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Comment every decade (Score 1) 113

Every decade has its futuristic buzzword. In the '60s it was "flying cars". In the '80s it was "artificial intelligence". Now it's "quantum computing". Don't you find relevant that the people claiming that quantum computing is just around the corner, and will break any encryption known are the same people who are trying to build quantum computers (and are seeking funds to do it?)

Comment disable plugin (Score 1) 199

I have been using long this flash disable plugin. It is easy to use; it is simple : it just triggers internal configurations that Firefox has always had. It adds a button to enable flash on those few sites were Flash is used for content and cannot be replaced. I recommend ticking 'Disable at startup' and 'Ask to activate' in the preferences. "Simple & easy" always provides better security.
Enough said.

Comment Re:Wild climate in N. Sweden. (Score 1) 122

slow down, cowboy! According to wikipedia, in Fairbanks the average is +22C for highs in July and -28C for lows in January; the record temperatures in Fairbanks are high +37C and low -54C; but these records were not set in the same year; so I doubt that Fairbanks gets "+40C to -60C over a year". An even harsher climate, BTW, is found in Yakutsk: the average is +25C for highs in July and -41C for lows in January: this beats Fairbanks by 6C. The records are even more impressive: +38C for high , -64C for low. (This beats Fairbanks again). This is more impressive when you think that Yakutsk is home to ~ 200thousand people...

Comment my town (Score 3, Informative) 345

Many years ago a freeway bypass was opened near my home: so to access the freeway I do not need to cross the city center. When I bought a TomTom device in 2010, I noted that the bypass was not yet added , so TomTom always plans a route thru the city center: I added it manually and suggested as a correction - but no official correction was ever issued. Last summer I forked another 70€ to buy a map update, in hope that it would add this correction: but no, I wasted my money. I am deeply disappointed.

Submission + - Evaluation current ARM against dekstop-class proce (

Anonymous Coward writes: "This post provides some insights and benchmarks about the ARM A9 found in OMAP4 (1GHz). This chip is available in the pandaboard and future HTC phones. The post compares the dual core ARM against Intel Core i5 540M. It shows the reasons why current ARM cores are not ready to take over the desktops (yet)."

Comment Battlestar Galactica is Iliad II, not really SciFi (Score 1) 465

The most important point is readily made in the article: BSG was barely science fiction. You may retell 90% of the plot of BSG without any sci-fi involved. As a mind exercise, try looking at the series, and recast it in ancient Greece. A bunch of Trojans are escaping by sea after Troy destruction. A legend is guiding them to a new land. During the voyage, they are often attacked by a group of Achaeans scouts. Gods intervene (to your taste). BSG is about the clash of two civilizations, and the fate of great men (and women) at the hands of destiny and the Gods. Take away the (very few) tecnological sci-fi, and you are left with Iliad II.

Submission + - spamassassin year 2010 bug

mennucc1 writes: "since 1st Jan, the spamassassin rule FH_DATE_PAST_20XX is triggering on all emails, adding 3.2 to the spam score. If you, or your ISP, had setup the MTA to trow into /dev/null all email that was exceeding a certain level of spamminess, then you may have lost a lot of legitimate email. This problem has been reported in where fixes are listed."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Flirt Course for Nerds at German University (

Freenerd writes: "I'm a bachelor student at the german Hasso-Plattner-Insitute in Potsdam/Germany and there is currently going on some crazy stuff here. Head of Institute thought, it would be a good idea to have a colloquium about flirting for the students. The official announcement says: "We want to communicate, which flirt strategies work on partys and how to deal with failure", while stateing that the common cliche of the socially impaired geek is somehow true. Hopefully, we may be able to reproduce after the course ;)"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Mark Shuttleworth on code, money and Ubuntu (

hermanhere writes: "The NYTimes just ran an in-depth article on Mark Shuttleworth and his evangelism for the Linux based Ubuntu operating system, referring to him as "the charismatic 35-year-old billionaire from South Africa who functions as the spiritual and financial leader of this coding clan." Some highlights and extracts from the article: — Ubuntu has emerged as the fastest-growing and most celebrated version of the Linux operating system in the four years since its establishment. — More than 10 million people are estimated to run Ubuntu today. — Close to half of Google's 20,000 employees use a slightly modified version of Ubuntu, playfully called Goobuntu. — Ubuntu emerged as a sort of favoured nation for those idealistic software developers who viewed themselves as part of a countercultural movement. "It is the same thing companies like Apple and Google have done well, which is build not just a community but a passionate community." — 38,000 volunteers have signed up to translate the software into different languages. — The Macedonian education department relies on Ubuntu, providing 180,000 copies of the operating system to children, while the Spanish school system has 195,000 Ubuntu desktops. In France, the National Assembly and the Gendarmerie Nationale, the military police force, rely on Ubuntu for a combined 80,000 PCs. — Shuttleworth claims to be worth US$1 billion. — Canonical, the outfit behind Ubuntu, generates annual revenue now creeping toward $30 million making it self-sustaining."

Michael Crichton Dead At 66 388

Many readers have submitted stories about the death of Michael Crichton. The 66-year-old author of Jurassic Park and The Andromeda Strain died unexpectedly Tuesday "after a courageous and private battle against cancer," a press release said. In addition to writing, he also directed such sci-fi classics as Westworld and Runaway. Crichton was married five times and had one child.

Vista Sales Expectations Too High, Office Doing Well 320

PetManimal writes "A comparison of first-week retail sales of Vista compared to first-week sales of XP back in 2001 found that Vista sales were 60% lower. Steve Ballmer has admitted that earlier sales forecasts were 'overly aggressive,' but at least there is some good news for Microsoft: early Office 2007 sales were very strong compared to the early sales of Office 2003, despite almost no advertising or marketing until the retail launch at the end of January."

Submission + - ATI is not supporting the All-in-Wonder in Vista

Working-Person writes: Thinking about using your expensive All-in-Wonder with Vista? Think again. Here's the response from ATI when looking for Vista drivers "The product you purchased was not advertised or broadcasted as Vista Compliant it is fully functional and supported on the specified Operating Systems. The tuner on the board doesn't meet Windows Vista's requirements and is not compatable. That means it will not be supported and there will be no drivers or software release for the tuner on the ALL IN WONDER Board."

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