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Journal SPAM: One day in summer

One day in hot shinny summer I decided to be in touring. I went on a short trip by bicycle. I put a bicycle while I was in a very small peninsula and started walking there. After a short time I was amazed to encounter a hunter with two dogs abruptly from bushes.

I was chilled.

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Journal SPAM: Nostalgia

I lived in many cities after I left Kokura at age 20. I moved to Tokyo basically but changed my residence eight times including one year in Kyoto and in US. I lived in Tokyo till age 27. Basically I lived in Musashino and Setagaya.

Back in my home town I have lived in Kyushu area. Till now I changed my residence more than ten times.

Now I can have the similar feeling while I was in respective towns and cities in following satellite photos, that certainly satisfies my nostalgia to be there.


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Journal SPAM: Chocolate II

My cohabitant bought me a Japanese made chocolate. I have noticed the direction changed as just 'Store at a place in less than 28 centigrade degree'.

'Because it's high quality it melts in more than 28 centigrade degree'...was changed. Some one must have noticed it's strange or baseless.

Some one sometimes claims some feature is nothing but a criterion of excellency.

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Journal SPAM: In Memory of Professor Abe

I was about to be overwhelmed by a behemoth I created. I was a Dr Frankenstein. I really had a hunch so.

I was in extreme agony when I was just 20. I had held a couple of my writings that I wrote at age 17, 18, and 19 or more precisely in May 1978, in July 1978, in September 1980. I was born in June 1961.

I think I studied hard in my school days, but that did not certify the value of my writings. Simply it might have been a trash. But it was hard for me to judge only by myself whether it's a trash unless someone says it's nice. Someone must have been the one anyone admit he's somebody.

People surrounding me said they admit my talent but it was not enough to convince me what my writings are.

The role Professor Abe played in my life up until now was tremendous. I've got a confidence no one can easily break, but I must realise right now that he was gone and gone for ever.

Now it's me who must play an important role in a society, I know but it's hard to see how I do.

All my writings were written in Japanese, first of all I must worry whether Japanese language survive in a hundred years time. The number of Japanese speakers and English speakers was almost the same when Perry arrived in Japan in 1853 with four Black Ships. 150 years later English speakers are ten times more.

It was another story..


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Journal SPAM: In memory of Yoshio Abe

It was one day in March. I met him for the first time at age 20 in front of the gate of university. I had sent him my writings beforehand. He replied to me with full of joy as if he were excited to find a young talented poet ie me.. He was then 50. It was just three years after he became an assistant professor of French language. We went to the coffee shop near the university. He glared at me once in his big glasses.

He said we must admit your talent in writing. You wrote a very theoretical one. I was amazed to read your text and my works remain in history though many others disappear.

It was one day in September. At age 30 I saw him at his study in the university. He was 60 just before the retirement. He said it was still not sure which university he would teach next. He was about to leave the university soon. He said it is very unusual for him to find a person like me in that I am very cheerful while I must have had a devastating event. At that time I was totally devastated by hearing the news of her marriage. He said he has two types of guests, one who went to the extreme and ..I forgot the another one.

This became the last time we saw.

Probably I had oppotunities to see him around he was 70. He was still teaching at another university.

Few days ago I knew he had been dead in January last year -2007. I lost already two doctors who recognised me in literary world, but he was the best teacher I ever had who understood me correctly.

I knew his wife was a granddaughter of the famous Akiko Yosano, tanka poet for the first time in Wiki. I was talking with her ordinarily.

Yoshio Abe died at age 74 in 2007. He was the only teacher who understood me.
His word appears again and again after I knew his death. Word is immortal.

I wanted to say thank you just one time before he's dead. It is immeasurable the effect he made in my life.


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Journal SPAM: The case of Los Angeles gunshot incident 4

Kazuyoshi Miura was arrested for his involvement in Los Angeles gunshot incident. He was already not guilty in a Supreme Court decision.

US court said he was already not guilty because one incident is not argued more than once, but as to conspiracy he would not be charged by this so he ought to be judged in the US. They said arrest is just.

I think US can judge him in murder, or first degree manslaughter. Is US forgetting both US and Japan are different country? US court is acting as if Japan is a part of US even in judicial system. Though I can't deny Japan is already much involved in US political and economic system.

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Journal SPAM: Lay economy 3

September is a rainy month, but this year it continued to be fine throughout the month.
It's rainy today. One acquaintance is working in a factory, then he said he was forced to have three days off only in this month. 5,000 dispatched automobile workers have been fired. All because of the current recession.

