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Comment Re:Hey look the flow rate is a little high. (Score 1) 173

Before you go for my throat, I was simply proposing a way to put the kabash on low-latency stock trading. I don't actually have a strong aversion to it, and though I'm pretty ignorant about the whole thing tend to agree with you. But if stopping the low-latency guys is your goal, it's pretty straightforward.

Comment Re:Hey look the flow rate is a little high. (Score 1) 173

How will you decide on order priority within the one-second batches?

I wouldn't do it - people who do this sort of thing for a living would. If I'm just spitballing and you won't make fun of my naivety I could try to come up with some solutions. I'm not sure why FIFO wouldn't work just fine - simply fill the buffer until the next transaction window fires. It's the same system that is in place now, with larger quantum steps.

Comment Re:Different people, different rules (again) (Score 1) 1027

Right, and have you seen anyone preventing those potential customers from creating their own bakeries, or going to one that's willing to do the job. The bakery isn't trying to force anyone into supporting their beliefs, so why are you trying to force them to support yours.

As for Twitter, I personally support their right to boot anyone they damn well please...just like the bakery should have been allowed. Either way, we shouldn't have a double standard.

Comment Re:If??!?!?!! Really, now Twitter?!?!?! (Score 1) 1027

So, here's the problem. Free speech means free speech as long as it's not assault, inciting a riot, etc. But, "hate speech" is still free speech, and should be treated as such...Westburo Baptist Church and KKK included (as much as I despise those pricks). We don't live under European style speech rules...that seems to be what many of the politically correct types keep getting wrong. There's also no constitutional right to not be offended, and there is one allowing someone to offend you. If you can't handle that, you may need to go find a safe space.

And no, I didn't vote for Trump.

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