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Comment Oh no! (Score 2) 487

Someone is wrong on the internet! And now all those random anonymous people who post on IMDB mean I'll never watch another movie again!

If IMDB was so important to the success of a movie wouldn't there be evidence of every major hollywood movie being hyped there by millions of paid shills?

Comment Re:"We" are forcing quality down ... (Score 1) 66

Poor(er) people think that way. If you're rich, you have the luxury of getting what you want, and not having to have the cheaper stuff; of not having to choose between a good product or a good holiday/eating out more/clothing and feeding your kids. Poorer people don't have that choice. And it's not as if the elite/rich people are doing all they can to lift poor people out of poverty. I'd not blame "consumers" for trying to stretch their money as far as possible.

Comment Re:Yes, let's build a walled garden (Score 1) 55

Yeah, sometimes you don't want to have to google apt-get, apt, dpkg etc. Sometimes you just want to install a fucking piece of software. That is, copy files from the download folder into some other folder so you can run them. I have no idea why handling dependencies is such a pain in the ass that involves needing to understand several tools. Sometimes the best answer to "it's always been that way" is "well, do it a newer, better way then".

Comment Re:Why do you believe that? (Score 2) 456

Exactly. Nobody gives a shit about security, because nobody believes anyone's interested in their idle chit chat, and people are perfectly comfortable with the police (or whoever) trawling digital data to solve crime. Most people use facebook because other people use it. Even google couldn't get people to use google+ (which showed that "better" doesn't trump "everything else is using facebook". Firewalls etc aren't important because people use their phones/tablets to chat, typically over 4g. Fault tolerant? Facebook's usually up (to the point that it's news if it's down for more than a minute) and chitchat can wait.

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