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Submission + - When a Fake AV Scammer takes control of your machine (

An anonymous reader writes: Ever wondered what would happen if you agreed to let one of those fake AV scammers who cold call you take control of your machine through LogMeIn. Noah Magram, principal software engineer at security vendor Sourcefire did, and decided to allow them access. What he didn't tell the guy on the other end of the phone was that they were just accessing a virtual machine and that he was recording a video of the whole process.

It's quite eye opening the lengths they go to in order to panic the user and get them to part with some cash.


One Step Closer to Star Wars Holograms 122

An anonymous reader noted a USC research project that is coming ever closer to bringing the classic Star Wars communication holograms from Tatooine to Earth. There's nifty video and some high resolution pictures of Tie Fighters projected into 3-D. Still no clear way to project it from an astro mech droid, but I'm sure that's coming.

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