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Comment Re:konqueror best filemanager (Score 2) 508

But Finder vs. Windows File Explorer vs. Thunar vs. Nautilus? I'd be curious if anyone can show that the choice has any measurable impact on productivity. It seems to me purely a matter of taste.

Here's what you can do in Dolphin and Konqueror versus all the rest:

There's a guy up there in the thread that is very happy with mc. Mc is visually identifiable at a glance because it has 2 panes and a command line. There is a profile that re-creates mc in Dolphin and Konq, which you cannot do in other file managers because they can't do panes.

Why do this in Dolphin or Konq instead of just running mc in a terminal? Because you can drag-and-drop from/to Dolphin and Konq to other programs.


Comment Re: Not quite... (Score 1) 220

The point being that windmills have been a fixture on the island itself for going on 40 years /at a minimum./

It doesn't matter if the eggbeater type sucks or not. Windmills have been in use and we have a so-called resident of Adrian Block's island who has his frilly panties and his delicate sensibilities in a twist about them.

He should GTFO the island if that's the case.

BTW, the island makes its money exclusively on tourism and it's likely that he thinks that this is going to affect the tourism negatively. Windmill farms in other parts of the world have shown this o not be the case.


Comment Re:Not quite... (Score 2, Funny) 220

You're bitching that you can fucking see the windmills?

As a former resident of RI who still loves the damn state for all its political and economic faults and the goddamned provincial attitudes and is a former member of the 294/295 telephone exchange:

You, and everyone like you in RI is everything that is wrong with Rhode Island.

Go. Fuck. Yourself. From. Point. Judith. All. The. Way. Across. The. Sound. To. New. Shoreham. And. Then. Fuck. Off. Some. More. Hopefully. Out. To. Sea. Forever.


Fuck You.


Comment Re:Bash is outdated (Score 2) 396

That's why we have zsh and fizsh with syntax highlighting and all that fun stuff and other interpreters like tcl.

I've used powershell. It's the first thing I install on a Windows system if it's not already there.

It's fucking awful. The only useful thing about it is that the two letter unix commands are aliased, so I don't get a dumb error when I type ls.

The syntax of powershell is un-fucking-readable. You can type it with tab completion and aliases, but man, Looking.At.AlltheObjects.LabeledThis.Way for more than 15 minutes makes my eyes bleed.

Microsoft /could/ put REXX (or tcl!) in as a system scripting language, but since that makes too much sense, they'll never do it. They could do a lot of things that make sense, but we're talking about Microsoft here.

Pfui on PS.


Comment Sweet! (Score 3) 193

I switched to T-Mobile when I got my latest phone. I had an original, grandfathered AT&T unlimited data plan since the first iPhone came out, and switching saved me about $30/month already. So now it's going to drop again? Cool.

I'm also seeing LTE speeds from 70-80Mbps on the average, and the highest I ever saw on AT&T was 20 or so.


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