 2L turbo these days.

We can also leave a car meet without ploughing into the crowd.

Also as a JDM fanboy, I have to say that Japan no longer makes the worlds best cars, hasn't done since the early 00's. Long gone are the days of budget super and sports cars rivalling their European counterparts for half the price. The Asian Fianancial Crisis and emissions regulations killed that and made all Japanese car companies ultra-conservative. The MKIV Supra by Toyota was compared with the Ferrari's of it's day, gone now. Same with the Honda NSX. The Honda S2000 is still considered the best in class roadster despite being killed off in 2009.

Same story with the Integras, Skylines, Sivlias, even the Z cars are watered down now.

If you want performance these days, Europe is killing everyone else at the moment. Japan doesn't seem to mind as they're making good money on whitegoods.

Also remember that European cars are very popular in the US. How often do you see a BMW X5, Audi Q7 or the latest Rangie?

Comment Re:I hate it when companies decide what's good for (Score 1) 284

This is 'Murica remember.

Violence and gore are pure, natural and healthy parts of 'Merican life like Apple Pie and invading third world nations for their natural resources.

Nudity and Sex on the other hand are vile, despicable things that are as un'Murican as concern for your fellow man or corporations paying taxes.

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