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The Internet

Submission + - Comcast, net neutrality advocates clash (

milsoRgen writes: "A civil but tense tone prevailed at today's Federal Communications Commission's hearing on how to address concerns that Comcast and other ISPs degrade P2P traffic. Comcast executive vice president David L. Cohen was the star of the show, and he knew it. "It's a pleasure to be here as a participant and hopefully not the main course for your meal," Cohen told all five Commissioners and a lively audience during the event's first panel discussion, held at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Game Scoring Site Wields Industry Clout (

milsoRgen writes: "John Riccitiello, head of Electronic Arts, is showing a chart to Wall Street analysts and he is not happy. This chart, Riccitiello grouses, shows the one metric that has most frustrated him since he took over the world's largest video game publisher nearly a year ago. It doesn't show the company's falling operating profit or sliding market share. Instead, it shows the average score for EA's video games on, a Web site that distills a pool of reviews for a given game down to a single number."

Submission + - Researchers crack FileVault, BitLocker with canned (

milsoRgen writes: "One of the adages of computing is that no hardware is safe when someone has physical access to the machine. In an age of booming laptop sales, people haven't found that reassuring and have frequently turned to disk encryption in an effort to protect their personal data. A new paper (PDF) by a group of Princeton computer scientists suggests that disk encryption is vulnerable to a hack that will be hard to correct for: data about the encryption can be extracted from the machine's RAM."

Submission + - Microsoft Pledges To Open Up Some Software (

milsoRgen writes: "Hoping to appease antitrust regulators in the European Union, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) on Thursday said it would work to make its software products more interoperable with those of its competitors. Microsoft MSFT executives promised to support standards and work more closely with the industry, including proponents of free, "open-source" software."
The Internet

Submission + - 2 Girls 1 Credit Card? (

milsoRgen writes: "It would appear the venerable 2girls1cup site is no longer up, now it has become a regular pay-for-access site. Apparently no one thought to make mirrors of the original content, as repeated web and torrent searches reveal nothing. Nor has the Way Back Machine at seen fit to archive such valuable data. No more grossing out your friends. Or grandmother..."

Submission + - Turkey Seeks to Lift Ban On Women's Head Scarves ( 1

milsoRgen writes: "The New York Times is running an article on the amendment to the Turkish constitution that has passed Turkish Parliament, which will allow observant women to wear head scarves in public universities. It is being pitched as a win for personal freedom, but many worry it could be the beginning to enforced Islamic law."

Submission + - Namco blames Wii for arcade closures ( 2

milsoRgen writes: "Engadget is running a story, "Namco Bandai is shuttering between 50 and 60 arcades in Japan, and it's laying the blame squarely on Nintendo's shoulders. "A lot of the types of games that people played at an arcade can now be done at home," said company spokesman Yuji Machida. Namco figures that Japanese kids are saving up their pocket money to buy the latest and greatest Wii game or accessory, which is clearly unacceptable. Sega Sammy also has plans to close about 100 of its arcades, but there's no word of finger pointing from that camp. While we're certain the Wii's popularity has a little something to do with it, perhaps Japanese gamers are just beginning to learn something their American counterparts got down years ago: why leave the couch? Ever?""

Submission + - Nearing The Boundries Of Perpetual Motion (

milsoRgen writes: "The Toronto Star is running a story of an unlikely inventor who has created an unlikely machine,
"Thane Heins is nervous and hopeful. It's Jan. 24, a Thursday afternoon, and in four days the Ottawa-area native will travel to Boston where he'll demonstrate an invention that appears — though he doesn't dare say it — to operate as a perpetual motion machine. The audience, esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Markus Zahn, could either deflate Heins' heretical claims or add momentum to a 20-year obsession that has broken up his marriage and lost him custody of his two young daughters.""

The Internet

Submission + - Wikipedia Ruled By Lord Of The Universe (

milsoRgen writes: "The Register is reporting, one of Wikipedia's top 3 contributers, Jossi Fresco. Is quietly suppressing negative views regarding Prem Rawat by editing views disagreeable to the ex-guru. Prem Rawat is consider by many to the leader of a cult, and it has been established Jossi has close ties to him. The most interesting part is that Jossi Fresco is also the one in charge of the Conflicts of Interest Notice Board."

Submission + - GLONASS v2.0

milsoRgen writes: "The New York Times reports that Russia's space agency is preparing to launch a constellation of eight satellites that will nearly complete a system designed to compete directly with the existing global positioning system technology of the United States.
It shall be interesting to see what the world considers the lesser of two evils."

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