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Comment Re:More holes than swiss cheese (Score 4, Informative) 71

>How can *one* piece of software have so many fucking critical vulnerabilities over the years?

Because it's spaghetti code. It's so bad that the single Linux maintainer flipped his shit years ago and wrote an angry blog post about it. I tried looking for the article, but that is too much of a needle/haystack problem.

Apparently it's been a fucking mess from the beginning.


Comment Re:Predictable... (Score 1) 359

>All they're doing is hiring critical US journalists and satirical comedians to report facts however they want to (as long as they're not critical of Putin or the Kremlin). It's not that hard to do.

RT, DW, BBC, Al-Jazz, etc., don't have to make shit up to make the US look bad. This "hurr the Russians were fucking up our election" bullshit pales in comparison to the actual shenanigans (seals on WI voting machines *visibly* broken, the latest news... and going back to the restriction on voting venues in many states, even my home state, Rhode Island, during the primaries, as just two examples off the top of my head) that took place during the election season.

And the US media mindlessly repeating Clinton gas lighting was particularly infuriating to Bernie voters so much that much of them stayed home, because ... "fuckit, we don't need your vote" and "deplorables."

The only people who buy this "russian" nonsense are low-information people that get their news /only/ from the OTA broadcast networks. Or something. I don't know. Whoever keeps forcing this issue expects everyone to be dumb, I guess.

And one of the latest "we don't fucking get it" things is that Nancy Pelosi is now Minority Leader. Because the public didn't shout loudly enough that they're tired of the same old shit by electing Trump.

So yeah, it's all the fault of the Russians.


Comment Re:Those who something, something (Score 1) 588

>Left-wing government-funded "news" service

If you think that NPR is left wing, you are a fucking idiot. It hasn't been left wing since the end of the Clinton administration. Indeed, it has become completely corporatist since then.

There isn't any"left wing" on media today except outside of the us and random YouTube channels. It's all corporate oriented programming, especially considering that the mainstream media is owned by just a handful of companies.

Lastly, the Koch brothers are major donors to NPR.

Wake the fuck up.


Comment Re:DEA already has rescheduled and overruled itsel (Score 1) 150

Actually, their constitutional authority to exist is that the Executive Branch calls them into existence to execute the provisions of laws passed by the Legislative branch.

It took a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol, and that amendment has been repealed. This leaves no authority for any branch of the government to prohibit the manufacture, sale, or use of any drug. Any act of the congress that purports to do so is not a law at all, it is as James Madison would describe it, a usurpation.


Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 1) 351

>OMG, I don't have to make anybody do absolutely anything! Free market is literally one single property: absence of government regulations, nothing else.

No it isn't. Go crack open a textbook. Even though I disagree with the Austrian school and the Chicago school, which is where modern "free market" economics comes from, you need to read up on them and their theories. And it's obvious you've never even taken a survey-level macroeconomics course.

>I know exactly where I stand and my position

I know where you stand too, and down that path lies madness for society.


Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 1) 351

>I only believe in self interest. Self interest. Self interest. Self interest. Self interest. Self interest.

Yeah? So what? People go against their own self-interest all the fucking time. They are also irrational. All the fucking time they are irrational - do I even have to mention "The Madness of Crowds"? Fucking free-market theory /depends on/ everyone acting in their own self-interest - sellers and buyers all. But you know what?


And that's the thing - people espousing free-market theory and insist on society working that way ignore human behavior outright and say "things would be just fine if everyone did X." Freemarketism is an "ism" that people "believe in" like you "believe in" - it's not something that can ever exist. It's religion. It's faith. It's a fictional idealized thing that if you believe that it can actually ever happen, you should also believe in frictionless inclined planes in physics, which also don't exist, and in this universe, can't.

>private enforcement

You mean like the fucking Pinkertons during the Carnegie steel strike?

So instead of one tyrant, you want thousands of tyrants. Brilliant.

>you absolutely do need private means of protecting yourself, and this includes private police, private insurance, private courts, weapons as well

This is warlordism. You want warlords, with their own little fiefdoms, probably imagining yourself as one of them.


Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 1) 351

>I see private courts, competing with each other as the only legitimate courts that can address the issue of government corruption.

What part of society makes arbitration (private courts) enforceable?

You can have courts without enforcement, but then the losers in court would just give it the middle finger and walk away. The only way this would work is if everyone cooperates voluntarily.

The problem with libertarianism, anarchism, communism, *ism is "if people only behaved the way I told them to, this idea would work."

The famous last words of every tyrant.

The only way I can see is to be practical and try your best at good governance (being fair/not oppressive/solving real problems). That /doesn't/ require a specific ideal to be followed, but it does require some sort of ethics among politicians, and that politicians that violate those ethics be punished.

Which is asking too much. So ... fuckit.

And people wonder why Trump got elected.


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