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Comment Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1307

Countries don't get to reduce their deficit from 7.x to 3.x % of GDP overnight without someone noticing there's something odd going on. For instance, a Dutch member of congress asked questions about this in the Dutch congress when the Euro membership of Greece was being debated but was completely ignored. Fritz Bolkenstein, at the time EU commissioner for the Netherlands, stated publicly that the EU commission knew all too well that the Greek numbers were doctored, but that a political decision was made to let them in regardless.

The question is, did the Greek government cook the books by themselves or not? And given that the politicians making the decision knew that they were doctored, how come all this is suddenly all only Greece's fault?

Comment Re: Good for greece (Score 1) 1307

Supposedly Greece was a democracy, where did the oligarchs come from?

It's not been a democracy for very long, it was a right-wing military dictatorship until the 1970s (think Pinochet). Democracy is still very much being built day by day in Greece. The fact that they were able to resolve this through a referendum and not through civil war is a win.


Submission + - Belgian ISPS ordered to block The Pirate Bay (

cjpa writes: They have been ordered by a Belgian judge to implement a DNS blocking regime in relation to 11 links leading to The Pirate Bay and they will have 14 days to do so, or they will be risking a fine.

The case had been initiated by the Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation (BAF). The parties involved have not yet commented on the verdict.

Submission + - IT tops the list of most hated jobs (

c0lo writes: A 2011 CareerBliss survey says that four out of the 10 most hated jobs are IT related.
Even the listed jobs are well-paid positions and fairly high up in the corporate infrastructure, the issues with the IT positions seem to be with the way their companies are run.

Comment Re:I am the author of the spreadsheet in question (Score 1) 386

The point is: Why would you filter at all? Children don't have a school-issued filter on their mouths, ears, pens, etc. This is the perfect example of what's wrong with the United States at this time. State-enforced external morals with no rationale is loathsome. I believe your founders thought the same, which is why they had this thing called the First Amendment.

Comment Re:Not very effective (Score 1) 133

Wrong. This isn't intended for your mother. This is about ensuring that the entire chain of ISPs, web hosters, etc between you and these well-known sites is IPv6 ready.

The fact is that the "real" internet backbone (the people who provide the connectivity to the people who provide your ISP's connectivity) has been IPv6 for a while now. They are ready. Many others aren't. This will allow everyone to test things. Last IPv6 day a large number of issues were successfully identified and corrected.

Of course, there's the people engineering part of the equation as well. My company has been really lagging in internal IPv6 capabilities. This IPv6 day has got management riled up to the point that they're all suddenly screaming for it. Technology companies hate to be seen as laggards.

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