Current perfect unemployment rate is 4.2%, effective recruitment index is -0.86.

Collapse of Lehman Brothers, sub prime loan..economic turmoils in the US are almost inexplicable.

It's rainy outside because a huge typhoon is near. I can't go out though I took a paid off today

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Journal SPAM: A woman who bought a coffee for me

It was already ten years ago. I dropped by a shop. The shop was a customer for our company. One Korean girl was working there. She was a foreign student, probably she was working there to earn money for her study in a university. I had a couple of words with her in English. It was not long, just two or three minutes. She abruptly said excuse and left the scene went outside. She brought a coffee with her for me saying hi!.

I said thank you and left there.

The cost of coffee was about a dollar, but I changed the attitude toward Koreans in general from that day.
Just a spoonful of sea water is enough to judge the taste of it.

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Journal SPAM: Lost of fatherhood & the right wing thought

Tokyo governor Ishihara lost his father when he was still in the university. He started to support himself and his younger brother. Ishihara had four sons.

J.S.Bach lost his father when still he was a kid. He had three sons.

Tokyo governor is famous for his right wing thought. He had to overdevelop his conservative thought by overcompensating his dependency to his father, that was never fulfiled.


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Journal SPAM: Chocolate

In a chocolate package we always see the statement as ' This chocolate is high quality so it melts in over 28 Celsius degree.' It tends to melt easier because definitely it contains more cacao butter than Hershey's and Cadbury. So we think it is high quality because it contains more cacao butter?

This is curious. Traditionally Japanese cuisines contain less oil. We hadn't eat meat of livestock such as pork, beef many years for religious reasons. But fish and chicken can be eaten. Fish that have more oil in them are regarded as high quality.

This tendency still remains in a tradition of making chocolate.

I think this statement is too far to say so, and Japanese chocolate company has got a criticism from European chocolate makers that the chocolate Japanese made is not a chocolate Europeans think.

Now we have lots of oil in our dishes. We need to mull over the way to make chocolate more.

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Journal SPAM: New disease

The term E-coli or Escherichia -coli bacillus was often heard in foreign news in late 20th century, I started hearing the word o-157 in Japan's news soon after that. I hadn't realised both are the same immediately.

Mad cow disease occurred in a country first caused by prion, this disease is also known as Bovine spongeform encephalopathy, believed to be related to human disease Creutzfeldt Jacob disease. There's another disease called Hoof and mouth disease in cattles.

Bird influenza broke out first in a country and later spreaded around the globe. Sudden acute respiratory syndrome or new type influenza is thought to be a human version of bird influenza.

At least less tha ten cases of Ciguatera poisoning were reported here in Japan. This poison started being found in edible fish Isaki or Grunt. Noro virus is found among rare oysters.

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Journal SPAM: Beginner's Luck

It was in my late twenties when I started working in a cram school. Everyday I have needed to have many classes so naturally I had been frustrated. It was then I started to visit amusement hall, in Japan we say 'game centre'.

I have never had gambles but then I did blackjack in a game centre.

I didn't know how to do so I just tried clicking without any intention. The figure became astronomical number when I noticed. The figure became less and stable after I realised how to play.

I think it was a beginner's luck. It was a part of just a playing game. The figure didn't reflect any real money.

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Journal SPAM: Giants vs Tigers

Baseball sometimes matters. Giants is a team of Tokyo and Tigers of Osaka, it is East vs West. Japanese people always boil when it comes to East vs West.

We had thought Tigers wins the pennant race. But Giants kept on winning unprecedented 13 consecutive victory.

I don't care whichever wins anyway though.

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Journal SPAM: New queen of blog 2

She is Shoko Nakagawa. She became famous after the advent of the first queen of blog Kaori Manabe, but only very few know Shoko's father was dead at young in his twenties from bone cancer shortly after he started appearing TV show etc. He was learning in Keio University when he was in TV. He was supposed to be mid forties if he survived.

His same generation is now on the go in TV world. It is his legacy she appears TV show frequently.

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Journal SPAM: Sonne Lagoon

I now live off Seto Inland Sea. The wave is very stable. There's a lagoon from twenty minutes walk of my home, called Sonne Lagoon. It is rare two days off so I went there. Like the first time I visited on the 27th of August nobody was there. It was different from the last visit, the shinning from the lagoon was not so strong.

There are many good lagoons off the coast of Japan, all are protected under the Ramsar treaty.

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