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Comment I learnt touch typing late in the game (Score 1) 425

I was in the same boat and made multiple attempts to learn to type the "right way". My last, and successful, attempt involved this software (although any decent alternative would work) and lots of discipline. I made sure I spent at least an hour everyday learning and doing the drills, and then resisted the urge to go back to my old way of typing while not doing the drills. Now I'm doing great in life and gained an extra inch.

Comment Re:FUD (Score 1) 307

The post you quoted wasn't one of mine. I'll assume you meant to quote the post you replied to.

Many attempts? All you're citing is two angry posts on a blog I've never heard of.

The speakup driver in the Linux kernel is required to use the speech-synthesis devices. SunOS doesn't work with them.

And there's no reason it should. Not if you're only using it as a server. You were talking about watching the BIOS and OS startup messages over a serial port. If you're doing that, what good does speech synthesis support in the server OS do you? The place you need speech synthesis is in the terminal software you're using to monitor the serial port.

Comment FAIL! (Score 1, Insightful) 258

This could have been the best game ever created. I absolutely hate it but I still play it. They should have taken the best of both worlds. Given inexperienced players the matchmaking system, and give veteran players dedicated servers. Infinity Ward sucks my ________! This game could have been the most popular of all time!

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