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Comment The war is over. (Score 0) 122

Microsoft lost, unless they conform to standards. And considering how bad they have been at that i do not have high hopes for this trojan horse.

What i find most interesting is how they are going to handle all the various in-house and backoffice applications that only works with older Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. Given the gun to their heads the developers of those wont code for a browser with non-existent user base but rather for Google Chrome/Firefox.

Comment Or you could try more Diplomacy? (Score 2, Insightful) 517

Why not work on the diplomacy? No country in the world has so much trouble talking to others like the US. Always resorting to violence when someone do not follow their orders. Wars going on directly or by proxy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Africa and South America and it is just a matter of time until wars are instigated in Asia. Lighting the world on fire sure are a good way of seeing to it that you have to burn gunpowder like there is no tomorrow.

Comment Shameless plug for my brother. (Score 1) 250

My brother has a company that builds wood / biofuel heated stirling engines. You get both electricity and heat so it is very efficient in the winter or whenever you have a heating need, like for hot tap water.


Cool as hell imho. But then ofcourse, im biased :D

Comment Re:Sweden has to. (Score 1) 43

Why not discover the truth by yourself? Personally i could not give a flying fuck if people want citations because you know what? Im sick and tired of talking to people with their own agenda. Anything that wont fit their political views they just have to throw their dung at. Some people you can show a video, a written signed letter, a person in dispute doing an own confession and their mother telling it but they still wont accept it.

There are people out there who strife for stupidity and ignorance like it was some kind of lofty goal. We truly have the governments we the people deserve.

Comment My Cat B15Q do not bend. (Score 0) 421

Could drive a truck over it, still wont budge. The reason i bought it was that i destroyed my Nexus 5 and im the destroyer of phones. I could chose a phone that suited me better because there are choices.

My point is that one size do not fit all. Iphone is a series of design choices made by a committee where much of it are trade offs. As such the phone has numerous small deficiencies not because of design failure but because so many different goals are supposed to be catered by a single model instead of tons of models catering to different goals.

Comment Re:Elop (Score 1) 149

I am just as amazed as you are. That many of us at Slashdot could predict exactly how it would play out was a nice discovery. I also fail to grasp how it is possible to so blatantly dismantle and kill a competitor by a mole without so much as a single lawsuit. And considering this is not the first company Microsoft killed and maimed killing one as large and successful as Nokia without repercussions makes you think dirty money must have changed hands. Either the board was full of drunken Finns oblivious of what was happening or they got paid to shut up and kick the share holders in the groin.

Comment Its dead Jim! (Score 5, Insightful) 149

Windows mobile phone forays are dead, done, finito, kaputt and out of steam.

Windows Phone 7 has been out for almost 4 years and still barely holds 3% market share. Thats pretty awful by any measure, especially since the platform before it had much larger market share. They lost customers with current platform without gaining any new ones.

Windows Mobile was out 7 years and failed, and before that Microsoft failed with Pocket PC.

I am amazed they still happily beat the dead horse instead of putting effort into supporting the winning platforms. Android will be succeeded by something in the long run and until then i fail to see the business perspective of dragging a dead horse round the racetrack with a lawn mower trying to catch up with a Jumbojet. Why not just book a seat in the Jumbojet instead?

Personally im sure Nadella would like nothing better than to put a fork in Windows Phone, but entrenched forces inside Microsoft makes this very hard. It has to fail on its own dying a long agonizing death instead.

Comment The US must hate money. (Score 1) 749

This is the worst decision ever in a long time. Cloud services is taking off for real and are the next big boom in computing, and with this decision it becomes impossible to lawfully use American companies services in Europe and most of the rest of the world.

This is not just about American citizens but also any citizen abroad with an account at a US service provider. Anyone litigating in the US can get a warrant like this issued, from any country.

Talk about stabbing your own industry in the back. This is giving the protectionists a free reason to only keep services inside their borders all over the world, in local companies :D

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