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Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 1) 391

The proof is the fact that the information exists.

There you go, there is the proof despite what the surveillance acts say about limiting the gathering of information about Americans, the Obama people ran around making sure it was in as many places as possible! They may have had good reasons, but the law is still the law!

Comment Re:No, it's the hour in the middle you can skip (Score 4, Insightful) 347

Did not watch myself. No need the concept is stupid on its face. Either super wild liberties would have to be taken with cannon, at which point its not the same story any more an using the existing character names and treating their elements as a grab bag is just lazy writing or Batman was going to have to use some device based on Kryptonite to be competitive with the S. Super boring and super predictable just like all DC's shitty Justice League stuff.

It all gets a pass because Batman comics were inventive and cool, Superman comics told a story the public needed to hear at a certain time and will always be loved.

Puting the two together though is just silly. Superman is for all intents and purposes a god. While not wholly omnipotent, he is so far above man that he can freely toss our greatest war machines around like children's toys and even slow the spin of earth altering time. Batman simply isn't in his league. Additionally Superman's original character was almost Christ like in his unfailing sense of justice and strength of character regarding doing the right thing. The Superman of the early comics would never have agreed to even associate with the Bat, so okay we have some conflict but we know who should prevail; Batman is going to have to come around to the S in terms of how they resolve any external conflict.

There just isn't any story there. The only reason those comics get read and the only reason that movie got watched all is the audience is hopelessly uncritical. They love the characters so much they will watch or read anything with them no matter how strained the story surrounding them is. Personally I love both Batman and Superman to much to allow these dumb mashups to ruin them both for me.

Comment Re:then go somewhere else (Score 1) 466

At the end of the day these companies facilitate the connection between a producer and consume and then take a cut ( albeit a large one ) for the connection. I just don't see how these companies owe more than the contract specifies.

They don't or at least I agree with you I can't think of a reason they owe more. Our elected leaders figure in though because my larger point is there are structural issues in our economy. An economy that their polices shape which create a level of desperation among a sufficiently substantial part of the work force that people will supply labor to the 'gig economy' companies at 'real' rates that in seem well below what people would have accepted in recent history.

Low relative compensation for labor is creating greater wealth separation between the capital owner class and laboring classes. I don't know anyone who really thinks that is positive trend. Even the most ardent anarcho-capitalists would probably characterize that as a simply fact without placing a value judgement on it. I for one don't think an expanding wealth gap is good for society writ large. I don't think the answer is socialism either. I think the more government you just trade community for bureaucracy. Bureaucracy does not scale in the end, and it does not for a full and fulfilling life make, its absolutist nature (these are rules and you're going to follow them) tend to be anti-freedom and progressively more so as it expands into other areas of life. I would like to see us persue a populist communiterian solution but that does imply some government.

It implies capital controls - you can't send big piles of money abroad, but you can spend freely domestically. You can't hire foreign labor and if you want to import good that have a large foreign laybor component well there are going to have to be tariffs, tariffs high enough that you will decide to make things domestically instead. In other words the tariffs are not designed to increase tax revenues for government re-distribution, they are designed to restrict trade by being high enough few would choose the pay them, but still allow goods and services into the country that cannot be sourced locally at least not in the short term.

It requires tight restrictions on immigration, because communities will need to absorb and integrate new members. A solution like a large immigration tax would probably be in order. Want to stay in the US more than few weeks $50K! Want to be on the citizenship/green card tack $80K!

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 1) 391

Come on unless you are going to nity gritty about the meaning of wiretap, that Trumps point is absolutely valid. His rights absolutely were violated!

When surveying foreign citizens, listening is supposed to be limited once an American comes on the line. Intelligence officials and LEOs are not supposed to report names of Americans or widely distribute information about the Americans.

Yes Obama admin people admitted they deliberately widely spread information about Trump's supposed Russia ties to ensure they could not be buried! How fucking noble of them, ask just about any law breaker anywhere ever and they'll have a justification of some kind for you! How did they spread all this information unless the deliberately de-annonomized the Americans on the lines of the Russian nationals they were supposedly surveying for other reasons. How did the press get it? Was it a conspiracy perhaps not; more likely some combination of a lot of individual intelligence people were just sloppy or those who individually decided to break the law and pass information around they had no business passing. Does not matter, it amounts to "police misconduct," none of that information should be consider usable in any "due process" against Trump, and the people who participated should be FIRED promptly for violating the rights of citizens, the fact those citizens were on Trump's campaign team is irrelevant.

I think Clinton is A WORLD of a difference between her and Trump.

No not really HRC has taken just about every position on everything if you follow her statements back to the 08 election! She is a blowhard just like Trump is, just a little more well spoken.

