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Comment Re:From a security perspective... (Score 1) 924

*For a concrete example, all of your scripts that automatically ssh into a server, start a process with screen, and log out, now break. To name just one thing that I have done on numerous occasions.

Hey, if i understand the way logind works, if you login as root and run the process under screen, it won't kill the process when you logout!

An easy work-around that doesn't require configuration file changes!

Sure *some people* will complain that it's a risk, but hey, it gets you moving forward again and you can close that ticket.

Comment Oh, they re-invented Test Driven Development. (Score 3, Insightful) 216

>It has also, he said, forced engineers to develop tools to automate the kinds of checks previously handled by teams of humans. An engineer might go through an arduous process of checking code once—but then would start building tools to automate that process.

I suspect they're too dumb to realize this and just tell everyone, "We're saving money and delivering better code using TDD"

Comment Re:This is good (Score 5, Insightful) 398

The point of the cameras was revenue, not traffic safety. They've failed at their intended goal, and I don't see evidence for attributing it to traffic safety. The only person who benefited is the vendor.

And that's before the court challenges. Doesn't "Due Process" ensure that the accused can say, "That's faked, Photoshop. The network and servers are hacked, and PROVE THEY ARE SECURE."

Ever seen a municipal vendor who could certify under penalty of perjury complete compliance with all applicable law, regulation and policy?

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