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Comment Re:Not hard to see why (Score 1) 326

No the ones with active glasses got MUCH better. mine has a 240 hz refresh and there is no ghosting and no perceivable dimming. The passive glasses suck because of the half-height resolution.

as far as not needing glasses... you do know how binocular vision works, right? The only FMV non-glasses technology that I'm aware of is on the 3DS, and that requires an eye tracking camera. There's no way a tech like that can work for multiple people.

Comment Re:3D was a thing? (Score 1) 326

I still wear glasses. You can only get the laser operation once, so I'm waiting until I need it.

Sorry it's so easy to dissuade you from using a technology. The glasses for my current TV are lighter than my prescription glasses.

Nothing is further from my mind when I'm watching something in my own home than "oh no. I look silly"

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