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Comment Re:The problem is not... (Score 1) 876

Programs are getting too complex for humans to understand

We need more powerful tools to manage the complexity

You are the tool. We are the tools. Our job as programmers is to "manage complexity". To take a complex problem and mangle it away into a layer of abstraction so that we can comfortably work with it. Of course, some programmers take that too far and make 50 gazillion layers that shouldn't be there, but that's a different discussion entirely.

Comment Re:Still not good enough. (Score 1) 357

You silly neo-cons/tea* make lance armstrong and richard nixon look like boy scouts that tell simple white lies.

And this is what's wrong with society. Some people supposedly lie/exaggerate the truth/say something objectionable, and immediately some douche from who knows where decides that they only did it because "they must be neo-cons/tea*" Or however the fuck you interpret that positively awful sentence of yours. That's as bad as a racial/ethnic/religious stereotype being attributed to some random trait or action.

But then again, I don't blame you because I know you're doing it as an act of intellectual desperation. You, and people like you, will use any opportunity or example to try to reinforce your ridiculous partisan politics and the hatred that comes along with it. People like you are why we can't have nice things as a society.

Comment Re:jscript (Score 1) 505

The javascript project is not my primary target, so I don't have, nor do I wish to have, special tools specific to JS.

That's just silly. "This is my only project in language A. Therefore I won't get any tools that help me program in language A". If you're too lazy to download a free IDE and install it for the single project you are working on, then you deserve to suffer trying to use that programming language. Right tools for the right job, and if you can't bother to work smarter then you're just screwing yourself over.

Comment Re: even a broken clock... (Score 1) 523

There are other alternatives. Some of us can recognize the value of government spending that doesn't directly benefit me, but benefits society in ways that may benefit me or my decendents(sic) in the future.

Of course... But to me that sounds like "spend more on things that I think will benefit me/society/my descendants." You can sugar-coat what you say with all the good intentions in the world, but it doesn't change the fact that what you think and what others think could be two completely separate things because they're based on opinion. And the only way to resolve that is by forcing your majority will, or special interest group powers onto the rest of us who happen to be part of the minority.

Comment Re:There are two parties, just not the ones you th (Score 1, Informative) 523

It would be nice if I could find a non-statist, who is *also* not a corporatist. Unfortunately all the non-statists I've ever heard of are devout corporatists.

Ah yes, that old re-hashed tripe. Bet you think you sound all hip and cool using the word "corporatist", huh? Channeling the inner hippy, eh? I suggest you go and re-read your statist manual on "how to dismiss those pesky free-thinkers before they convince enough people of their own inherent rights".

On a more serious note, here is an actual definition of "corporatism": "the control of a state or organization by large interest groups." By that definition, you could say that society is already controlled by large interest groups. And the state then gives them power to wield their beliefs over the rest of society.

Comment Re: even a broken clock... (Score 1) 523

The problem is that most of the people who claim to want small government really mean: spend less on everything except the things that benefit me.

And that is better than those that say "spend more on things that benefit me"? That's a race upwards; to add bloat. Whereas the other one you mentioned is more of a race to the lowest amount of funding possible. What I'm trying to say is that it's all too easy to "spend more on what benefits me" because the cost of that is spread across the entire population and no thought is required. But it's a hell of a lot more difficult to justify and prove the need for items that require us to take away funding from other items, or to simply justify a reduction in spending on a certain wasteful/unneeded item. And that's one of the big traits of the political system: practically no one dares to be the bad guy that rocks the boat by saying or trying to reduce unnecessary funding. Because _some_ group, doesn't matter which one will proceed to tear that politician a new one in the media. This is democracy, this is populism.

Comment Re:The candlestick makers did the same thing... (Score 1) 692

So they're idiots for not wanting to live surrounded by skyscrapers.

No, I'd say they are idiots for blaming others for the things they themselves are partly to blame for. I'm referring to the building and property zoning laws. Hell, you know democracy, I'm sure. If majority rules, then everyone shares blame. That also means not singling anyone out, like these cretins are doing to some random engineer who happens to work for a company that they currently find fashionable to hate or are be jealous of.

Comment Re:The Problem (Score 1) 332

I know inflation is seen as the tool of the devil today - but if you have a 200,000 BTC 30-year loan (for example) on a house that you're paying back over time then, as I understand it, it becomes in *harder* to pay it back (in 30 years the remaining value will be worth more than it was when you started rather than the other way around).

If the value of the currency was rising, then yes you could say that the "value" that you have to pay off is increasing. However, you can't look at it in isolation. The interest rates will be different, probably higher. Not to mention people will be less inclined to borrow money precisely because of what you mention. It may make a lot of economic sense in a deflationary scenario for people to rent + save until they can buy their own property. As opposed to borrowing + living in the same apartment as they slowly pay it off.

In the end it's up to the individual people to decide what their priorities are, how risk-averse they are and what course of action to take as a result of that.

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