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Comment Re:3D TV is dead? (Score 1) 397

No-one's apologizing to anyone. There's just a disagreement about 3d. Presumably they still like it - whether you're a moron or not. I don't give a shit about tv - i don't watch very much 2d tv - but i'm sure some of the problems of 3d aren't just that it's 3d, but that you generally have to wear glasses (i've only seen awful glasses-less 3d tv); sometimes expensive ones; you'll likely not have enough for more than a couple of people to watch at once; the brightness is affected, or the frame rate etc. Given 3d was largely a way of selling tvs/more expensive tickets in cinemas, who's to say there won't be either a tech breakthrough in the future or that marketing people believe there's money in it and we'll relive these fascinating little discussions all over again.

Comment Re:Follow the leader... (Score 1) 183

Pixels are overpriced, given what you get. (Yeah yeah, the only price is what people are prepared to pay for it!) It's just a variant of a HTC phone. You can get a perfectly good last-seasons-flagship like the xperia z3 or whatever for a quarter the price of the Pixel and you get waterproofing, an sd card etc. Did google provide a software fix for the hardware lens "halo" problem yet? lol! I was so looking forward to the next Nexus then the £820 pixel came out and I thought I was watching an Apple product launch. It's a good thing there's no progress in phone hardware these days otherwise I'd feel tempted to get one. Even software - Nougat - doesn't offer anything compelling over marshmallow. Perhaps I'll hang on for this autumn's releases, or next autumn's.

Comment Re:Linux Distribution? (Score 1) 28

I tried OpenElec, or LibreElec, or something, on my Pi3. It was ok but the sd card is then read only so it's impossible to use it to do anything else at the same time. You're better off just installing Raspbian and kodi. I imagine the theory is "it just does one thing properly" but i've noticed no problems.

Comment Re: A game that would be hard to make today (Score 1) 66

"players are asking what her role in the story and what her motivation even was."

This ruined Pacman for me. I've been playing games for 35 years and I just don't get how games like Pacman and Donkey Kong, Tetris, Tekken etc got so popular. They have superficial unrealistic back stories and it's hard to take seriously the premise for the game. Don't developers know how important these aspects of game design are?

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