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Comment Re:I wish I had stayed down the docks. (Score 1) 783

Unions are a good thing? Really? Ask the 200 union workers who voted NOT to accept what the company was offering down in Georgetown SC at the Steel Mill. The mill is closed and 200 people are out of work completely. Sure, they're getting Sub Pay and Unemployment for at LEAST another year, but there are unconfirmed rumors from the Company through the Union that the mill will remain closed through 2011.

One of the major problems with Unions is that they help create an 'entitlement' mentality in the workforce. They protect incompetent and (for want of a better term) lazy workers with contracts and draconian rules companies must follow with regard to employee termination. They set 'rules' for wage increases that the company must follow--even in times of economic impact like the one we are under where the Union employees get wage increases, while the rest of of the staff doesn't. Raises are built into the contract, the Union Workers don't have to do anything to get them. I prefer to be rewarded for a 'job well done' than be rewarded for just being there. I'm not 'entitled' to anything from the company I work for--I actually owe them (because of my faith, I work for God in reality, so I'm giving my best to Him) and am always striving to show them my best by improving constantly.

Before you flame me; I grew up in Anderson, IN. That town USED to be a major hub for General Motors (all gone now). I watched Union Workers get paid to sit outside most of the day and do NOTHING because they had easily met the 'quota' they needed to meet and could do as they pleased---because the contract SAID they could. I watched Union workers effectively steal from the company by coming home at lunch time--especially during football season and basketball season and boxing season--but not go back in, or worse--get clocked in and out on 'mandatory overtime' and be at home. How? because their 'buddies' would clock them in and out. These same workers would get caught time and time again and still keep their jobs because the Unions protected them. I watched guys collect full pay while being 'laid off' because it was part of the 'contract'.

Oh yeah..Unions are good alright...why do you think that once the gates came down, companies began outsourcing jobs as quick as they could? Yes, the labor was cheaper, but they knew they could at least depend on their workforce; because they are happy to be there.

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