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Comment You assume too much (Score 1) 1592

If they would have waited some years it would been a remain.

You assume people don't change their mind. Young people have different needs and experiences. You can't just make such an assumption based on no information but age, you will have to do the boring and very work of actually looking of looking at the details - the "Why?".

Comment Interesting. (Score 1) 183

You say "them" - like everybody else who is about to find out they are "them" or will be shortly. Unless you are a capitalist *you are "them"*. I'm a 6-figure making IT specialist with broad knowledge - and I feel concerned. Ones abilities are secondary to "the market" - as well as to biases. Above 40 you can easily fall through the cracks no matter your qualification (unless it's really extraordinary AND happens to be in demand too). There are lots of factors beyond your control.

Plenty of high-paid people who were laid off in their fifties who ranted about the lazy people unwilling to work found out that "them" is them when they were laid off and job application after application was rejected, often without even getting a response.

Comment It's not an absolute (Score 1) 151

It's a statistical rule, not an absolute. Individual examples are useless, it's all in the numbers.

Second, even if there was a 100% turnover in the circle of billionaires, what would that change? Nothing! It would still be just es exclusive and heavily luck-based.

"All vs. Any": *Anyone* can become a millionaire in the lottery, but what does that doe for *everyone*?

Comment What?? (Score 1) 364

So you are saying those theories were NOT TESTED?

> Purely empirical science gave us the "element of fire", phologoston.

The reason we went beyond that is because It could be tested and proven wrong.

The discussion is about "testing no longer needed", not "testing done later". As it clearly says in article and even summary.

Comment Re:I would have LOVED... (Score 1) 293

> There was value there

There was just rambling! ZERO arguments, 100% opinion. You seem to be of the *opinion* that having a string feeling equals "arguments": It doesn't. I'm modded troll by a troll, and the parent post this is about is the biggest troll post of all. More and more little kids on Slashdot with "opinions" unable to express ANY argument.

Comment This does not sound right (Score 1) 264

"Impoverished people in rural areas" likely have ZERO Internet access. And poor people especially might be hit: Because they are the ones with that limited Internet access, and they often try to gather the last dime to send the kids to get a better education then they themselves did.

For example, the people coming to Europe illegally via Mediterranean Sea routes pay several thousand Euros per person for the trip. Does that mean your conclusion is those are the "rich people of Africa"?

Comment Maybe you should have read more than one sentence? (Score 5, Informative) 264

Here, just for you, a quote from the Slashdot headline itself, not even the article:

> India is one of the countries where tens of millions of Internet users have free access to Wikipedia Zero, but cannot afford the data charges to access the rest of the Internet, making Wikipedia a potential gatekeeper.

Comment All those jokes - all I feel is deep sadness. (Score 1) 41

What does it say about the state of the world that most posts in response to this story are stupid jokes?

Not much. But what does it say about the state of the majority of people now to be found on Slashdot? I don't come here often any more, having known the site from very early (see ID#) it was painfully obvious the kind of people who come here are of a different mind than me.

However, I thought THIS story could bring some human emotions to the front. All I could feel was deep sadness. My mind was busy imagining the pain, the suffering - the deaths. What those who died and those who were left (the father and the rest of the tribe) went through.

Comment Funny that you complain about slow PDFs in FF... (Score 1) 296

...when PDF display in Chrome is *significantly* slower than in Firefox. I just switched to mostly Chrome because I watch a lot of Youtube lecture videos and HTM5 support esp. for Youtube still is lacking in FF, but whenever I open a PDF I often find myself stopping Chrome and opening FF just for the PDF. Firefox's inline PDF display is a clear winner by a big margin over the slooooow Chrome. Once it's loaded it's fine, but Chrome takes about 10 times as long to load the same file. Since that's hardly due to download speed differences I guess it's processing of the incoming PDF is much slower.

Comment I don't get it (Score 1) 467

I've run AVG Free for years and I have no idea what you are talking about. It leaves me alone. Only the occasional new version installs (vs. just virus updates), which is once per year, bother me - once. There's a banner underneath the AVG window, but I don't need to open that and it isn't intrusive, it's just "there" (when the AVG window is open).

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