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Comment Re:sunset mode (Score 2) 118

Well it will be nice to not have to install Redshift for my GNOME users, but since most of my Linux users do not use GNOME as their desktop environment this isn't going to affect me much.

A useful feature for GNOME users though, but hardly worth top billing in the feature list.

Comment Re:Wrong reasoning (Score 3, Insightful) 264

The flaw in the logic is that "rarely use" is not the same as "would be fine if it didn't exist". The reasons for removing the feature look bogus to me in that they seem to satisfy an aesthetic quality that the developers want rather than provide any benefit to the users of the browser.

Comment Can it resize clips yet? (Score 1) 102

Does Audacity have the concept of clips like other sound editors and nonlinear video editors?

The last time I tried to use it, it seemed to treat each track as a single waveform, so if I trimmed a bit off a track I couldn't just drag to grow a bit of it back. This made simple tasks like synchronizing multiple tracks extremely difficult.

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