China would be in a much better relationship with us after Trump made his mistakes

China is an EVIL repressive regime that still at least as recently as 2013 drags women against their will to hospitals and focibly kills viable babies in their womb because the mother is unmarried. It has a terrible human rights record. Its a national embarrassment that we ALLOW China to invest in the US. Its am embarrassment we allow companies to do business and import products from there! Its am embarrassment we have a one China policy that recognizes anything other than Taipei as its capital! Seriously anyone who works with the PRC or acts as an apologist for it is human garbage! My BIGGEST regret about my Trump vote so far is he has not been tough enough on China!

and we would get a pro choice supreme court justice

Yes that's what is important getting agenda driven ideologue on the court who will uphold Roe despite it having basically no solid legal reasoning behind it. We would not want to put someone on the Court who actually cares about the integrity of the law and the Constitution because gasp, its not clear how such a person might rule on abortion legislation.

an no Russia affairs

WHAAT seriously her campaign managers brother was/is a Russian affliated banker, Hillary did all sorts of question deals with Russia while Sec State. Selling Uranium stocks? to our former major nuclear rival that according to the left we are all supposed to be afraid of? No Russia ties, your kiddin.

and weird signals we send to around the world weakening the credibility of the White House and American interests.

In your Opinion and the similarly unqualified opinions of MSM journos, not based on any facts or international events that have taken place since Trump took office.

Not a saint but shoot I would take her right now.

Not a saint but very possibly Satan! (I kid I kid). but seriously that position is just stupid Hillary had zero redeeming qualities as a candidate. She was literally the most terrible candidate the DNC could have found! She is a corporate whore that makes Trump seem principled by comparison (and that ain't easy)!

Comment And now maybe we'll know why ... (Score 5, Interesting) 108

And now maybee we'll know why it's been so hard for Open Source developers to get information on writing their own against-the-metal drivers for telephony radios and startup modules (BIOS, EFI/UEFI, etc.)

It has long been suspected that was not just proprietary info-walling, but to reduce chances of discovery of backdoors and persistent threats imposed in the name of spying.

Comment Re:The American obsession with self-reliance (Score 5, Interesting) 466

Americans have to get over their fear of socialism and accept that, all other things being equal, a community that works together is stronger and more prosperous than one that does not.

You are both right and totally wrong at the same time. Socialism isn't about community its about the state as a stand in for community! Yes we need to accept that in the modern world very men can be islands. Bureaucracy isn't the answer though, it does not scale. Just sit an watch Argentina, Greece, and for that matter the whole Western Europe as it faces mass immigration! That is the future socialism results in.

What we need is actually a form of isolationism. We need force the capital class to have some ties to place and their community again. We can't let them just be world tourists! If you make it harder or impossible for them to import labor from elsewhere, make it hard for them to take their capital over national boarders, etc. They will be forced to invest in their local community to secure their own feature. Right now its "I need H1Bs because there are to few qualified Americans" It needs change to "I need to build a science center in $city and donate heavily to the local schools so my business will have pool of qualified people to hire in the future." That is what community is about and that is the relationship between capital and community we need to create.

Comment Re:then go somewhere else (Score 5, Insightful) 466

The gig economy is just gigs for some cash not full time employment.

I frankly don't buy it! There are small groups of people who are interested in that sort of thing. Teenagers who still are largely fed/clothed/housed by their parents, perhaps a stay at home parent needing something to do while the kids are at school, retirees who don't perhaps have savings for entertainment and actually want light work as a diversion. Maybe some trust fund babies that want to make a few bucks without rules attached. I am sure there are others. I am also sure this isn't a large enough labor pool to meet the demand in terms of scale companies like Lyft, Uber, fiverr, Amazon (turk) etc in vision.

The rest of the labor force isn't taking gigs because they want to! They are taking gigs because they are trying to meet needs or at least perceived needs. Most sensible after working a 40-60 hour week want to use their remaining time, to enjoy the home they secured, eat a nice meal, watch a movie, watch the world go by, read a book, talk to family, see friends, etc. Some people who are self employed might be self motivated to work 9 hours + and that might make sense if they are doing it so they can 'get a head' and eventually not have to work so hard etc. Its also different in that they are working for something that is their own, in the same way some of us would work DIY remodeling our own home etc.

Really do think that Uber driver would not be somewhere else if they did not feel like they really needed the money at least on some level? They are doing it out of some kind of insecurity, tangible or emotional. Don't tell me some people just like driving either, I love driving. I take my Sunday drives on the Blue Ridge Parkway either by myself or with my wife. I don't play taxi driver for randos downtown. I don't believe anyone else would either if they were 'entirely free' to decide.

There is some external pressure and its almost certainly in the form under employment, unemployment, under paid and without negotiating leverage, trade competition and similar. The capital owner element of the gig economy is keenly aware of this, its the reason they have a labor pool to hire. I am not saying its exploitative, people should be free to make whatever contract, work whatever job they wish. I just don't have any illusion that this is a bunch of people out there looking to make a little mad money. There are major structural factors at work here and the market is simply responding. I am also of the belief that its response isn't unaffected by governmental policy. They people we voted for are doing this to us.

