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Comment Re:Maybe this will be modded 'troll' but... (Score 2) 69

We allow self driving cars on the road that may kill people and look the other way every time there is an accident, yet nail Microsoft to the wall for making a bad software design choice.

People aren't being forced to immediately forego their use of a more traditional motor vehicle in favour of an under-tested self-driving alternative.

Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 259

they think it's acceptable behavior

They think that because cowards like you keep letting them getting away with it.

Furthermore, why would you believe that is must be other men that must assert it's unacceptable? Women aren't invalids incapable of asserting themselves.

Because the very essence of their sexism means that they will take other men more seriously. Really, its not that hard.

there are some men that actually are cowardly, what good does shaming them for not being "manly" enough accomplish?

Since I was nowhere imputing cowardliness with a lack of manliness, I think we have the nub of the situation here: you are not a coward for not speaking out about sexism, you are a coward because you agree and just don't have the courage to speak out openly, instead just letting the douchebros do the hard work for you.

As the start of this subthread quoted: "The standard you walk past is the standard you accept".

Comment You started it (Score 1) 168

Just because someone was elected that some people i the population didn't like, there was widespread rioting and looting across multiple cities.

If people are so willing to damage everything (and other people) over political differences, what can you expect if something really serious happens?

The building like these is in response to actions of the people, who have shown even if you treat people as if they had value they will not repay you in kind. So sadly this kind of response is more than warranted, and will not do anything to cause them to fight they would not be doing already.

Comment You have that backwards (Score 1) 235

Those U.S. finance jobs tend to be "domestic retail operations" like small-town bank tellers, whereas U.K. finance jobs concentrate more in international finance and investment banking.

So why are the U.S. jobs more at risk? They seem to think what the tellers do is simpler than the "international finance" people.

But simpler does not mean more automatable. In theory bank tellers across the U.S. could have been replaced long ago by the ATM - but as we all know ATMS are everywhere and that has not happened. What is left for tellers to do at this point is the one thing that is going to take longest to really automate - personal human to human services.

Sometimes a bank customer use has a question and an ATM cannot just answer that. In fact I just got a higher end credit card and one of the features it offers is that calling the 800 number immediately connects you to a human - no voice menu. Automation was supposed to be the end of that kind of thing but it just led to higher end jobs.

Meanwhile those fancy "international finance and investment banking" jobs sound like much more specialized jobs which means they are more open to automation, and probably doing a better job at it since there are no language barriers for computers (though system barriers may be similar, they only need to be overcome once rather than per employee).

Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 259

Do you honestly believe that's all it take to curb that type of behavior?

Point out where I said that.

It would definitely be helpful if more men spoke out, because that would give a strong signal that sexist behaviour is socially unacceptable. If that is so hard for you that you feel the need to deflect when you are asked to do so, I stand by my assessment: you're a coward.

Comment Re:Re-writing history are we? (Score 1) 480

Prior to massive regulations insurance was affordable.

Um, that's if they're willing to sell it to you. I could not get insurance for epilepsy pre-ACA because the medications I needed were expensive, and also because people always called 911 after every seizure which meant routine ER visits, about two per month. Since insurers wanted to keep their insurance "affordable" for healthy dickheads trying to decide if they even needed it, that meant telling me GFY- which they did because there were no "massive regulations" preventing them.

Comment You are the one with the fantasy (Score 1) 480

In your fantasy world the Republicans united to destroy Obamacare.

You are the one with the real fantasy, where there are Republicans and Democrats. If that were true, this bill would have passed.

In te real world, there are Democrats (increasingly irrelevant), Republicans, and Trump supporters. Trump is neither Democrat nor Republican.

So basically, any forward motion now on anything is a compromise between Republicans and Trump supporters. The bill they had arranged was never going to pass because it had the support really of only Republicans.

Half of the cabinet lied to Congress during confirmation

And you say *I'm* the one with the fantasy? Riiiiiight.

Enjoy your eight years of being utterly mystified why anything happens the way it does! I'll let you have the last word because Democrats will argue for days without saying anything of value or truth. You can learn rom the discussion, but I know you will not.

Comment Not a Republican defeat (Score -1, Troll) 480

What you just witnessed what not a Republican defeat. It was the true death of Obamacare. The bill proposed just patched up a few things about Obamacare, not what people were asking for and not enough to save it.

People are acting like it's a problem for Trump or anyone when in fact Trump was the one with the most to gain by the bills defeat - because it essentially thrusts Paul Ryan out of power in the senate.

Later on this summer you'll see an actual repeal of Obamacare, and that will pass nicely... even more nicely after the Democrats short-sightedly force the Senate to drop the bits of filibuster still remaining. If they'll filibuster someone like Gorsuch, the Demcrats proof to the public they are utterly unreliable to govern at all, and can simply be bypassed without undue fuss.

Comment Re:Law mandated technology (Score 1) 253

So, what in AmiMojo's post mentions the Federal Government?

FWIW, yes, since the mid-nineteenth century, after the creation of railroads and the adoption of a national currency, the Federal government has had power over virtually all commerce due to the fact it's allowed to regulate interstate commerce, and the things I just mentioned makes all commerce effectly interstate. I know it's not a popular thing to say, but things change. This changed 150-200 years ago and yet there's always someone who thinks that the government doesn't have the right to regulate something the constitution now gives it the power to do.

Want to change that? Either amend the constitution, or put up real barriers between the states.

Comment Symbolism (Score 1) 6

I reside in the city that started Earth Hour - Sydney.

Having said that, there are years that I have embraced it and years that I have supported "Human Achievement Hour" (which occur simultaneously).

I have recently come to the realisation that while Earth Hour itself has little benefit for the planet, the symbolism itself is a marker for the brain. It brings to consciousness, the affect humans have on the planet. This could (but probably won't) change behaviours.

The original focus of Earth Hour was to have offices turn off their lights to demonstrate the waste of energy. While the offices claim that security is the reason for leaving on lights, the true reason is energy pricing and the discounts that come with higher usage.

While it may not be in the best interest of a business to reduce energy consumption, I do believe, whether or not one supports the concept of climate change, that the reduction in energy usage through minimal behavioral changes while retaining functionality should be often brought to the forefront of thought.

As such, I now observe Earth Hour like I would a moment of silence.

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