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Journal Journal: First day at work, ohh glorious day!

Hi again!

I had a wonderful first day at work! The very first thing i did was installing k12ltsp, a terminal server for linux aimed at schools. I was utterly amazed by how incredibly easy it was to install the redhat based dist. Only a couple of minor tweaks was nessecary to make things work. The only trapdoor was when i installed ncpfs to get user info and home dir from NDS in Netware. Since our users lies in containers their names becomes name.container like for example user.bleh. The problem was that the newer useradd wich ncpfs use doesnt accept usernames with . in them. I dont know if that is how it should be or not but after i had donwgraded to a shadow-utils package from RedHat 8 things works like a charm.

Good i love my job!

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Journal Journal: Beginning a new employment.

Today ill be beginning my new employment as an admin at a local school district. I am very pleased that they run linux with novell and not just MS crapola stuff. I see this as a great opportunity to use linux to save money and hopefully make the system much better. First thought is tossing MS Office and upgrade to Star-office instead of to MS Office XP. That should save a bundle even with additional training. After the apps is converted to cross-platforms its much easier to convert to linux.

Since i have been using linux since 96 at home i have been keen to work with it professionally too. Time to catch a coffee and some breakfast!

See ya!

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