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Comment Re:Useful for desalination plants? (Score 1) 71

The total steam production will be limited to the same amount of evaporation you would get from the pond naturally.

No, and that dissimilarity is the whole point of the exercise. The pond is a huge body of water. As long as you heat that evenly (or at least a layer of non-negligible thickness, which the sun normally does, then the temperature and evaporation are low. This floating device is designed to heat up a small amount of water to a much higher temperature. This increases the overall evaporation, because energy is not used to warm up the rest of the water. Unless you want to evaporate the entire pond, there is a difference between heating up only the water you want to turn into steam and heating up all the water.

Another way to say this is: You use the energy you get to heat the part that's important (the layer exposed to the air that CAN evaporate) more efficiently.

How these things could be used isn't real obvious. Maybe along the coast to increase evaporation and moisture carried in wind that travels inland? I have seen a few diagrams of greenhouses with dew collectors on the ocean side to catch evaporated seawater for use.

Though, I can't see how they would be much better than getting the sand on shore wet, maybe the fact they do this unattended....

Comment Re:Trivial??? (Score 1) 140

And yet if something illegal happens on the WiFi, will the govt ignore it?

This is a horrible idea, sorry. The govt should bring in WiFi hotspots, and not put locals at risk.

Considering the arbitrary and capricious (not to mention illogical and nearly insane) actions of the Italian court system a person would have to be totally stupid to assume the government wouldn't immediately turn around and throw someone in jail for a monkey-trial if something illegal happened on their open wi-fi.

Heck, they threw geologists in jail for not predicting a quake right just a few years ago. Think the same group of italian government turds aren't sniffing around this quake?

Comment Re:What has Pokemon Go really go to do with this? (Score 4, Interesting) 174

Talking on the phone, Texting on the Phone, Playing a Game on the Phone, Eating your breakfast, Fiddling trying to read a map, punching in an address in a GPS, yelling at your kids..... All of this falls under distracted driving.

There is only so much we can do to stop stupid. As stupid people are often ingenious in finding new ways to be stupid.

The solution for distracted driving is getting rid of drivers. Self Driving Cars, Accessible Public Transit systems. Heck I would love it if there was a flatbed train along the interstate where you can park your car on it. And take the train the next 50 miles.

Comment Re:Worked for Amazon. (Score 4, Insightful) 156

Also unlike many of its Late 1990's .COM counterparts when it started Amazon had a business plan, that sold stuff not shares. They knew enough to price under the Brick and Mortar competition without any sustainable plan. Its prices and products were based on the cost it will be after they had completed their infrastructure. So while they were selling at a loss for a while, once the infrastructure was in place then they can make profit without having to change their competitivity.

Most of the other .COM plan was based on the idea if they sell at a low enough price then their suppliers will start giving them bulk discount... However with too much competition all trying to undercut themselves in prices they couldn't get enough traction to make it worth the suppliers effort to give them bulk pricing.

Comment Re:Big surprise some jackhole Silicon Valley (Score 1) 241

The problem is the Justice System allows the Rich to have advantages. More Money = More Lawyers = More Research = More Chances on finding a loophole = More Victories.

So the little guy who was wronged will lose out because the rich guy will win by a technicality.

Now I have been involved in helping doing the research for the company against the little guy, and from my experience most of the time the little guy is at fault too. Where they are often abusing the company's services well past the contracted amounts and declining multiple attempts to amend the contract to allow them to handle these extra services. Declining to pay when we prevent the user from abusing the service. Then finally suing the company after all services are cut off for non payment.

However that is the point of view I get from working for the company. I am sure that guy was given the full workup from the sales team, then gave a complex contract that he had little understanding of. Already feeling rip off he tried to use as much of what he got as he could. Then when seeing his services reduced without the price going down, he is refusing to pay because he isn't getting what he thought he should be getting. Then finally getting canceled.

For cases like this The company will always have the advantage as they know how to deal with these cases and have a cookie cutter process in place. While the guy suing it is mostly new to him and makes a lot of mistakes.

However the point of the justice system is to really look at the both points of views and point out where both sides may have been in the wrong and deal punishment for the group that has been considered to do the most wrong/reward to the person who has been injured the most.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 0) 676

The problem is the scientists are trying to show a rational answer to a gut response.
If the science hasn't swayed the deniers already then nothing probably will... However the trick is to influence their kids. While I am skeptical about most news coverage of science, because it is often over sensationalized, simplified, taken out of context, and stated as fact while it is mostly an untested hypothesis. We need science and rational thought to fill every little gap that the deniers put in their argument.

If this study shows to be strong, then that can fill in one of the deniers "questions" If global warming is caused by humans how come we didn't have it back during the industrial revolution. As most deniers are going that Global Warming is because earth is just going threw a natural warming period as it finishes it last Ice Age. Now if we can teach there kids the fact while their minds are open to new ideas even if we can convert each generation 10% over to stop being a denier, then we can work for progress.

However Science Reporting is so piss poor it makes it easy for these groups to say how science is wrong. Also sometimes we want to watch a Nature/Science show without the guilt.

Comment Re:Only one of these is even intelligible. (Score 3, Insightful) 226

Mozilla has been offering free software. Changing its look and feel could be disastrous because it can give the impression that it is something other than what we knew and loved for decades.

Google only tweaked its font a bit.
Microsoft just took the curves out of its logo.
Apple had removed the colors.

Mostly all the changes to the branding for these companies were a simplified version what they had. They didn't get Artistic and fancy. Just flat and dull, but reminiscent of the old logo.

Comment Re:Windows 10 (Score 2) 70

That was more apt to Microsoft with Internet Explorer.

Back in the olden days over 20 years ago. Netscape was the prominent web browser. Back at the time The Applications installed on Windows were just baby versions of the real Application, just enough to get you to the next step. So IE was installed in Windows 95 mostly for the purpose of downloading Netscape. While IE was fast and light, it lacked way too many features and didn't support too many of the "Modern" HTML Language. features. Making most page render poorly.

However Netscape was the big name in high tech, and was getting very popular, and started talking things that were scary to Microsoft. Such as the Web Browser being a cross platform application engine, and even replacing the Operating System for the Desktop as we know it towards a new form of thin client.

This scared MS into getting into the browser war. So it put a lot of time and effort to Get IE to being a competitive browser. Being the first to put in such features just as CSS and Advanced JavaScript, and ActiveX. So they would always have control of the platform and the applications. Then with Windows 98, they integrated the Web Browser into the OS. So IE is always more handy and available then the 3rd party Netscape, combined with the fact that it was comparable with Netscape.

The objective of the Browser war was to put MS in such a dominate position that it could control the Web Standards and keep it closed to MS only, where all future web development and application development would be for Microsoft only.

Now this seemed like it was working IE won the browser war by IE 6.0 on XP. However Microsoft stayed on IE 6 for way too long, people began to want more out of their browsers. First with a bunch of major security attacks on IE (especially with Active X nonsense) made PC users willing to switch to Firefox as a safer browser. Where they shortly learned that it supported newer HTML features, then later the WebKit based browsers Chrome, Safari... came out supporting these new features as well. So developers started coding to the standards more than to IE, and just hacking IE Compatibility so it works.

By the time IE 7 was released there were too many apps that still supported the broken browser and the outside pages used the newer browser. So it was the case IE for intranet and Others for Internet.

Then we got that sneaky iPhone and then Chrome (Both with WebKit based browsers) that supported the Web Standards better than The current version of IE on a high speed desktop....

So in short, If you are going to take that challenge make sure you meet your objective.

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