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Comment Re: Just like Obama did to NY Times' James Risen! (Score 1) 89

Obama hacked, surveilled and stalked and outright harassed a reporter who had successfully dug up dirt on the Obama Administration and made them look bad under the guise of "national security" to silence him.

Who, Sharyl Attkisson? (He launched a cyberattack on her backspace key to get it stuck so it would delete an article on Benghazi she was writing. Thanks, Obama.)

Comment Re:Session, not Trump (Score 1) 150

Another clueless statist.

From this side of history, the will of Session to stoke up the war on drug and particularly get more repressive against Marijuana

And you say that why? Because Sessions himself has said he will not go against state legalization

You can't really be blamed for not knowing what is going on, since you only read news from people who are tying to lie to you to make you mad...

Comment Absolutely not (Score 1) 239

It should be positively encouraged. I also believe offices should be furnished with beds, so we can take a nap when we want. And we should all have an additional computer with an up to date graphics card and 4K monitor that we can install Steam on.

This seems reasonable to me. What say you, fellow programmers?

Comment Re: Systemd! (Score 1) 365

Dude, if like sjames you keep repeating that canard that Lennart 'keeps throwing bug reports back into your face', then I am fully warranted to assume you're just parroting talking points. Every case I've investigated it turned out that Lennart (or the other systemd team members) did no such thing. And simply repeating it makes you sound like a clueless hater. Don't do that if you don't want people to react with irritation. Stick to the facts.

And using systemd to manage user services instead of foisting it off to a dozen different desktop frameworks makes sense in principle. I just don't understand the interaction with system services as well as I should.

Lennart seems to "get" Unix just fine, the issue is that his solutions to its shortcomings are not to everyone's taste. The main problem I see, is that he is the only one actually doing the work to implement his solutions. It's not his fault most other people are happy to carp from the sidelines.

Comment Re:Trump fix? (Score 1) 265

Which is bullshit.

Go on holiday to fucking India and get your own time off if that's the criteria.

You're either lying, or just don't know how to ask for and take time off. I've worked for multiple American companies and staff take holiday at all of them - a lot of holiday.

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