They have been doing it to us since the 60's. People are getting fed up. Trump is just the tip of the ice burg (hopefully)! The capital class that owns the media and dominates politics are reacting virulently to his populist message and that tells me they are frightened it could endure beyond his presidency. Perhaps someone a little more politically savy will be able to take the Trump ball and run with it.

Submission + - SPAM: Quicken Bill Pay is No Longer Safe to Use 1

Bruce Perens writes: I don't usually make security calls, but when a company makes egregious and really clueless security mistakes, it's often the case that the only way to attract their attention and get the issue fixed is to publicize it. This one is with Quicken Bill Pay, a product of Metavante (not Intuit). It's from personal observation rather than an expert witness case, and the company has been unresponsive through their customer support channel.
Link to Original Source

Comment Abandoning Time-Worn Processes Leads to Atrophy (Score 5, Insightful) 158

Scientists determined that those people who made use of machine washing rather than hand washing had diminished hand strength and neurological motor communication necessary for fine motor control. Seamstresses who bought thread rather than using the spinning jenny were similarly impaired. But worst off were teamsters who used the internal combustion trucks rather than teams of horses and used forklifts and other mechanical devices rather than loading their vehicles by hand. Their overall body strength was much reduced.

Comment Pity, since I can't accept the EULA (Score 1) 144

Google's Chrome browser, on the other hand, remained unhackable during the contest.

Unfortunately for me, I can't accept Chrome's EULA.

It incorporates Adobe's, which (if I recall correctly from my AT&T Android-based smartphone) has several clauses I can't abide - including a never-compete, don't block updates, don't work on circumvention tools, we can change the license without notice, ...

I don't intend to do anything that might come back to limit my future software work or employability. Clicking through such a license (even if every bit of it is struck down by the courts - which I'm not holding my breath expecting), especially on a device that "phones home" in a way that is easily identified with my true name, is an invitation for an all-versus-one gladiatorial match with two multibillion-dollar corporations' legal departments.

Comment GitHub is in California (Score 1) 75

I struggle a bit to understand why this isn't a bigger issue. ... I wonder why some politician hasn't attempted to differentiate themselves by even mentioning the stifling effect on innovation [company-owns-all-your-inventions] policies impose.

Because it's already been adressed, long ago.

GitHub is in San Francisco, which is in California and governed by California labor law.

California labor law says that (paraphrasing from memory):
  - As a compelling state interest
  - overriding anything in the employee agreement
  - if an employee invents something
  - while not on company time or using company resources
  - and that invention is not in the company's current or immediately foreseeable business
  - then the invention belongs to the employee
  - (and the employment agreement must include a copy of this information as an appendix.)

(IMHO that law is THE reason for the explosive growth and innovation in Silicon Valley and why other states have been unable to clone it. Invent something that your current company won't use, get together with a couple friends, maybe get some "angel funding", rent the office across the street, and go into business with your new shiny thing. So companies bud off new companies like yeast. And innovators collect where they can become the inventor, the "couple of friends", or the early hires, creating a pool of the necessary talent to convert inventions into companies when they happen.)

What GitHub has apparently done is say to the employees:
"For the purposes of us claiming your IP, your lunch time and breaks are your time, even on company property, and your use of our computers and disk storage for things like compiles, storing code, and web research in aid of your project, does not count as 'using company resources'."

In other states, and other companies even within CA, that might be a big deal. For a company in CA, whose whole business model is providing archives for other people's software projects - and giving it away free to small groups, while charging large groups (or small groups that grow into large groups), it's not a big deal, and right IN their business model.

Comment Re: Thanks Hillary! (Score 0) 109

he's delivering exactly nothing

Because activist judges, traitorous bureaucrats and a complicit media are teaming up to interfere.

Trump really needs to get Jacksonian. He needs to tell the courts fuck you and the horse you rode in on if you can't do your fucking jobs and rule on the letter of the law and its execution, make all the rulings you like they will not be enforced or obeyed. Judges are not entitled to speculate about secret agendas behind laws and executive actions, they get to rule on the content of the law itself being constitutional and if enforcement and/or execution complies with that content.

Trump needs to deal with these leakers and insubordinates. If I were at this point I would go ahead and create a outright culture of fear and terror among the civil servant class. There is just no other option. I'd start offering rewards for information leading to leakers and insubordinates, an if you see something say something campaign. Even the unions can't stop firings for cause, I would make these as public as possible, so as to damage their future job prospects. Hopefully eventually the stress of knowing they will found and fired with prejudice sooner or later will drive the people who are not on board to quit on their own. Those that can't or won't toe the line would want to quit before their careers are harmed.

Comment Re:checked luggage only? (Score 1) 109

Explosive small enough to conceal inside a laptop case might not be able to do much damage to the plane if surrounded by a bunch of luggage to absorb the engergy. They might for example require the suicide attacker to place them against a vulnerable part of the aircraft like a window.

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