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Comment Re:Not true (Score 1) 274

This service is available for FREE to residents of Northern Cook County in Illinois.
In addition to having a year-round drop off available, SWANCC has local "bulk electronics day" pickup for several towns.

That being said, it is FREE to me, as in: I don't pay directly to drop off the CRT.
But SWANCC is paid by a taxpayer fund to take the stuff and deal with it.
They take the stuff to COM 2 Recycling who is PAID to take it and break it down and deal with it unlike the company in the parent post.

Comment Re:That's why I pay to recycle monitors (Score 5, Insightful) 274

What do you think the recycler does with them?

in this case it would seem they take money to dispose of them, leave them in a rental warehouse, then walk away leaving the problem with the landlord and the city.
A warehouse full of dead monitors will not just sit there "forever".

Comment User data can also be left behind (Score 4, Interesting) 102

My wife leased a BMW X3 that was a "demo" with 6K miles.
I found that the dealer had not bothered to wipe any info stored in the car's nav/entertainment system.
The nav had all the previous destinations stored.
The radio buttons had been pre-programmed to dial certain numbers and they were still active.
Previous users music was still loaded in memory.
I had to purge all this myself and now have to do it again when she turns in the car because I can't trust the dealer to do it.
I doubt that anyone else really pays attention to this. When I brought it up to the dealer at the first Service interval they just sort of shrugged it off.

Oh, and when we were being "introduced" to the car's tech, the dealer showed my wife how to download their "app".
This consisted of going to a BMW web page and then saving the web page to the Home Screen as a shortcut icon.
When I said that was not an "app", the tech guy just gave me a look.

Comment Re:Some thoughts (Score 2) 26

Your Anonymized Health Care Data is already available and HIPAA Compliant.
There are no restrictions on the use or disclosure of de-identified health information. De-identified health information neither identifies nor provides a reasonable basis to identify an individual.
I don't see this as being any different.
Actually it is different: they are not tracking YOU, they are tracking the UBER driver's car.

Comment Re:Really, because I have a robot that does it for (Score 1) 161

I was just going to make this comment! I love my washing machine robot.
But to add to it: If I wanted to completely automate the task of cleaning my clothes from the time I removed them, I would not have a "robot" use an existing washer and dryer.
I would think it would be more efficient to have a device that automated the entire process so it it controlled as many variables as possible.

My mother-in-law has never done her own laundry despite owning a washer and dryer. She already has a "robot" that does it for her.
The "robot" comes to her home 2X a month to wash clothes and while the clothes are being cleaned, the "robot" also tidies up around the house as well.

Comment Re:Not Sure If Good Or Bad (Score 1) 164

On the plus side, it makes it much easier to get rid of that tattoo I got last night while drunk.

FTFA: it works best on tattoos that are more than 2yrs old.

On the minus side, it makes it much easier for someone to remove your tattoo in your sleep.

FTFA: it will apparently take several treatments, it is not instant.
But I must admit I was thinking of those same pros and cons before I actually read the article....

Comment What's simpler? (Score 1) 248

My wife already has already figured out an easier way with voice commands.
All she does is say "I gotta pee" or "I have to talk to this person" and magically the TV pauses until she gets back. Then once she is settled it starts up right where it left off and she doesn't lift a finger or say a word.

Comment THIS! (Score 1) 248

my wife used to use an iPad in the kitchen to display a recipe she found, then she gave up on that and just brought her laptop instead.
Then she gave up on that.
Most of the time she uses recipes she has printed out on paper and who cares if they get stuff spilled on them, she just prints out another one.
Or she drags out the "recipe book" from the top of the fridge that has all her olde recipes that she saved on a bazillion scraps of paper.
It's just easier than pulling them up on the computer or the iPad or something else.

same with most everything else around the house.
I tried using an iPhone app and a dongle to replace all the remotes for the TV and things but that ended up being more clunky than 4 remotes.
I would say it was because we are "old" but our late teen grandkids seem to have zero interest in "smart" devices other than to flip them around in the air and do "tricks" with them like "drop" them so they break.

Comment Smart/WiFi Thermostats work great though (Score 1) 248

We installed a new boiler last year and the board kept throwing error codes to the point where it would shut down.
We couldn't leave the house for more than 24 hours for fear the boiler would lock up in the middle of winter.
Coincidentally we had sprung for a Honeywell WiFi thermostat and I could manually check the setting remotely on my phone very easily.
The thermostat would also send an alert through the app if the temp exceeded parameters. This, coupled with a new DropCam aimed at the boiler's control panel (which did NOT have the ability to alert us other than throwing a code and flashing a red light) allowed us to leave for trips and contact the installer for repairs if needed and we had a neighbor let them in. Never ended up needing that as they eventually fixed the boiler.

The WiFi Thermostat has come in handy in other ways since then:
We installed one in the apartment we rent out to replace the crappy one that the tenant could never figure out how to use. Now when they call or text about issues with Heating or Cooling I can instantly check their thermostat remotely and "fix" it.
We also installed one in my MIL's home. She lives alone and keeps screwing with the thermostat. She is supposed to leave the FAN ON all the time so the humidifier runs even when the forced air heat is not supposed to come on. Instead of driving over there to check it, *again* I just check it via the app on my phone. I can turn the FAN on/off, check settings, re-do them if necessary.

No issues with reliability after more than a year of operation.

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