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Comment Re:Remember to regster your drone! (Score 1) 120

They do not need to make then, but they could. Plans are all over the internet.

That requires a supply chain and a manufacturing base. Eastern Syria has neither.

So you're telling me that a terrorist army that can smuggle firearms and even heavy arms across multiple national boards is suddenly going to have trouble bringing in a few cheap drone and component in?

Comment Increase gaming preformance by going back to Win7 (Score -1) 129

Seriously, stop accepting Microsoft excuses and accepting their constant excuses. Windows 10 FAILED. It's Windows Vista again, but this time they're doubling down instead of cutting their loses on the worse of it and fixing it in the next edition they're just doubling down.

Comment Congrats! Apple screwed you to sell more headhones (Score 4, Insightful) 252

In case no one noticed Apple bought Beats audio, who controls pretty much the entire wireless headphone market. Fast forward a year or so and now Apple ONLY sells devices that can use wireless headphones in their most popular product.

Do any of you Apple fanatics NOT see that Apple screwed you by removing a port and FORCING you into the wireless headphone market they own most of? Personally t's this kind of CRAP from Apple that made me completely abandon that entire eco-system years ago.

Comment NO. GOOD. ENOUGH. (Score 1, Insightful) 183

No Microsoft, this is NOT good enough. We've already TOLD YOU that this is not good enough. We do NOT accept your telemetry data tracking. We do NOT accept your control over updates. We do NOT accept your attempt to turn everything to another FREAKIN' app store WE DON'T WANT TO USE.

STOP trying to BABY STEP us into OS choices that WE DO NOT WANT. Turn it off or be replaced by the next half way decent OS option. Many of us already 'broke' out update ability not mater how many times you try to reinstall it with a forced patch. We just disabled ALL updates and we're not going to STOP until you start listening.

Comment Re:Sorry, but this is not enough (Score 2) 156

EXACTLY. Microsoft is so damn desperate to keep control so much so that it's tanking this OS' popularity.

If Microsoft wants to stay relevant it needs to get it's collective head out of it's ass and get people their freedom back. One half way decent competitor could easily kill them in less than a decade with this continued unpopular OS design choices.

Comment Re:Hypocracy (Score 2, Insightful) 236

I for one never imaged I'd live to see another red scare come out of a bunch of bhutt hurt liberal media shills. But then again I never thought I'd see the DNC get so low that they'd allow the most corrupt politician in American history be their front runner either.

Honestly I don't know how you liberals sleep with yourselves at night. Just forget about Trump for a moment. Look at how bad the DNC has come apart thanks to this election. How many times they they have to complete restaff the committee because of internal corruption. And yeah. Some Russian person, either as a state operative or some fake porn site script kiddie, got into your system. We can all agree on that. But they did was released just how absolutely full to the brim with internal corruption the DNC is! Why is that more important than how you all found out about it? You can be mad at BOTH the Russian as the DNC itself. Why is that just your focus?

Comment Self Evident Sexisim, obvious. #gamegate (Score 1) 145

Well not I've triggered your attention I hate to say it but this kind of really is exactly what Gamer Gate was, at least, supposed to be about. There really do seem to be real inconstancy between the over all quality of the players gaming experience compared to what people expect when they read first reviews of the latest games. And we can only dodge that fact for so long. It's a few years past that idiotic pissing patch that GG turned into and the situation just hasn't really gotten any better.

And in the end, you probably can't even trust any of them. Everyone's going to have a bias on way or the other, so pick a few places with decent honest coverage and do your own aggregation.

Comment Apple... worried more about the review than you. (Score 0, Troll) 254

Serious, this sound be pretty obvious what we're seeing here. Apple built a crappy product, and now are trying to lean on a major gear reviewer to do damage control.

But hey, I'll admit I am very anti Apple. I don't like the products, I don't like the company, and I don't really even much care for it's fan boys. But even then we can't ignore that Apple hasn't been acting in good faith at all with this generation of MacBooks. Removing features, stupid decisions in terms of switching out ports for less common types, and increasing the price for the base models to boot. And now we're hearing that something new is wrong with them, probably because of another 'cost saving' measure that's gone wrong. Yet the first thing that Apple has to say is that they thing Consumer Reports did the rests testing wrong. Pardon me if I'm less than impressed with this excuse. But hey... prove us wrong.

Comment Re:She's brain dead folks . . . (Score 1) 120

If that's the case, then probably. Being stuck on an airplane means it's not likely they had extensive gear on board to deal with this. Don't know if they carry O2 on board for medial purposes standard. And that would have been about all they could do until they get her to a hospital.

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